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Disclaimer: This is not a review or recap and if you haven't seen the episode, it might spoil it for you. Or not. Just sayin'.

I haven't seen theGuyLafayette post his photo recap yet, but hopefully he will. (Check his recaps out if you want play-by-plays.)

Revolution, why do you torture me so?!?

Nobody’s on the road yet! Get on the road! And how did everyone get SO competent at bungling up rescue/escape missions? It’s not like they don’t get to practice!

There was ample running-around-trying-to-rescue-people-then-almost-instantly-getting-caught in this episode.

I know a lot of people probably found this episode disappointing BUT I am going to hold onto hope that these past couple episodes will result in some kind of worthy fun, drama and excitement down the road. (We’ve got Connor, a typhus outbreak, Charlie & Gramps captured and Jason captured… there are introductions to be made, diseases to cure and rescues to be planned! Woo…)

Aaron and Grace
Guess who else pops out from under a rock in Spring City, Oklahoma?

Duh! Of course! And she's hallucinating, too? Why? Why Aaron and Priscilla? Well, because even the Nano wants a mommy AND a daddy. Wha?!

What does that make Grace? Fairy godmother?

Miles, Miles & Monroe
I love that Miles used the old hiding-his-face-behind-a-crate-of-tequila trick to infiltrate the infamous Nunez, uh, compound (party house?).

(Oh, and where is this Tequila factory? 'Cause if the power permanently goes out, that's where I'll be pointing my horse.) (No, really, I have a horse.)

Miles and Monroe locked in a jail cell in Mexico(ho, yay!)? (It’s like when they were in the Marines all over again, just without the one-legged dancer. Or something.) This is where my favorite moment of the episode occurs:

...And I’m pretty content for a good few minutes with Miles going off on Monroe and Monroe looking pretty much like he could give a shit.

Monroe & Connor
Desperate much, Monroe? Giving up yourself AND Miles? And I disagree with Miles- this wasn’t a selfless act, it was an entirely selfish bid to gain some good paternal feels regarding Connor. And what does Connor give him in return? A big ol’ can of whupass! (or whipass, as the literal case may be.) Second favorite scene:

The whipping scene was pretty brutal. Ouch. That had to hurt beyond pretty-damn-bad.
(I did hear the sound of keyboards clacking away across the internet as Monroe-fanfic-ers got busy with this new piece of bait.)

Connor is a BRAT! I could get sick of him really quickly. chortle I liked the bit where Monroe was admiring his boy’s fighting skills: “He’s not bad!” Miles gets to look exasperated. When Rachel bonked that guy over the head, all I could think was, “Where’s Charlie when you need her?” Right?

Rachel & ... CONNOR? WHA?
Okay, I was really joking last week when I mentioned that maybe Rachel and Connor would have a little chemistry. I was JOKING but… I’m Charloe fan in part because it is just so wrong it would drive Rachel even more batshit cray-cray than she already is, not to mention all the exasperated snark it would elicit from Miles(provided he doesn't just KILL Monroe outright). Maybe I was just hallucinating that whole scene?

Rachel, upon realising Miles must've been caught, sneaks in on the arm of one of Nunez's men. She just bats those purdy blue eyes and voila! (Apparently blond hair and blue eyes are almost as good as diamonds in post-apocalyptic Mexico.) Once inside, she runs into Connor who gives her a big ass key to go free Miles and Monroe- of course, he does this all with her pinned up against the wall. Creeeepy. Like father, like son, I guess.

Rachel and Connor seem like the craziest, most-illogical, unlikely pair to ship, which in the case of Revolution means it must be shipped, right? Um.

Charlie and... Grandpa
Charlie and Gene were a double-hero-fail. Gene tries to rescue his friend and gets caught, at which point Charlie appears outta nowhere and almost saves him but... *doh!* then they both get caught. Awesome!

Good news, though, the Patriots don't immediately execute both of them. Instead, Mr. Ed shows them some typhus patients. OUTBREAK!

I was SO right! It's the oranges, I know it is. (See, I HAVEN'T been watching too much Helix.) Is it *really* typhus, though? Looks like we'll have to wait 'til next episode to find out. For now, though, looks like Gene and Charlie will be spared to... help treat patients? cue anticipatory music

Charlie should wear a nurse’s uniform.

Charloe Report

--->NONE. That's right. Zero. No love for the Charloe fans!

AND from the episode synopsis (Captain Tripps 1/22/14 "When Gene decides to assist the town of Willoughby, Rachel and Charlie feel compelled to help too as Miles and Monroe continue to join forces in order to survive.") sounds like next week will be Charloe-less.

Good news? YES! The FOLLOWING week looks like we might get to see Charlie back in action with Monroe and Connor (Happy Ending 1/19/14 "Monroe leads Connor and Charlie on a risky mission, as Miles and Rachel keep an eye on things in Willoughby. Meanwhile, Neville gets a new assignment and Aaron reunites with an old friend.")

Clan Neville
Um. Still not feeling it. I did pick up on Jason saying that the reeducation camps were just the tip of the iceberg and that the Patriots have plans to do so much worse, wiping people out and all. (I knew it! I love how smart this show makes me feel!)

Jason seems to have lost all this reeducated-verve. He’s been captured again, though. What’s the plan now, Tom? Mr. Evil Genius better get his mustache on and plot how to save his son and overthrow the government at the same time.


-Was it just me or did Miles look like he wanted to clock Rachel in the beginning of the episode? I was happy because she was way less annoying for the rest of the episode after that and actually was successful in helping Miles, Monroe and Connor escape. (It was probably just me.) (I thought he was going to throw the drink at her.) (Okay, maybe I was just hoping.) (*sigh*)

-Was the whipping scene over the top? I didn’t want to watch but I had to! squee Ooo, now that I think about it… Monroe’s flayed back… Charlie in her nurse’s uniform… more squee I will say, I wouldn’t be waiting around or doing any favors for someone who whipped me(LITERALLY) like that. Holy crap.

-Did anyone think Connor was trying to help Monroe, even while he was whipping him, putting on a show or whatnot? Connor seemed truly conflicted but ultimately self-serving (contrast his behavior with Charlie putting herself in front of the gun for her brother/mom). I trust him not a bit.

-Anyone else enjoy Charlie showing up to rescue Gene? (This family definitely has the “surprise! I am rescuing you because you’re just like _____ (mom/grandpa/me)” trope down.) Charlie reminded me of how she was in the episode where she covers (heh, with a shotgun) Miles and Monroe while they pick off the Patriots that followed them from the train yard.

-Is Connor an even bigger whiny brat than Charlie was last season? Did you catch the little bit at the end where he’s all, “You better not be lying about me getting to rule a Republic!” Yes! Brat! Whiny! Worse than Charlie plus evil, too!! Amazing, but Revolution has managed to swing it! Props!

-What's up with Grace? Why is she lurking and eavesdropping? Something suspic-u-ous is going on, I thinks!

-Is Julia waffling on Tom? Will she forsake Tom for her newer, shinier, Patriot-model husband? Um, hell yeah! She’s Julia! In fact, I still don’t know if I believe her story. Could she have been a Patriot all along?

-If the Patriots laced the oranges with this typhus-like illness, why try to save people? Why get Gene and Charlie involved and try to get Gene to ‘help’? Does Ed not know? And I thought they had antibiotics? I haz confusion. Help!

Don’t mind me! I didn’t hate this episode(like I ever do?) and while there wasn’t a whole lot to luv, I always find stuff to squee about. Nothin’ to see here, folks! squee
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