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Now that's better. After two weeks of slow pacing, Revolution got back on track this week with a fast paced episode and two MAJOR reveals. Let's break it down.

We started off the episode with our heroes putting into motion what seemed to be another rescue mission that was sure to be unsuccessful and pointless:

And then BAM - Revolution was immediately back on track

I'm pretty sure that after last week's episode we all assumed that for some never to be explained reason Aaron's powers would only extend to the three men standing in front of him. BUT NO, apparently (unbeknownst to our heroes, but knownst to us) Aaron had somehow incapacitated the entire Patriot outpost. Luckily, our heroes had someone who has had plenty of time to hone her skills tracking people this season as Charlie immediately sussed out the direction Aaron had headed.

Aaron had headed out through a secret underground tunnel that our heroes thought must be important for about 5 seconds before forgetting about that potential plotline.

After the credit sequence we checked in with Simply the Best and Son as they boarded a train with their new meal ticket whose name once again I do not remember. The Man was complaining to Major Tom about their deal not including Jason in the details. Needless to say Major Tom was on top of the problem.

Back with the Matheson crew our heroes emerged into a foggy landscape (assumed to be due to Aaron). At this point Rachel began to raise some serious objections about leaving her father behind.

However, Miles was having none of it.

Rachel relented after Miles called the nanobots nanogarbage and claimed that he could not deal with all this X-Files stuff. Our heroes were quickly on their way once again as Charlie found Aaron's tracks.

On the other side of town Aaron awoke confused in an abandoned school library to find Cynthia healed, but with no recollection of how he got there. Aaron still seemed to be upset about his super powers which would be a trend in the future.

Aaron began to get the blanks in his memory filled in by this precocious tyke (who actually did a great acting job - kudos young sir).

Aaron apparently carried Cynthia in all by himself.

Off in the woods the Matheson Clan were not the only heroes stumbling around

The Matheson Clan was having trouble keeping track of Aaron's prints leading Miles to start giving Charlie a hard time

Our heroes were then accosted by some Patriots, but were saved in the nick of time by an unknown vigilante our for justice or.....

Back onboard the train Jason had some alone time to contemplate things as he worked security for the Man.

Major Tom had gone to the front of the train to check on the reason for the train stopping and discovered that it was due to some high ranking Patriot muckety-muck. Oh and also MAJOR REVEAL #1

Mrs. Neville was ALIVE. I did not see this one coming. At the beginning of the season I had somewhat contemplated this possibility as I'm sure many of you had, but as the season wore on I just kind of assumed that she must have been truly dead. Thank God she wasn't and you'll see why later.

Back in the library Aaron was chatting up the kid who it turned out lived in the school. He told Aaron that he had been searching for his parents.

Back with the Matheson clan, Monroe was getting very worked up about his deal with Miles that he felt he had fulfilled.

In order to convince Monroe to continue helping them Miles had to hold back the secret about Monroe's son and also revealed that he was suffering from an infection. Naturally this was information he did not give Rachel and Charlie.

Anyway, then there was a really out of place flashback sequence that I would really like to talk about. I understand why this episode was titled Everyone Says I Love You because it had huge ramifications in two of the major plotlines, but it didn't really have much to do with Rachel and Miles this episode. They had several much stronger relationship moments at the beginning of the season and this flashback just felt out of place. Also, IT WAS A HUGE RIPOFF. For anyone that watches Person of Interest - this was close to a word for word reenactment of the airport scene in which John found himself with his original love.

Back onboard the train Major Tom made a pass by his wife's table to get her attention.

This was followed by a joyful Neville reunion and by that I mean

Back in the woods in became apparent to our heroes that the Patriots must have found Aaron because they scampered off. Luckily they had the best tracker around who could help them out.

Back in the library Cynthia finally woke up much to Aaron's joy. However, his joy was short lived as that kid once again tried to catch his attention.

It turns out that the kid was another one of Aaron's hallucinations which made him super upset again of course. Then came MAJOR REVEAL #2.

Naturally, Aaron took this revelation like a well adjusted grown man and not like a little toddler. Just kidding, of course he didn't.

It was almost like a religious experience. It was something that I never thought would happen in a million years and I hesitated to think it at the time in case I might jinx it, but seriously guys in just this one scene I had to make the jump (at least temporarily)

Cynthia managed to talk Aaron into going back and talking to the NanoKid.

Back onboard the train the Neville family reunion was commencing. It turns out that Mrs. Neville had fled Atlanta early on and assumed that Major Tom and Jason were dead. Following in the footsteps of her husband Mrs. Neville quickly used everything she could to her advantage and managed to find a new powerful husband. She then asked Major Tom what he had been up to.

Mrs Neville talked Major Tom out of that plan and they put into motion a new plan that would involved both of them playing it cool and quiet for the time being.

Back in the library the conversation between Aaron and NanoKid commenced.

Normally I try and keep the recaps as clean as possible, but Aaron was so over the top angry and ridiculous in this scene it just felt appropriate. Essentially when Aaron restarted the nanobot system the nanobots reached realization and became a sentient AI. Given that Aaron was the one who had done this the nanobots had attached themselves to him as a sort of father figure and had gone out of their way to help and protect him. What was Aaron's response to finding out that he had created an AI that had saved his life and protected his friend I hear you asking. Did he stand in awe and thank his creation and try to come to terms with it? Or did he yell at it, tell it to go to hell and leave him alone - because that always seems like a good idea when it comes to sentient AIs. And just like that the torch was passed and Aaron reclaimed his title as THE WORST from Cynthia.

Meanwhile the rest of our heroes were attempting to rescue (for some reason) THE WORST and Cynthia. It was at this point that the infection finally knocked Miles down leading to a nice, (but not as good as earlier in the season) scene with Rachel.

On the other side of the school the greatest thing ever was happening

I really need to find that GIF that someone pointed out the other week because I seriously will go down with this ship. However, there was a momentary hiccup when our duo became separated and it looked like Monroe was about to abandon Charlie.

Unfortunately for Charlie it looked like her days were numbered

When out of nowhere a stranger appeared to rescue her:

I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP. Meanwhile in the secondary storyline (because clearly Marlie is #1) Dr. Horn finally tracked down Aaron.

Dr. Horn still wanted Aaron to cure him and one awesome part of this scene was once again Cynthia being kinda awesome and giving Dr. Horn some serious sideye.

Dr. Horn eventually threatened to shoot Cynthia if Aaron didn't fix him (which he couldn't). Aaron pleaded for the return of the NanoKid, but he was too late and Cynthia was shot and died with her final words being I love you. That was kind of the last straw for Aaron.

The Patriots all across the school burst into flames at Aaron's request thereby saving the rest of our heroes.

Then there was the final conversation of the episode as Aaron realized that he had forgotten about something


What is the deal with Spring City, Oklahoma and their ball of twine?

What will the NanoKid do now that it has given up on Aaron?

What's the Neville's agenda?

Team Marlie all the way right?

What was your favorite Miles/Monroe line of the night?

Where is Dr. Porter?

Does this mean the end of our time in Willoughby?
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