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I just want to say this very quickly before we dive in on this week's episode - If Season 1 had been more like this Revolution would have had a nice long run, boy this is some fun television.

This week we started off with an ominous view of a boot outside of a tavern in Texas:

Inside the tavern Charlie was chowing down on some good old fashioned grub, when a friendly man sat down next to her and offered to buy her a drink:

Charlie was not a fan of the guy's attention and attempted to make a quick exit once it became obvious that the rest of the bar patrons were just a little bit too interested in her conversation.

I think that we all have very much appreciated the new, older, more worldly Charlie of this season, but there are some real world realities of her decision making that should come back to bite her in the butt. Hence what lead to the following scenario - in a post-apocalyptic world, where law enforcement tends to be little to nonexistent, and you are a young, attractive female it would make sense that if you are traveling alone that you should #1) have extremely good situational awareness and #2) be very well armed and to be completely honest #3) probably not be traveling alone. Considering that Charlie had recently been captured by bounty hunters (and escaped because they were at least marginally moral human beings) you would think that she would be a bit more paranoid in her decision making. Somehow entering a bar with 5 guys all larger than her, late at night in a strange place seemed like a good idea to her.

To which I would reply - fair enough Charlie, unfortunately in this case your faith would be misplaced.

Charlie put up a fairly impressive fight as we could expect from the no-nonsense Charlie of Season 2, but her ambushers were not interested in playing fair and had spiked her drink. However, luck was in Charlie's favor because the mysterious boot from outside the tavern turned out to be:

What followed was an excellent fight sequence with Monroe dual-wielding a pair of swords/machetes and reminding us that he is a force to be reckoned with in a fight.

To sum up - Monroe saved Charlie, who then passed out.

Back in Willoughby, Rachel was waking up from recovering from her injuries in the War Clan's raid last week. When she woke up she walked outside and saw this:

The children of Willoughby were out celebrating Halloween in a very surreal scene with kids running around all of the U.S. soldiers.

She was also in time to see the U.S. soldiers bringing in the bodies of some more of the War Clan's members.

Perhaps even more ominous was the giant flag flying in the town square.

But, Rachel's day brightened up quickly as she spotted two familiar faces in the crowd.

Unfortunately Rachel and Miles were only able to have a brief moment of happiness, while I hummed that song in my head, before they were interrupted by the appearance of the new man in charge.

Rachel did not do a great job of pretending that she didn't know that Ed and his people were completely full of it, but Miles was able to get her out of there before any serious damage was done. According to Ed they were slowly moving west and helping everybody out.

Rachel was not the only one having difficulty fitting in with new friends this week as Major Tom and his new commanding officer were not exactly seeing eye to eye.

Basically, Major Tom's plane to infiltrate the U.S. forces and move up the ranks were being hindered by his commanding officer, much to his frustration.

Back in Willoughby, the brain trust of Miles, Rachel, and Aaron were having a powwow about the U.S. forces. They collectively agreed that the U.S. forces were full of it and had been the ones to drop the nukes.

Rachel was very relieved that her months of paranoia about a conspiracy theory involving Randall and a shadow group was correct. However, the next immediate concern was whether or not the U.S. forces were on to them.

Miles rationally pointed out that if they did know, they would be dead already. The U.S. forces were not letting anybody leave the town due to the threat posed by the War Clan, however the brain trust assumed this meant that the U.S. was hiding something outside of town. Miles volunteered to go outside and check out the situation, while imploring Rachel to kickback and take a few days off to recover. Naturally, Rachel did no such thing and when she had a chance that night she broke into the office of Ed the new leader of the U.S. forces. Rachel's major discovery from the office was a map with the words "Willoughby Trainyard circled" and a piece of paper with the same symbol that we had seen on paper used by the Secretary and the War Clan's second in command to communicate.

Outside the town a young man from the town had ventured forth against the recommendation of the U.S. forces:

Just to reiterate for the viewers that the U.S. forces were the bad guys, they slaughtered the young man and then dragged him back to town and claimed that he was another victim of the War Clan. Another bit of evidence that the residents should stay put for their own good. Meanwhile, Rachel and her dad were having an argument about Rachel's tendency to take on things that were not her problem and her father's belief that she should sit this one out.

I could definitely see where he was coming from considering Rachel's complete breakdown after The Tower.

Back to Team Marlie:

I thought this was a very interesting sequence because I felt like the writers were messing with us just the teensiest little bit. When Monroe started making his apologies and hopes for redemption with Rachel and Miles I totally believed that the writers had decided to reboot Monroe into that type of character. Of course that was immediately followed by Charlie calling him out on everything he just said. Monroe then made the point he had been making before (which was completely in line with everything his character has done previously), he was going to help Rachel, Miles, and Charlie because for the moment they had a common enemy that he hated (and also his relationship with Miles is super complicated). It was nice to see Charlie finally realize that for the time being Monroe could prove to be a super useful ally.

This was followed by a scene where Aaron passed out, only to see in his minds eye a view (from what turned out to be the "fireflies") of Miles exploring the War Clan's base.

Aaron was rudely awoken by my super "Favorite":

Miles was busy in the War Clan office having a chat with Titus. It turns out the U.S. government was holding all of Titus's followers in train cars and that in his opinion they were all inhuman:

Titus attempted to kill Miles, but his gun malfunctioned. In the ensuing scrum Miles stabbed Titus to death and then made his way to the train tracks.

Back in the town of Willoughby Rachel was having a heart to heart with her old friend from back home and decided to open up to him about everything that had happened to her.

Back in Atlanta Major Tom had made a major discovery of the fact that his commanding officer had track marks along his arm. Tom followed him to a house of ill respute and bribed his way into his commanding officer's room.

Back in Willoughby Rachel's friend invited her down to the basement for some more wine. Unfortunately, Rachel then pieced together that her friend was actually a secret patriot. Rachel's attempt to exit gracefully and flee were unsuccessful:

Rachel then awoke dangling from the ceiling in the basement, where her friend was digging a secret grave.

After some exposition revealed the fact that her friend had been a patriot for seven years and that the patriots had this same plan going on in numerous towns across the country it was time for Rachel to die. However, Rachel was a champ and headbutted her friend and briefly knocked him out. She then proceeded to break her own hand to free herself and stabbed her friend to death.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta Major Tom was making some demands:

Unfortunately the commanding officer did not know where Jason was and Major Tom apparently decided that he did not need the commanding officer's help to achieve any of his other objectives so he forcefully overdosed him. This was followed by a mashup montage of Rachel and Major Tom cleaning up their respective crime scenes which was fairly entertaining. Back in one of the other plotlines that I refuse to name:

Back in the trainyard, Miles watched as Johnny Drama or the Judas or the second in command of the War Clan guy hauled two members of the War Clan out of a train car and shot them. He then ordered his men to take them back into town to remind the residents of the dangers outside the walls. Miles was then briefly held at gunpoint before escaping. However, his next run in was a tad more exciting. Once again Miles was held at gunpoint, but this time he had a secret weapon - Keanu Reeves (aka Aaron via the nanobots):

DIAF - die in a fire. Aaron dreamed of Miles again, while a swarm of fireflies appeared and then the ground below the patriots exploded/shot fire all over them allowing Miles to escape. It was pretty insane.

Back in Atlanta, the commanding officer had not shown up to work for some reason.

Major Tom successfully positioned himself to take over (self promotion) his commanding officer's position and it was affirmed by the secretary. Overall it was a pretty good week for Major Tom.

Back in Willoughby Miles and Rachel were discussing their respective days:

In the end it boiled down to the decision that their wasn't much that could be done about the patriots immediately, however as the Monroe and Georgia Republics experienced Miles was pretty handy at leading a resistance.

Okay what is the deal with Aaron - is he subconsciously controlling the nanobots or is he merely observing what they are doing?

How will Miles and Rachel react to seeing Monroe again?

If there is a WANTED poster for Rachel throughout the country, why haven't the patriots arrested her in Willoughby as she is going by her real name?

What is the purpose of Aaron's ladyfriend?

Will Charlie ever be friends with Monroe? (LONG LIVE MARLIE!!!!)

Will Rachel's friend's absence be noticed or will he be forgotten?

What have the patriots done with Jason?

How high will Tom need to get before he can make his move?
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Oct 18, 2013
I really enjoy your photo recaps but it's confusing when you refer to the Charlie/Monroe pairing as "Marlie." Marlie has been the widely accepted name for the Miles/Charlie pairing (platonic and/or romantic) almost since the inception of the show, especially within the fanfic communities.

The name that is gaining popularity in the fanfic communities for the Charlie/Monroe pairing is "Charm" (CHARlie Monroe).

Oct 17, 2013
"Hey Best Friend!" + screencap. I laughed, but I was also terrified. Monroe looks crazy as hell. He is a scary bestie.

Oct 17, 2013
I hope the first season hasn't jaded enough people against this show so that a third season doesn't take place. There is such a noticable improvement in this series overall that it doesn't even feel like you're watching the same program. The schedule shuffle to different nights in the week usually is the kiss of death but I'll keep my fingers crossed that Revolution rebounds w/ its Wednesday night slot. Scum-roe wandering about the countryside is so much more interesting a character than his previous commander-in-chief role and Major Tom reaches new lows each week that just get more and more deplorable. Badass Charlie, Badass Rachel, and Badass Aaron are far more enjoyable and Miles/Stu's dry-wit is even more humorous the 2nd time around. This is really looking like a show that deserves a strong following. I know I'll be watching.
Oct 17, 2013
Gotta facebook, tumblr, twitter this ish. Tumblr and Twitter are practically the only reason the low-rating wonderfulness of Hannibal got to stick around. Time to start a ruckus.
Oct 18, 2013
Great idea! If that's what saved Hannibal, I'm thankful for it.
Oct 17, 2013
Loved it.absolutely loved this episode.Everyone needs to be watching this show,I watch other shows but this is the one I look forward to the most,So much fun.
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