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This week's episode of Revolution was a bit slower paced this week as the writers took a chance to advance both main plots towards their next larger action packed steps. To start off the episode we began with our favorite Season 2 duo - Team Marlie.

Team Marlie had finally arrived in Willoughby and were taking their time scoping out the new owners (the Patriots) to see if they could find a way in without drawing attention to themselves. Meanwhile, Truman was shown the bodies of the two men Aaron burned to death at the railway and told his men to send them up the food chain. Miles and Rachel were still discussing last week's events, particularly Ken's death.

Rachel assured Miles that she had cleaned the scene and that no one would find Ken or in the event that they did find his body there would be no evidence tying her to the scene. Then Aaron showed up at the door.

Aaron brought Rachel and Miles up to speed about his vision of Miles in last week's episode. He also claimed that he was responsible for those deaths and talked about it with Rachel while Miles looked seriously confused. Rachel declared that it would be impossible for the nanotech to do what Aaron was claiming it did.

Before we move on to the next scene let me just say,

As another aside I am originally a Texan so I was completely on board with the humor surrounding Texas as a country and also their attitude about it. A group of Texas Rangers showed up to Willoughby to talk to Truman about the Patriots presence on sovereign Texas land.

Truman tried to play the situation off like the Patriots were just being good neighbors that were helping Texas with the problem posed by the War Clan. Truman was also apparently the one who had let the Texas government know that they had taken over Willoughby - another sign of their pure good hearted intentions. Fry (the leader of the Texans) didn't seem to be buying it for a minute, but agreed to a sit down. Miles was also helpful enough to let us know that in a past life he had tried to kill Fry during a tussle between the Monroe Republic and Texas. Miles felt like this might be a good in to help start a war between Texas and the Patriots.

Back in Georgia, Major Tom was watching a random wagon being filled with people moving to a new camp and then ran into the Secretary.

Fry and Truman then had their sitdown where Fry admitted that he was not a huge fan of the Patriots, but seemed to believe that the General in charge would likely favor a treaty with the Patriots. Then it was Miles's turn to bend Fry's ear.

Fry reiterated to Miles that he did not trust the Patriots whatsoever, however the Texas forces were stretched thin along Mexico and weren't looking for another fight. He believed that the General would sign a treaty with the Patriots. He did agree to meet with Miles later that day to see if Miles had any proof that the Patriots intentions were treacherous. After Miles left this meeting he ran into a stranger.

Charlie filled Miles in on the Patriots hunt for Rachel Matheson, while Miles filled her in on the situation in Willoughby

Charlie then let Miles know that she had one more surprise for him, but before we get to that we have to talk about Aaron, who was packing up his stuff and leaving home.

This week the writers forced a substantial amount of Aaron-Cynthia backstory on us. Cynthia was apparently the one who gave Aaron his job as a teacher again, despite the fact that he was drunk, wouldn't smile, and would scare the kids. In the present day, Aaron was running away from his problems.

Thankfully we were then returned to a fun storyline:

Miles had more or less the same reaction to Monroe's offer of assistance as Charlie initially did. Monroe simply pointed out once again that he is an incredibly valuable asset and that he wanted payback on the Patriots. Back in town Rachel was looking for Miles and Cynthia was looking for Aaron

We then had ANOTHER Aaron-Cynthia flashback

Anyway it was just a short scene to show that they bonded over a joke about a smile. Also to show that Cynthia's husband was very intense, probably abusive, and definitely an adulterer. What was that you said about teeth because:

Miles, Charlie, and Monroe went to investigate the trainyard for evidence to show Fry, but were unsuccessful, although Monroe seemed to be having the time of his life

Miles was not happy about this development and told Monroe that he was the reason why he had been a bad person. Monroe just replied with a giant

Unbeknownst to out heroes, the Patriots had been spying on them this entire time, which would surely mean they would be in trouble somewhere down the line.
Back in Georgia things were not going so well for Major Tom

The Secretary was attacked by another group of Patriot soldiers. During the scuffle Major Tom escaped with the Secretary, but she was wounded.
Back in Willoughby Rachel tracked down Aaron where Aaron continued to be awful

Then Aaron revealed his big secret in a final flashback. Aaron had run across Cynthia's husband getting his adultering on in the backseat of a car and after an altercation he had ended up setting the car on fire killing both people inside.
Back in Georgia Major Tom was super curious to know what the Secretary had done to make the Patriots try to kill her.

Apparently the Secretary had been asking questions about the people moving to the new camp since it turned out that it was actually a reprogramming center. Naturally the Patriots didn't like this and decided to kill her to keep her quiet. Unfortunately for her this meant that she was useless to Major Tom. Luckily for her on the other hand, she knew where Jason was - one of the reprogramming centers.

Back in Willoughby, the Patriots ambushed Miles, Monroe, and Charlie. Naturally our heroes were victorious in the end and captured Johnny Drama (the Patriot guy who had worked with Titus) to show to Fry, As Rachel and Aaron were walking back to town Aaron had another vision and led them instead to where Miles was to meet with Fry. Rachel was not pleased to see Monroe again.

Unfortunately for Rachel her need for revenge would have to wait until later. Charlie gave Aaron a big hug of welcome once they went upstairs, but for Rachel..

Unfortunately for Miles and Co. by the time Fry showed up, Johnny Drama had killed himself using a cyanide tooth.

Unfortunately this meant that Fry had no reason to give Texas to fight the Patriots, until of course this happened

Monroe shot Fry so that they could set it up to look like the Patriots had done it, which would naturally set off a war between the two countries

Miles was not enthusiastic about this development and neither did it appear were any of the others.

I have bagged on Aaron in almost every recap so far because I don't believe that we as the audience have any investment whatsoever with his relationship with Cynthia. Their scenes and relationship have been pretty pointless so far with absolutely nothing to do with the actual main plotlines. Also I am getting sick and tired of Aaron's non-stop complaints about being alive again and interacting with the nanotech. There are an immense number of ways that Aaron's plotline could go that would be supremely enjoyable and I would love to see them. I just really really need Aaron to stop complaining about being special. I'm fine with inner struggles about power or understanding that could lead to brooding, but what Aaron has been presenting so far is the bad way of doing that and it is really driving me nuts. The rest of the show is awesome though and there is potential with Aaron the character - we just need him to age up just a tiny bit.

The only way to break Jason's reprogramming will be by using Charlie right?

Isn't Major Tom actually worse off at this point than before he joined the Patriots?

Someone on the writing staff is a fan of Michigan and Notre Dame right?

Will Fry's death set off the Patriot-Texas war?

Will the Secretary turn against the Patriots?

Will Aaron ever embrace the fact that his character could actually be a fun character?

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Oct 24, 2013
Budget Han Solo is the love center of Revolution.
a.) He's got Rachel (Go Team Riles!)
b.) Monroe has hots for him.
c.) The Lord of Fireflies dreams about him. (Do I see a ship coming?)

The idea of Budget Han Solo and Monroe being together while Budget dates Rachel and Monroe dates What's Her Name (Go Team Marlie!) is seriously freaking me out.

Also according to Rachel Budget Han Solo is technically What's Her Name's Dad so it should be "Niece / Daughter / It's complicated".

Why did they kill Bobby? :( He would be a fine addition to the show.

What's Her Name has to be the most ungrateful daughter in the world.

Thanks for recap, theguylafayette!
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