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This week's episode of Revolution was much darker than the typical episode of Revolution as we spent a lot of time following Dr. Porter's descent into collusion with the Patriots. Consequently, this week's recap will be slightly shorter (screencap-wise) because it is really hard to come up with a fun take on a TV show when serious drama is on the screen.

Starting off this week Rachel was able to successfully unearth Monroe before he died from a lack of oxygen. This was fortunate because we were then introduced to the best character that this show has ever had and one that should be in the running for an Emmy for Guest Star in a Comedy - Doped Up Monroe:

Doped Up Monroe was immediately on a roll as he called out Miles for being happy to see him, because as we all know:

However, there was a little bit of friction as someone was feeling a bit left out:

Monroe did bring up the little matter of his son again and asked Miles where he was. Miles got a very serious look on his face about this subject and deflected the question. I'm slightly conflicted about where I think Monroe's son is currently located. I know that last week Miles said that he knew where Monroe's son was, but couldn't you also see the writers maybe changing their minds later and deciding that his son had been in Philadelphia or Atlanta when the nukes dropped?

Anyway Charlie had a question for her mother:

Then there was a completely random development as a bomb went off in "downtown" Willoughby. Leading me to think some things that may not be very gentlemanly. Previous readers of my summaries will know by now that I have very little time or patience for a certain character on this show, so when I caught Aaron looking at her in the aftermath of the explosion there was a moment when I thought we might be free of her and Aaron could man up and mature into a man bent on revenge:

Alas, it was not meant to be and Cynthia would return to being nothing more than an emotional obstacle for Aaron to deal with as opposed to a contributing/enjoyable character. Unlike Aaron, Dr. Porter was on the warpath this week all over the place:

Dr. Porter angrily accused the Patriots of setting off the bomb and their leader was more or less like yep that was us. Apparently it was just a way to make an excuse for setting a curfew and bringing more soldiers into Willoughby. All for the legitimate protection of townspeople of Willoughby of course.

Then the mysterious Dr. Horn who was introduced last week walked right on up to Rachel in the crowd

Apparently Dr. Horn had taken quite a shine to Rachel while they were both working at the DoD, however, much to his dismay Rachel did not remember him. Mostly because she was a superstar and he was but a moth to her flame. Dr. Horn insisted on a sitdown meeting with Rachel where they discussed something not altogether unexpected

Dr. Horn was supremely interested in the nanotech and praised Rachel for her efforts. Rachel was less than enthused about this development. Dr. Horn was in town because he had been notified of the burned bodies (courtesy of Aaron) that had popped up a few weeks ago. In his mind he believed that Rachel had developed a way to alter the programming of the nanotech to make them do something new and he very much wanted to know how it was done:

Needless to say Dr. Horn was not pleased with Rachel's reticence to discuss the possibility of a change in the behavior of the nanotech. One interesting development was of course the lingering shot on the white powder that Dr. Horn was drinking

The Porter/Matheson crew then kicked it into high gear as they tried to develop a plan to get Aaron out of town and to safety. Aaron of course took this like an adult. Just kidding, of course he didn't

And of course it then was taken to the next level because:

Hey guys, do you remember when Aaron finally stood up for himself and redeemed himself (in his mind I assume) for the time when he abandoned his wife when he fought off Johnny Drama to save Cynthia? Remember how it seemed that Aaron might finally have grown up a bit? Apparently the writers do not. I will emphasize again that Aaron could be a cool character who was having trouble dealing with all of these crazy things happening to him, but that is not what we are being given. Back to the story.

Dr. Porter was listening in on our heroes as a good Patriot spy does, when we started to learn how Dr. Porter found himself in this position. Apparently several years after the blackout Willoughby suffered through a cholera outbreak that resulted in several deaths including Mrs. Porter. Then a stranger bearing gifts showed up to town with hundreds of vaccines in a trade for a favor to be named later.

I'm not great at history lessons and how tyrants come to power, but I've got to believe that this is one of the ways that it has been done successfully. If I was in Dr. Porters shoes in charge of a large group of people I would probably just ask immediately where do I sign. This is the correct way to deal with a character dealing with complex issues, as opposed to Aaron. All I'm saying.

Off in the Georgia wilds Captain Tom, Jason, and the Secretary were still on the run from the brainwashed cadets. Captain Tom had to make a decision to (somewhat) free Jason up so that they could escape, despite the disapproval of the Secretary. However, she doesn't quite understand their relationship like we do:

I also like to think that there was a question that he had for his father as his sanity returned about other matters though

Back in Willoughby, some pure amazingness was going down as Miles filled Monroe in on what was going on in town (with regard to the lockdown and Aaron)

Things were not going so well for Dr. Porter as he was summoned to talk to Dr. Horn:

Dr. Horn wanted the 411 on our heroes to gauge what their reaction was to his discussion with Rachel. For the first time (to our knowledge at least), Dr. Porter just lied to the Patriots to protect our heroes as it seemed like Dr. Porter had decided enough was enough and it was time to switch sides.

We then had a pretty long flashback sequence that showed Dr. Porter had assisted the Patriots in waterboarding and other torture in exchange for medicine. Dr. Porter was feeling especially conflicted and admitted to our heroes that he had been eavesdropping on them for weeks. He even volunteered to help get Aaron and Cynthia out of town

Back in Georgia things were getting uncomfortable for Major Tom as his motley crew came under ambush from some brainwashed cadets.

Jason marched on in declaring himself to still be a cadet who had been captured. Unfortunately for the cadets, they did not know that you CANNOT keep a Neville down.

Back in Willoughby things were also not going to well for Dr. Porter as he was summoned once again to meet with Dr. Horn by a friend from his past

The Dr. Horn and Dr. Porter showdown was a serious affair as Dr. Porter finally reached his limit and broke down and more or less admitted that he had lost faith in the Patriots. He was forced to admit that Aaron was in actuality the one who had been "controlling" the nanotech. He helped set up a trap to capture Aaron and Cynthia for the Patriots, however, luckily for our heroes Miles had smelled something fishy earlier and made the correct conclusion that Dr. Porter was the mole.

In Georgia, the Secretary was getting nostalgic over the reunion of Major Tom and good Jason and the implied possibility that she could save her own son

Major Tom had other plans as he slipped something into the Secretary's drink and knocked her out.

Back in Willoughby our heroes were able to smuggle Aaron and Cynthia out of town using a sewer line. They were immediately apprehended on the other end of the tunnel, but then

Monroe saved them for a moment, before reinforcements arrived. For a moment it looked like they were going to kill Cynthia so Aaron set them on fire

Cynthia and Monroe had two very different reactions:

Back in Georgia the Secretary was rudely awakened by Major Tom:

It was great to see Major Tom back to his old tricks again as he began interrogating the Secretary about the whereabouts of her husband "the higher up".

We ended the episode with our heroes trapped in a building as the Patriots searched for them and Rachel finally brokedown as the totality of her father's betrayal hit her. However, there was a silver lining

Dr. Porter's story was fairly excellent. It led us through all the rational, tricky, pragmatic decisions that he had been forced to make over the years in order to save his town, but that had also ended in his servitude to the Patriots. Instead of just giving us another this guy is bad because he is a bad guy without giving us his motivations we were given a completely satisfying rationale behind Dr. Porter's betrayal of his daughter who he loves.

Would you have fallen into the same quagmire that Dr. Porter did?

I really missed Marlie this week - did you?

Do you believe that Jason is truly back to being Jason?

Is Edison or Dr. Horn the Secretary's husband, meaning that Team Neville will be heading to Willoughby next?

Did you enjoy doped up Monroe as much as I did?

Any theories on Monroe's son?

Why is Aaron special - any theories?

Do you like Cynthia and do you think I am being too hard on Aaron?

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Nov 09, 2013
I have no problem with Cynthia. I think she's just fine as Aaron's anchor. But really find the character of Aaron so, so annoying. In this episode I really was hoping he'd break out of his nerdy, whiny pathetic creature mode and go all firestarter on the Patriots, thus saving Willoughby from imminent despotic doom. Geez, Aaron, man up! I can get behind that he provides some conscience to the group, but c'mon! It's an age of the apocalypse and has been for some time. He ought to be inured to it in order to have survived this long.
Nov 08, 2013
Aaron was told in some earlier episode that he was 'the one' aka Neo, he also featured in the journal that explained how to turn the nano's off and the lights on..would like to see aaron go all firestarter on the patriots though some more inventive ways of killing them would be fun too..if they are in them all, some vapourising would be good.
Nov 08, 2013
This Photo recaps are very funny! It should be done in all the shows (at least those that I watch), it is much enjoyable than long written reviews or the new Sons of Anarchy discussion. As for what the ep goes, I like it and I like the new evolution in Revolution.
Nov 08, 2013
These recaps are hilarious. Please keep them coming every week. I couldn't agree with you more about Aaron and his anchor (that cracked me up by the way). I'm sure the writers were desperate to give him a story as he literally just muddled through season one, but come on, giving him super powers is the worse.
Nov 07, 2013
- I also think Dr. Porter's story was really well introduced and explained. I like Stephen Collins since the Gold Monkey and I think he's doing a great job with his character. I don't know what I would do in his place but I buy his motivations on his decision. It's hard to see people dying, even his wife, and not being able to do anything must be terrible, and even more being a doctor.
- I missed Marlie too, I like those two together :)
- I had my doubts at first but at the end I think the Neville part is stronger than any drug or psicological game.
- Thought so also...
- Yessssssssssssssss
- Monroe's son might be dead. I thought Miles' face was a hint of that...
- I don't like Aaron and/or Cynthia. So I'm on your same boat...
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