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Revolution S02E08: "Come Blow Your Horn"

"Come Blow Your Horn" was vintage Revolution, and I don't mean it was an episode of a sci-fi show about living with no electricity in the aftermath of a worldwide blackout. I mean it was a series of escapes, captures, schemes, near-deaths, and family messes. But "Come Blow Your Horn" tweaked that formula and used it to create something better than the show's most recent handful of episodes, mostly because it gave us some direction, some answers, and—finally!—a bad guy with very clear motivation, something I whined about just last week.

This time, it was Aaron—who we should all start calling Naneeto—who was captured. Aaron was sought after by Dr. Horn because Aaron can light things on fire and Wolverine his wounds. I mean come on, you'd have to be pretty terrible at being a bad guy if you didn't want to get your mitts on that! Aaron was picked up rather easily, and in standard Revolution fashion: Kill a bunch of people to fend off a first wave, and then just send more guys until the target has not shot at escaping. What else would you expect? I think I've said this before, but Revolution is one of the few genre shows where the supposed "action" sequences are the most boring aspect, just a lot of bubble gum *pew pew pew* shots and whirly slicing and good guys popping into the frame from offscreen to kill bad guys, and without the grittiness or suspense to make it anything more than ballet with swords. Let's have more blanket-over-a-hole tricks, please! 

What I really liked about "Come Blow Your Horn" was that it finally gave Dr. Horn an identity. Horn captured Aaron because he hoped Aaron would use his nanite-control powers to fix a tumor growing in Horn's brain. Now Horn's presence makes sense; it just took a few episodes to get there. However, I don't know how necessary the flashbacks to his childhood were. They showed Horn as a kid with a religious dad and a sick mom, and Horn wanted to get his mom some meds because he's not an idiot, but his dad believed that 30ccs of praying ought to do the trick and the two clashed. So once again, it was sympathy time for a Revolution character in the flashbacks. But to what end? Was learning Horn's backstory supposed to soften our opinion of him or something? Because later in the episode he was cutting Aaron's girlfriend open! I don't get it. The flashbacks did let Horn talk about the invisible power around them (the nanites) and compare it to his dad's belief in an old, omniscient, omnipotent bearded man in the sky, but that's about it. 

Dr. Gene is the same identity-crisis-flooded boat: Are we supposed to like him or not? Early in the season, he served as the great intermediary between Charlie and Rachel or Miles and Rachel or basically everyone and Rachel, but now he's walking the line between hero and traitor, rolling along with his situation instead of taking control of it. He's obviously going to die while making some sacrifice for the family—at which point Rachel and Charlie will be like, "Aww shucks, the old man was okay" and hold a pizza party in his honor. But right now? He's remarkably bland. Pick a side, Gene! 

Meanwhile, Tom was up to his old shenanigans of walking straight into danger and telling danger how it's going to be. He found Allerford's husband Roger, and now that we've finally met him I think we can all agree on one thing: His wife is WAY out of his league. The tail that power brings, let me tell ya! Anyway, Tom got Roger to follow him back to where they were keeping Allerford, and I'll admit I never expected Roger to tell her off for selling them out and then shoot her dead. Dead! I didn't expect it because that's a really poor exit for Allerford! THAT's how she goes? What was the point of ever having her around, then? Just a complicated and drawn-out way to get to Roger, I guess. Because I don't know what I got out of Roger killing Allerford. Dang. I had just registered my 'shipping website Nevilford.edu, too. 

The episode ended with a great cliffhanger, as Aaron went pyromania on his torture room as Horn's goon inserted his knife into Cynthia, all in an effort to get Aaron to extend his healing abilities beyond his own body. Do you think Naneeto will be able to muster the power to save his girlfriend, or is Aaron going to be a terrible boyfriend again? I don't know, but for the first time in over a month, I'm excited to see what happens next. 


– I owe Cynthia a bit of an apology. Last week, I wondered why she would be so upset with Aaron over his fiery superpower, but I underestimated her ability to put everything together and link Aaron to torching her husband. Yeah, her husband was the worst character this show ever created (worse than Nora), but it wasn't exactly cool that Aaron conveniently forgot to mention any part of it. I at least understand her hesitation now. Your new boyfriend killing your husband can be very confusing! 

– Sheesh, I guess the group DOES need Monroe this season. All of a sudden he's a total badass, way more formidable than the sniffling wimp from Season 1.

– The Patriots' security is GARBAGE. Miles and Charlie can go wherever they want in the camp.

– It looks like J.D. Pardo got the shaft this season. How much longer is he going to play a robot? Everyone else has seen their characters set out in more promising directions, but his hasn't gotten any better.

– I really thought Gene was going to unleash that unused chemical gas-bomb on Truman and his men when they surrounded the secret headquarters. And I wish he had.

– Check out this cool post by @Rolamb, who charted comments on my Revolution reviews number of ratings vs. numerical user ratings on TV.com. Thanks, dude!

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