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Revolution S02E12: "Captain Trips"

Unlike Revolution, I'm going to make this quick. Since returning from break, Revolution has been more of an endurance test than a sci-fi drama, and after "Captain Trips," I don't think I'm going to make it. Go on without me! Save yourself! Just leave me here to die of boredom. The last three episodes have been SLOW. Like, Mad Men is riding up on Revolution's bumper and honking its horn. Treme is doing laps around Revolution right now. And to boot, both Mad Men and Treme are more uplifting. Would it be so wrong for Miles or Rachel or Charlie to experience something good for a change? Must everything single storyline be a depressing loop of getting captured, escaping, having some plans foiled, and arguing with family? Thank God there's no electricity in this post-apocalyptic world, because the first thing I'd do if my life was any of these people's would be to take a bath with a plugged-in toaster. 

At least we found out about those oranges, eh? The Patriots were injecting those Floridian sweets with a special designer strain of typhus that was just as potent as plain-old typhus but didn't have any of the contagious properties. (Apparently electricity isn't necessary to alter the properties of bacterial infections.) Why? So the Patriots could selectively infect segments of the population to kill off under the guise of a regular outbreak. It's cleansing time! Out with the people suffering from bipolar disorder! Are you an alcoholic? Typhus for you! Hey you with the lazy eye: *shoves an orange down his throat* Get outta here, lazy eye! This purification adds a bit of disturbing Naziism to the bad guys, which is alright by me, but I'm having a hard time caring about the residents of Willoughby in the first place. They seem like such a pain to look after. Do we even know any of the town residents anymore, or are they all just anonymous and helpless drones? 

Anyway, Gene got sick. I didn't see him eat an orange, though. And Miles and Monroe captured Truman and gave him typhus in order to weed out a cure from him, which was awesome. I like seeing this kind of ruthless craftiness from these lovable scoundrels. Well done, guys! Circumstances dictated that Connor would be the one to escort Truman to the whereabouts of the antidote, making it lil' Monroe's first big job for the good guys. And you know what? He did great! He was appropriately assholish for a young kid, evoking his daddy's best qualities. It's just too bad he didn't see that ambush at the end coming, so now we have another member of the gang captured. I can't think of a better way to initiate a new person into the group.

The Nevilles were still stuck in this continuous toilet drain of whatever was happening in Washington. Jason's captured, so Tom and Julia plotted and schemed to get him out. The stall tactic for the writers this week was an excruciating scene where Julia tried to squeeze Jason's whereabouts from Doyle via a barrage of obviously probing questions while Doyle sucked on Julia's neck. I'm pretty sure you could watch the first five minutes of each episode and the last five minutes of each episode and not miss a thing with this unnecessarily bloated series. Julia's seduction tactics failed, and Ma and Pa Neville tried a more straightforward approach by planned an ambush for Doyle, only to be out-ambushed themselves. See, Doyle had a tail on Julia all along because Tom and Julia were really terrible at keeping their secret on the down low. Now they're both... wait for it... captured! 

Aaron, meanwhile, continued to get jerked around by this all-seeing Nanotech. The mini-bots manifested themselves into the visage of Cynthia, which was totally mean, and told Aaron to go to Lubbock where he'll find all the answers he's looking for (yeah right). If he doesn't, he'll be in danger! Hey Nanotech, how about putting together a more efficient itinerary for Aaron? What is this, a walking tour of haunted ghost towns in Texas? Aaron's story did have the most interesting development in the episode, though. Priscilla showed a bunch of resistance (prolly cuz she jelly of Nanotech Cynthia) to going to Lubbock, and when she attempted to leave, the Nanos felled a tree in her path, their way of saying, "How about no." The implication here is that Priscilla really doesn't have a choice in the matter, and the Nanos will terraform all of the Lone Star State into a funnel to Lubbock if need be. Now THAT is interesting. 


– The promo for next week looks... good? It seems lots of people will be coming together, with a reunion for Miles, Monroe, and Neville! Finally. There will be sex! There will be fights! There will be faith healers! 

– Way to sneak into that heavily guarded quarantine camp by stealthily joining that group that was walking in, Rachel. And way to communicate with Miles and Monroe with secret notes hidden under rocks. Ugh.

– Flashbacks this week highlighted the Nevilles' post-blackout plight and how they learned to work together to survive. It still didn't seem necessary, however. This show just does not know how to use flashbacks for anything other than stretching out an episode to 44 minutes.

– I think it wasn't until about halfway through the episode that Charlie finally had a line of dialogue, despite being prominently featured in the first half. 

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AIRED ON 5/21/2014

Season 2 : Episode 22

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