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Revolution has continued its strong start to season 2 with several ongoing storylines that all seem to be trending in the right direction (with one or two small exceptions). This week I'm going to organize the recap around each storyline rather than going chronologically throughout the episode as it appears that our storylines (and characters) will not be intertwining in the near future.

Charlie and Monroe - The Story of Marlie

Last week we watched as two bounty hunters unwittingly saved Monroe from Charlies arrow and made off with him into the night. At camp the next evening, the bounty hunters tied Monroe up in the bottom of a pool.

Charlie was practicing her stealth mode skills once again this week and successfully took care of the Russian Pirate, who had only moments before been perusing the one bit of literature that mankind has saved.

Unfortunately for Charlie she was once again interrupted in her assassination attempt of Monroe, this week courtesy of a shoulder full of rock salt and a fall into an empty pool. Luckily for her she had some welcome company when she awoke tied up in the morning.

The other Good Looking bounty hunter filled Charlie and Monroe in on his backstory by letting them know that he was a bounty hunter for the U.S. government (much to Monroe and Charlie's surprise) and that he indeed knew who Monroe was and that they wanted him alive.

I also have a bad feeling that they might be intending for Good Looking to be a new love interest for Charlie, with my hopes matching the ones Charlie expressed.

Charlie (as it turned out later) quite rightfully warned Good Looking that Monroe would eventually escape and kill both of them.

Our next bit of Monroe-Charlie bonding was an amazing scene with Monroe and Charlie both reminding us (Monroe) or showing us (Charlie) that they are not to be trifled with as they bantered back and forth about how they both ended up where they were.

At the end of the day Monroe successfully escaped the bounty hunters and killed the Russian Pirate in the process, leaving Charlie and Good Looking behind in the dust.

The Story of Miles and the War Clan - Featuring the Comedic Stylings of Miles Matheson

Last week we ended the episode with Miles and the Sheriff being presented to the leader of the War Clan. This week we started off with just another typical day in the life of Miles Matheson

The most important part of this storyline this week was the great and amazing tale that the Sheriff has to tell about his personal hero (standing ovation for the writers room)

Also we were introduced to an ominous red door behind which something evil clearly lurked because no one ever returned from behind the red door.

Miles and the Sheriff then took some sort of blood test (blood type possibly?)

Revolution then took the time to remind us once again that if you are a recognizable actor that spends a bit of time with a significant speaking role guest starring on Revolution it will only end one way.

While Miles successfully passed the test, the Sheriff did not and was subsequently executed. Miles was then able to successfully use a wire to unlock his handcuffs and escape his cage, however there was another prisoner locked up with him which gave him pause.

Naturally in the time it took him to attempt to rescue his fellow inmate the guards came upon him and he ended up killing several of them before this never-before-seen scenario occurred

Miles then had a face-to-face meeting with the leader of the War Clan, where Miles was once again hilarious

It turns out that Leader was a headmaster at a boys school who was about to be arrested for having child pornography at the time of the blackout leading both myself and Miles to have the same reaction.

So Leader has now definitively fallen into the crazy as all hell, very bad guy category. Leader informed Miles that he had killed the rider that Willoughby had sent for help and that therefore no one would be coming to save him or the town. Also, he wasn't going to kill Miles because he needed him for something. This lead to one of the rare moments of true brilliance that a TV villain has had - he smashed Miles hand to pieces so that he couldn't fight anymore.

It's going to be too bad if Miles really is kept out of action with a bad hand because the action sequences with Miles just destroying everyone are highly entertaining. On the other hand it could definitely lead to some interesting character development if Miles was limited to only using his brain (to lead) instead of his brawn.

In the end Miles was introduced to whatever the hell that was behind the red door.

I had a lot of questions about this reveal. Is this woman actually still alive? Who is she? Why do they kill the blood donors, wouldn't it be easier to keep them alive and continuously donating?

Also a final note - the head sidekick of the War Clan is in contact with the Secretary in Atlanta (possibly unbeknownst to Leader?). My best guess is that they were sent to find Miles to be put on trial with Monroe for dropping the nukes - like a war crimes tribunal.

The Story of the Nevilles - Behind Enemy Lines (that was a lazy one)

We didn't spend a whole lot of time with the Nevilles this week, but that did not prevent Giancarlo from putting on another tour de force. We started the week off with Captain Tom schmoozing with the U.S. soldiers to get background on their new friends.

The basic plan this week was for the team of Tom, Jason, and this guy

to assassinate the Secretary for having bombed Atlanta. However, in an intriguing twist that actually made sense and sets up a great story Captain Tom gunned down The Expendable in order to save the Secretary thereby ingratiating himself into her good graces.

The Story of Aaron - I'd Really Like Some Whine with this Episode

Last week Aaron died - then returned to life - perhaps courtesy of some nanorobots, but much more likely because Elena made one of her boys save him. Anyway to begin

Aaron came back from the dead and was extremely depressed and whined to Rachel about it

In between existential crises and a complete mental breakdown Zombie Aaron took some time to return to his roots - expanding the minds of our children to save all of mankinds knowledge - in this case by telling the story of the Ghostbusters

Then we snapped back to Zombie Aaron's new ladyfriend telling everyone about Zombie Aaron's miraculous recovery

Meanwhile Zombie Aaron continued to be upset about being alive and ended up hallucinating a vision of Ben.

This was more or last the last straw of Zombie Aaron's self restraint with regard to his sanity and he ended up spilling the beans to his new ladyfriend about everything.

We were also treated to another view of the beginning of Blackout #2, where Aaron failed in his quest to stop the nukes because the computers crashed at the last moment.

What it did not answer, however, was if Aaron failed to turn the power back off, then how did it get turn back off?

The Story of Rachel and her Dad - Please Help Me Save Stu
I'll keep this one short and sweet. Rachel spent the episode looking for help in order to rescue Miles from the War Clan. In the end her father gave in and brought along a few other guys as backup. However, they barely made it out of town before running into a literal river of dead rats.

Another great episode guys, let's hope NBC keeps the faith and we get to see where the new writers room wants to take us.

If Aaron failed, then who turned everything back off?

Are we doomed to see Good Looking and Charlie ship?

Does Monroe actually care about Charlie?

Did Ben inject Aaron with the nanobots leaving behind a message of some kind (hence the hallucination)?

Is the War Clan looking for Miles?

Who is the girl in the bed?

Why does the U.S. want Monroe alive?

Does the Leader know about the U.S. government orders?
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Dec 07, 2013
I have 2 theories for Good Looking.
1. He is one of Maggie's sons.
2. He is Monroe's son.
Yeah they're probably wrong but I felt like getting my theories out there in case I'm right so, yeah. Bye!
Oct 08, 2013
This is getting worse. ALL SPAM and almost no real messages... :-(
Oct 07, 2013
Charlie is equally beautiful as she is irritating and dumb.
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