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Okay let me stretch my legs here for a second, it's been a while since I've thrown together one of these thanks to the winter break so I'll need a few minutes to warm back up. First off let's begin with my choice for the photo to go with the article because I feel like it encapsulated my reaction to this entire episode. Just like Charlie and Gramps were like okay this is...different when they found the oranges I was also like okay...not sure what's going on here, but it's not working. I think in the first half of the rebooted season 2 of Revolution we discovered a few things about this show that really make it work and some that are a disaster.

My primary issue with regards to this returning episode is based on the strengths and weaknesses of certain characters and certain pairings. For example, I have been onboard Team Marlie since day 1 of this season (I have proof) and no I will refuse to obey NBC and call it Charloe. David Lyons and Tracy Spiridakos have been killing it this season as frenemies with a ton of baggage between them, but also surprisingly enough some actual emotional connection as well. Naturally the immediate plan for this episode was more of this

Even beyond Team Marlie though - there have been some good chemistry moments between Miles and Rachel (especially early in the season when Rachel was off her rocker), Major Neville and Jason, and even Aaron had his moment (finally) when he went super dark at the end of the midseason finale.

Unfortunately, the pairings we had to start off this half season were all extremely creaky and uninteresting (even Major Neville and wife! - which was totally unexpected). Anyway, I'll try and get into this a little bit more as we move through the episode.

Starting off this episode we witnessed Edison and the other Patriot with a name I don't remember so I will call him Torture guy (since that's what he needed Gramps for in the flashbacks) investigating the disappearance of Dr. Horn.

All they found inside the schoolhouse were the charred remains of the victims of Aaron, Lord of the Fireflies. Eventually, the two Patriots discovered Dr. Horn's body and immediately I thought this might be where all those super useful flashback scenes of Dr. Horn's past where he learned that medicine was good might finally come in handy.

Anyway, sorry about the snark. More seriously our two Patriots were kind of like whatever,

I'm sure this plotline will continue on at a later date, but for now this was all we would get about the good Dr. Horn.

On the other side of town we had one bright shining moment of Team Marlie as they rescued Grampa.

In what would be a continuing trend throughout the episode, Gramps threw a little shade at Charlie and looked askance at her about her killing of the Patriot guards.

Back in the new hideout for our heroes Gramps came in handy to treat Miles for that little bit of blood poisoning (or something) that he was suffering from in the last few episodes.

After a good night's rest it was time to kick off the questionable decisions part of the episode. As we were only 5 minutes in at this point that's not exactly a good thing. Aaron took some time to say goodbye to Cynthia at her grave with Rachel and Gramps in tow.

Aaron sort of, a little bit, decided that maybe he should embrace his new unknown "destiny" with the fireflies like Cynthia always told him he should. New plotline relevant news was that Spring City, Oklahoma did not ring any bells for Rachel so this was a completely brand new revelation courtesy of the fireflies. Meanwhile, Gramps couldn't help but butt in.

At this point Monroe had finally had enough of waiting for Miles to tell him where his son was. After pointing out that he had saved both Aaron and Gramps thereby fulfilling his pact with Miles and then some, Miles gave in and decided to take Monroe to find his son in the hopes of retaining Monroe's services against the Patriots after they had done so.

We then very briefly got a view of Major Neville, Jason, his new boss and his wife + new husband rolling up sedately to the White House.

Then Rachel and Miles had a bit of a heart to heart about whether or not Rachel should join Miles and Monroe on their endeavor. Naturally Rachel was somewhat reluctant to help Monroe.

Rachel eventually gave in and agreed to help after Miles made an impassioned plea that he wasn't sure that he could remain the "good" version of Miles if he spent too much time around Monroe alone.

Up in Washington all the muckity mucks of the Patriot high command were glad handing it up in the White House. One man who did not appear to be having a good time was our "hero" Major Neville

His particular grievance for the night was having to watch his wife hang out with her new husband around the Chief of Staff. However, the two would soon put into motion a plan to kill the Chief of Staff in order to replace him with Julia's new husband.

Back in Texas country we started out focused on Cynthia's grave in the dead of night and all I could think was:

But, really all this served was to witness Aaron sneak away into the night leaving Charlie and Gramps behind.

The next day, Monroe thought it would be a good idea to clear the air between himself and Rachel after she appeared to be less than pleased with their current predicament. Quite succinctly,

After Aaron's "daring" escape into the night Charlie and Gramps decided to split up and go after him the next day.

Back in South Texas we soon learned that Miles had left Connor (Monroe's son) who would be 25 now in Mexico which was now the more prosperous side of the border.

Apparently border security was pretty strict so our heroes were forced to sneak into Mexico by pretending to be day laborers. At this point I really felt like this plot was dragging along and apparently I was not the only one.

Monroe's patience gave out and he easily manhandled the man with the gun and took off with the cart.

Up in DC the Nevilles were up to their old dirty tricks as they attempted to assassinate their way up the food chain.

Unfortunately all of the important people were summoned away before Major Neville could poison the Chief of Staff, much to the chagrin of Julia.

How these two EVER got married before the blackout is beyond me. There is no way this man eater Julia who craves power and such would ever fall for mild mannered insurance adjuster Mr. Neville.

While out and about looking for Aaron back in Texas, Gramps witnessed the delivery of some new goods to Willoughby and was curious what they might be. He enlisted the help of Charlie to find out. Charlie easily dispatched both wagon guards and once again Gramps gave her grief about it, whereas I on the other hand whole heartedly approved the return of the episode 201 badass Charlie Matheson.

So what was the mysterious new black magic that would be brought to Willoughby courtesy of the Patriots?

Back in Mexico Monroe was getting steamed up after discovering that the relatives Connor had been living with had been dead for 8 years. Luckily enough, however, it would be Connor who would find them as opposed to the other way around.

Also, my early season prediction is definitely back on track

Anyway, the reunion went just about as expected with Monroe not identifying Connor initially and being a bit of an ass.

Connor attempted to throw some weight around as he works for the Nunes cartel and is high enough up to manage 30 men. Naturally, Monroe was more like "boy, please" and revealed himself to be Sebastian Monroe the man who ran a country.

After this unsuccessful reunion Rachel was quick to poke at Monroe's attempt at being a momentary father figure.

Back in Washington we finally had some time alone with Jason who has disappeared from our TV screens a lot this season.

He took it upon himself to go through his new bosses papers after the man seemed upset after his meeting with the President. He seemed rather concerned with what he found.

The rest of the Neville family also had a very successful night as Tom killed the Chief of Staff.

Back in Mexico things were still not going so well.

Monroe once again tried to reconcile with his son, but to no avail. Apparently his new plan was for him and Connor to join forces and retake control of the Monroe Republic.

Instead Monroe was hauled off to meet the head of the Nunes cartel.

Back in Willoughby Edison was talking about the oranges and I was paying attention until I spotted a sign behind him that I hadn't noticed before.

Willoughby Town Rules
- Mandatory attendance for town meetings
- All citizens are required to participate in town watch
- Children under (blank) must attend school
- Stray animals will be shot
- Clean up after your horses
- Public drunkenness and rude behavior will not be tolerated
- (unsure) No spitting or swearing

Anyway, unsurprisingly the oranges turned out to be just another new part of the Patriots diabolical plot

And finally we ended the episode with Aaron doing something SMART for a change as he went to investigate Spring City, Oklahoma

Maybe, Aaron, maybe. Let's see what happens next first. We ended the scene with the reveal that a familiar face was also occupying Spring City.

I'm not too thrilled with this episode. While I did actually like Connor quite a bit I'm pretty over dealing with the Rachel - Monroe problems. Her presence also prevents the fun back and forth between Miles and Monroe. I'm not sure what the hell Charlie is still doing in Willoughby, I would have much rather seen her hang out with Monroe in Mexico while Rachel and Miles dealt with Willoughby. Also, I'm not a huge fan of this version of Julia, but I have hopes that I or she will come around.


What did you think about this week's episode?

What's up with the oranges?

What did Jason find?

Will Nunes/Monroe/Miles/Connor lead a Mexican army out to battle the Patriots towards the end of the season?

When will we meet the President?

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