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Unfortunately this week we received another subpar episode of Revolution. Instead of going into superdetail about it at the start this week I would like to dive into another subject that we have yet to cover. Why do the Patriots need to be doing nefarious things (not including the bombing of Atlanta and Philly)? They seem to have complete control over the majority of the Monroe Republic and Georgia, they eliminated all of the leadership that could have raised a resistance, and they have established diplomatic relations with the other U.S. nations. Why then do they need these reeducation camps and whatever other nefarious plots Jason discovered? When the populace is firmly secure (which it appears to be) what's the problem? Maybe if we found out the President was seriously loony tunes or that there was some ultimate plan that they needed all these reeducated soldiers for it would make more sense. At the moment it just all seems kind of pointless. I want to buy in Revolution, help me do that.

Anyway, onto this week's show we started off with Aaron in Silver Springs, Oklahoma where he had just run into familiar face - Grace.
Grace was soon to inform Aaron that he was not the only wayward puppy to come wandering into her deserted town this week.
It was Priscilla, Aaron's first wife who he had abandoned in the blackout and had later run into in the Plains Nations where he discovered that she was remarried with kids.
Back with the cool kids, Monroe was being dragged into Nunes's presence past his pool party where there was a live band and live decorations.
Needless to say Monroe was less than impressed with Nunes's displays of wealth and his chosen decor.
Then we all were introduced to Connor's surrogate father - Nunes.
Nunes immediately saw this as a test of loyalty for Connor and asked Connor what they should do with his dear old dad. Connor actually had a pretty good idea so kudos to him. They would sell Monroe to the highest bidder.
Further north in Willoughby, Charlie was having a tough time being the adult with her dear old grandpa. We weren't shown this, but I assume they tracked down this new Patriot camp while they were looking into the Orange Situation some more.
Anyway, then began one of the MOST FRUSTRATING AND STUPID plotlines Revolution has ever had. It is always MINDBLOWINGLY ANNOYING when a character does something so INTENTIONALLY IDIOTIC purely to set up the next bit of the plotlines. That is simply the result of sloppy storytelling where they couldn't come up with a REASONABLE way that Charlie and Grandpa could have stumbled across or become involved with the camp. When Monroe, Miles, and Charlie have to do some sort of unbelievable action to get what they want we are all happy to go along with it because it's awesome and that's what those characters are built to do. Grandpa is built to be an old man collaborator, not an ass kickin 100 on 1 infiltrating assassin in the night.
Even further north in DC, Jason was onto something big that he discovered while rifling through his boss's papers the previous week.
Jason had discovered that Doyle (the stepdad) was the man in charge of the education camps like the one he had been sent to and guess where one of the brand spankin new camps was being setup - Willoughby, TX. What a coincidence. Major Tom did not seem too particularly interested in what Jason had to say, however, as his primary focus was on a power struggle with his wife.
Down South Operation Rescue my BFF was on as Miles infiltrated the Nunes compound.
Further north in Oklahoma, something or other was happening. I have a really hard time paying attention to Aaron when he is talking to his love interest about how his life is terrible. This time we found out that Priscilla had also been seeing hallucinations of her dead father that had told her to come to Silver Springs.
Down South Mexico way, Monroe was giving Connor some fatherly advice about how eventually Connor would make a mistake and when that day came Nunes would kill him. Of course this was immediately followed by Miles knocking him out and freeing Monroe.
However, knowing that Nunes would blame and punish Connor for his escape Monroe refused to accompany Miles out of the compound.
While this was fortunate for Connor, it was not so fortunate for Miles who was also then captured.
Back up north in Texas we were back to the MORON plotline as Grandpa made his desire to sneak into the Patriot camp evident to Charlie.
Things weren't going so well in DC either as the Neville parents slowing seemed to be turning on one another. Major Tom was in particular beginning to grow suspicious that the allure of the power wielded by her new husband might be greater that her love for him. Major Tom took this opportunity to remind her who he was in the post black out world and also drop the knowledge bomb that Doyle was responsible for brainwashing Jason.
After Monroe allowed Connor to recapture him, Nunes quite rightly had a lot of questions regarding the sequence of events leading up to and after Miles came to rescue Monroe. Connor's explanation left a lot to be desired and Nunes bullshit detector was going off all over the place.
In Oklahoma Grace informed the newly reunited awful couple that her research group had not only used Aaron's stolen code for the Tower, but also for the nanotech itself. Priscilla had also apparently helped Aaron on his thesis (PS this does not happen in real life) and therefore the two of them were the "Parents" of the fireflies that Grace equated to God. Tough luck Revolution, but the best AI on TV right now is still The Machine on POI, but the little kid version in the midseason finale was a pretty good start. Either way I cannot imagine a more disastrous coupling to be in charge of the upbringing of a godlike AI.
Back in Texas.....sigh. There was more OPERATION MORON to be had as Grandpa snuck into the Patriot camp.
Naturally, he was caught after discovering the body of his friend and just as naturally Charlie came along to initially save his behind.
Back in Mexico it was Rachel's turn to attempt to free Miles and Monroe. After sneaking in posing as the date of one of Nunes's men her plan was rudely interrupted by Connor.
Connor handed her a key to free Monroe and Miles as a tit for tat exchange with Monroe for saving his bacon earlier in the episode. Unfortunately there was a witness to this exchange - Rachel's date.
Back in Oklahoma Aaron and Priscilla described to each other how their significant others had turned tail and run with the kids (Priscilla) or died (Aaron) because of their new kid.
In Mexico our heroes were in a bit of a pickle after Nunes was informed of Connor's duplicity.
Connor tried to reason with Nunes as he would with a father figure, but Nunes was having none of it and simply reacted as the cold hearted crime boss that Monroe had predicted.
Connor joined forces with our heroes and they managed to escape the Nunes compound.
Connor was super pissed at Monroe for costing him his position with Nunes and essentially destroying his life. However, there was one very large tempting carrot that Monroe had to play - his plan to retake the Monroe Republic.
Up north in DC someone had broken into Doyle's office and stolen his files. Julia immediately thought that it must be Major Tom as he had threatened to do exactly that earlier in the episode. However,....
Parents Neville realized that it was Jason who had broken into Doyle's office. From the sounds of what he found it was a good thing to because the Patriots were up to even more secret no good.
Neither one of the Nevilles seemed to particularly care about that part. They were only concerned that Jason would immediately be suspected and arrested, which he was.
Completing the episode in Texas Edison came to check out the captured prisoners.

It turned out that new camp was actually a quarantine camp because there was a Typhus outbreak in Willoughby. Edison proposed a truce between the two parties while they dealt with the outbreak.


Who was Peter that helped Aaron with his code?

Will Julia be forced to reveal to Doyle that Jason is her son?

Will Charlie and Connor immediately hit it off?

Is the outbreak the beginning of the reeducation process in some way?

What did you think of the episode?

Was Grandpa being as big of an idiot as I thought he was and did that bug you?

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Seriously, why typhus? Do the writers not have wiki? It's spread by lice and unsanitary close quarters. Generally quarantine is only setup when a disease is passed from person to person directly. Lice is considered to be secondary transmission. Due to the way the typhus bacteria is spread it may not even be possible to spread via ingestion. So unless it turns out to be a preblackout agent that mimics typhus the whole thing would just be silly. Kinda like the whole cholera thing in willoughby during the flashbacks. Historically speaking cholera deaths plummeted in the industrialized world once it was discovered that it was spread by contaminated water. A simple solution of sugar salt water can be used to cure it without antibiotics unless there are complications. As a doctor you'd think gene would have known to make a homemade oral rehydration solution and would have known to tell people to stop crapping in their drinking water. I can buy the nanites because it is obvious fiction. But ignoring something that has been known by doctors since the late 1800s is just silly... Just saying
I was a microbio major in college so found this a bit annoying. Typhus and Typhoid (fever) are two different diseases caused by different bacteria(I think they said it was typhus on the show). One is carried by lice, the other is transmitted by contaminated water and poor handwash hygiene. Both can be treated. BUT this show clearly has the "dubious science" trope down, so I'm letting it go because, you know, it's a tv show... and it's Revolution! It's hard to complain about typhus/typhoid inaccuracies when the laws of physics have clearly been rewritten and God is actually a gaggle of nanobots. (It's all fun and games until someone gets Typhus, then we need a peer review!)

Isn't it fun just to sit back and relax and enjoy the thought of a lice-infested Willoughby? *makes me itch*

I think in next week's preview you can see that the outbreak isn't being spread person-to-person so maybe the quarantine camp is really more of a science experiment. I think the gist from the preview is that the disease was *given* to people and it was engineered.
I like your theory; it would make a lot of sense.
Bas and Tom are the best characters.
Yup, completely agree - but then they're played by the best actors so it's kind of a given. Have to say that Miles isn't utterly annoying........unlike the others who I just want to kill SO MUCH.
Miles is annoying, he's all bad boy don't care but he doesn't have a purpose except to (badly) look after Charlie and try to get with her mum. Tom is almost as badass as Gus from Breaking bad, he is my joint fave along with Bas as they were good men who do bad things and think they are the hero.
Have to say that giving Tom power is akin to handing control to Ming the Merciless (yes, I admit I did watch that Flash Gordon movie). He'll make Bass look like a cutesy lickle teddy once he starts. They'll all be praying for the good old days of the Munroe Militia. ;)

Still think Bass has the chance of redemption though as there's a spark of humanity in him; but Neville is way too far gone and with the harpy wife shrieking in his ear, it don't bode well for the Revolution world......
Ahh, yeah when you put it like that about Miles I have to agree. But I do love watching Miles and Bass fight with swords; whoever goes up against them is really already dead, but in a pretty cool way. :) Guns are okay; but swords are beautiful.

I think you're spot on with Bass; but I don't think Tom really cares - he's so far gone now he'd sell out his son, his wife, and his own soul to get what he wants. We're just not completely clear on what that is right now - power, revenge? Seems the Jury's still out....we're only clear on one thing - when he knows what it is, the world better watch out.....
Yeah, Tom wanted revenge but his wife is alive, now he wants power. As does Bas. Miles and Bas have a bromance but also hate each other, lol.
I loved this episode mainly due to the interactions between Bas and Conner. The scene when Bas was getting whipped was emotionally great I was covering my eyes screaming stoooooooppppp while smiling at the same time. I think that in the end Conner and Charlie will be together but it won't be straight away I think he needs to find his emotion first he is very cold right now hopefully she can get him to see past power
For me, the best part of this episode was seeing the possibility for better episodes in the future? I did like the Monroe-Connor interaction. :)

Will Julia be forced to reveal to Doyle that Jason is her son? Hrm. Hadn't thought of this but interesting question since this episode made her position a little bit more ambiguous. She seemed like she'd be willing to write Tom off in order to keep her cushy position, but Jason? I dunno. She'd be pretty darn evil if she wrote Jason off. I can't imagine her husband being understanding and if she is smart, seems like she'd find a way to help without admitting Jason is actually her son.

Will Charlie and Connor immediately hit it off? Not a chance. No way. Connor is pretty cold and clearly out for himself (the part where he pretty much demands that Monroe better serve up the Republic like he said, or.. or else!) Also, if Connor and Charlie are intended to be together, I am sure the writers will with stick with the whole tortuous-path-to-love trope to which they've been so faithful.

Is the outbreak the beginning of the reeducation process in some way? My guess is that the outbreak is the beginning of the EXTERMINATION process. (Jason did mention how he saws plans for people being 'wiped out'.)

Was Grandpa being as big of an idiot as I thought he was and did that bug you? Maybe Aaron knocking him out with the Nano gave him brain damage? I haven't been understanding some of his positions of late (uh, acting all weirded out abut Charlie killing people? wanting to go save his friend from the middle of a horde of Patriots who want to kill him? Sounds like brain damage...) I appreciate that he's been a good foil for Charlie- letting her show off her fighting skills. :)
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