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This week we jumped right back in where we left off last week as Miles was being dragged into the dire red door room inside the War Clan's hideout. Inside we were previously introduced to an ill-looking woman who looked miserable and lots of implements with blood on and in them. I posed several questions with regards to why the blood donors needed to be killed each and every time instead of consistently being kept alive and drained and the explanation kind of made sense (I think? My knowledge of blood transfusions is not quite what I would call professional grade). It turned out that the poor woman on the bed was Leader's wife who was suffering from renal failure.

While Leader was giving us this explanation, Miles was strapped down onto a gurney and was told he would be the next donor. Leader's wife gave him a look that just screamed:

Outside in the forest Rachel and Co. finally reached the War Clan's hideout. However, before we get inito that.....ummmmm are we completely forgetting about the giant river of dead rats from last week? We didn't have a single mention of that this week, let alone a single mention among Rachel and Co. There wasn't even a "Hey wasn't that weird, maybe we should talk about it for two seconds" conversation. Maybe later I guess. Anyway, Rachel and Co. found a giant sewer drain:

Which naturally led directly to where they wanted to go:

I'd like to point out a couple of things here: #1:

Also, remember when there was a giant huge setup that the Red Door Room was going to be something epic and creepy? Then it turned out to be a hospital bed where Leader's Wife was receiving blood transfusions in what I could only venture to guess must be the cleanest room in the world to prevent her from getting any sort of infection or complication over two years? Well, guess what audience - it totally turned out to be in one of the cleanest places on Earth:

Rachel and Co. managed to free Miles, but once again suffered from the curse of being heroes:

Just like last week when Miles had made good on his escape, but he couldn't leave the other woman in the cage behind, this week neither could Rachel and Miles. Naturally once again they were interrupted mid-rescue and the Co. in Rachel and Co. fired off a shot alerting the rest of the War Clan.

Unfortunately for the and Co., this also meant the end of him:

Naturally Miles and Rachel immediately forgot that there was a fourth in their party, not even waiting to see if he was okay and blocked the door behind them:

This process was then repeated outside the War Clan's hideout when no one made mention or even asked about the other member of the crew who had been left behind:

Checking back in with our favorite Father-Son team in Georgia, after Captain Tom won over the Secretary they were both officially in as members of the U.S. government forces:

Much to Jason's disgust, however, their first job was to serve food to the lines of refugees, however Captain Tom had a different view:

After work as the two made it back to their tent they were attacked and knocked out by unknown assailants.

Back in Willoughby, Aaron was continuing his conversation with Cynthia (finally heard her name) about the nanorobots, etc.:

Thankfully, Miles and Rachel returned at this point to interrupt the only weak plotline so far in this reboot season. I'd completely forgotten that Miles didn't know that Aaron had returned from the dead and I loved the classic Miles exchange:

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that during the escape from the War Clan, Miles had stolen the War Leader's Wife to use as a bargaining chip against the War Clan in an attempt to save Willoughby. Naturally, the War Clan was a little upset by this development.

The Deputy (who had been drinking nonstop in the previous episode) was none too happy either with Stu's actions and gave him continuous guff throughout the episode.

We also finally got a view of what the show Entourage would look like if it was set in a post apocalyptic future and guess what I would totally watch that show.

It turns out that my prediction was off a little bit last week about the guy who appeared to be second in command of the War Clan last week. This week it was revealed that Johnny Drama is not associated with the War Clan at all, but is actually there to pass orders to the War Clan on the behalf of the U.S. government. The War Clans job was simply to scare the town of Willoughby (ostensibly so that the U.S. government could then step in as heroes to save the day), however, Leader was completely out of his mind about his wife and was threatening to destroy it instead.

Back in the Plains, Charlie and Good Looking were on Monroe's trail once again. Good Looking appeared genuinely interested in why Charlie was so invested in killing Monroe:

Charlie filled Good Looking in on the fact that she held Monroe responsible for killing half her family, however Good Looking then dropped the guilt bomb that the U.S. government was holding his father hostage in exchange for a live and kicking Monroe which gave Charlie pause:

In Willoughby we learned that War Leader's Wife was horrified by what Leader had done and was continuing to do to keep her alive, in fact she really wanted to die:

Unfortunately for her Miles's plan was completely dependent on returning her to her husband. Neither Rachel nor Miles were particularly thrilled about what they would have to do here, but they both knew it had to be done.

Back in Georgia, Jason awoke to find himself in a warehouse of some kind with three random guys going through his stuff. As we learned in Season 1, Jason is actually pretty useful in a fight and he quickly gained the upper hand and stole a gun:

Captain Tom immediately realized that they weren't being mugged, but rather being vetted by the U.S. forces to see if they were carrying any incriminating paraphernalia. Essentially Captain Tom was acting like the man in charge once again, but there was one slight problem:

Back on the trail for Monroe

We were starting to creep back into the possible ship mode between Charlie and Good Looking, when:

Monroe had double backed to find Charlie because he had discovered something disconcerting among the bounty hunter's things.

In Willoughby things were starting to go to hell in a hand basket because Leader's Wife had killed herself:

As this threw a giant wrench into Miles's plans to save the town he was not particularly enthused. The bargain that he struck with leader was this - all the townsfolk get to leave free and clear in exchange for his wife and Miles himself (as punishment). That would clearly no longer work as a plan. Miles advised Aaron to get himself and Cynthia out of town ASAP. Luckily, there was one spot left on the next wagon for Cynthia:

Back in Georgia the U.S. Force leader (new nickname......hmmm.......Captain Angry) was not happy with Captain Tom and had tied him and Jason up.

Captain Tom tried several approaches to ingratiate himself with Captain Angry, but Captain Angry did not believe any of them. In the end the Secretary had to step in and save Major Tom, however there was a catch. The Secretary had a special plan (obviously sinister and also to ensure Major Tom's cooperation) for Jason. Little does she know how little Major Tom cares about Jason. However, Jason surely knows that he is screwed:

Checking back in with Team Marlie:

Once again the writers are emphasizing how much of an independent badass Charlies is now, but they are starting to get a little too overt:

It turns out that Good Looking had indeed been completely lying about the U.S. government having his father. Charlie was kind enough to return the favor from the last episode and prevented Monroe from killing him, but it looks like the chances of any sort of partnership here is long gone (hooray!). Monroe stated that he intended to go with Charlie back to Rachel and Miles because they would need his help even if they didn't want it:

Charlie was having none of it though and reminded us all that as much as we love (okay it might just be me) Team Marlie, Monroe was kind of a completely insane monster in Season 1 who made everyone's lives miserable. Fingers crossed that he still manages to trail Charlie to Texas or even heads to Georgia and finds Major Tom (clearly one will happen). Speaking of Willoughby, Leader did not trust Miles one bit and sent in a spy to check in on the condition of his wife (status: deceased). Meanwhile, Miles was doing his best to get Rachel safely out of town. However, this time Rachel put her foot down. She made a strong point that she didn't need a martyr, what she needed was him (GO Team Riles).

Unfortunately for our heroes, Leader did not respond well to the news of his wife's death and sent his horde into Willoughby and giving us a seriously deranged look:

The town was mostly devastated and Miles managed to fight with a sword left-handed for a while. Similarly, Aaron turned out to be somewhat legitimate with a pistol. Rachel also held her own for a while, but ended up taking an arrow:

Luckily for our heroes, the U.S. government arrived just in the nick of time to save everyone, (including Rachel). However, much like Major Tom, Miles deduced the insidious nature of the U.S. government's timely arrival.

Miles took a really tired look at the U.S. flag that was immediately raised above the town:

Anyway, I felt like this was a short step down in quality from the first two episodes, but it was still highly entertaining. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series and have fingers crossed that NBC doesn't cancel it so that we at least get a full season 2.

Did anyone notice that Rachel called Stu Miles in front of everyone about halfway through the episode? Will that play a part in the future or was it just a script mistake?

Does the U.S. government know Rachel and Miles are in Willoughby or is it a coincidence?

Will Cynthia be responsible for letting the U.S. government about Aaron?

Will Monroe attempt to follow Charlie or will he head towards Atlanta?

How screwed is Jason?

I'm trying to get these recaps up as soon as possible, but I'm curious what you as a tv.com reader think about this topic for Revolution and possibly other shows in the future I might take a shot at:

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Oct 21, 2013
You are not alone, I too love team Marlie! This may just be because I would like Monroe to bond with someone besides Miles, and Charlie is oddly enough the best option.
Oct 12, 2013
stupid question, i've seen this often, but WTF does ship mean? i keep seeing it and i know its supposed to mean something but what? lol
Oct 12, 2013
By Urban Dictionary:


N: Short for romantic relationship, popularized in fanfiction circles.

V: To endorse a romantic relationship.
N: I see a 'ship developing between Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

V: I ship Ron/Hermione

Oct 12, 2013
alrighty then i have never seen it used that way till now, thanks for the info
Oct 11, 2013
I love Miles and Rachel together.

Oct 11, 2013
Loved the episode.
Oct 11, 2013
Glad to see I'm not the only one who thought Super Mario Bros. when Rachel just walked into a pipe

Oct 12, 2013
Haha, yeah I saw that - that was an awesome .GIF
Oct 11, 2013
Nice work again! Keep em coming!
Oct 11, 2013
theguylafayette - reading your Revolution recaps is like watching the alternative story - I love it! You made me smile and laugh so many times!

My favorite pictures / lines of this episodes:

1. "oh dearest me what was that"

2. "here come the reavers" (yay for Firefly reference!!!)

3. "Awww" - it was just Awwww :)

4. "Finally gonna make you proud dad - haha nice try, give it back"

5. "Better call Saul" - nice Homeland reference.

6. "Subtle" - Girl Power!!!

7. "Im coming with you best friend - truth: we all want you to die"

8. "This is turning into a solid ship - I know who'd have guessed, P.S: <3 you" - Awwww!!! :)

I think "Cannot catch a break" should be "Is it Friday yet?"

Go Teams Marlie and Riles!!! :)

Thanks for recap - I can't wait for next one!!!
Oct 11, 2013
"Better call Saul" - nice Homeland reference?????
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