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Having heard a lot of talk about season 2 being a vast improvement on season 1 I decided to give Revolution a second chance, but now that I'm watching the pilot I realise that the task of watching all 20 episodes is far more daunting than I can contend with. Can you kind people please tell me which episodes are “Must See” and which ones I can skip entirely? Your advice will be greatly appreciated.
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Jan 04, 2014
Actually "Nobody's Fault But Mine" was pretty great. Probably the best episode of the first season. But the second season is much better than the first. More darker, more focused, more Kripke-ian!
Jan 04, 2014
Ummm...none of them. Just start with season 2, they pretty much reboot everything anyway. And if you must know what happens, read Tim's reviews, they're much better than the episodes.

However, if you must watch season 1, I'd recommend the following, not because they're good, just because they contain some of the very best (and often times hilarious) WTF moments from season 1.

Ties That Bind (E8)
In this episode we learn that the Monroe Republic hates valuable trade routes and the ability to travel with ease and thus decides to blow up almost all of the bridges! It also has a villain stab a dude for no reason (which isn't uncommon in this season for either the villains or the heroes). The poor guy was just doing his job, it wasn't his fault that he couldn't find Miles and company. Besides that, the plan all along was to use Nora's sister as bait to lure them out of hiding anyway. So yeah, guy lost his life because the writer's wanted to emphasize just how bad this villain was. He's so BAD, he'll kill one of his own just cause he feels like it, damn it!

Ghosts (E12)
Features an awesome 25 against 3 sword fight. And somehow the lesser party wins, despite the fact that all 25 soldiers brought muskets (LOL, muskets, seriously why so many muskets? Did the Monroe republic go raid supplies from museums and civil war re-enactments?).

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (E14)
I just like this episode because it's has two people getting incinerated along with the explanation of "It's not magic, but it might as well be." So...um was it lasers...? I still don't know and that's what I kinda like about this moment. It was so WTF and the show just rolled with it like it wasn't even a big deal.
Now an event like this would be right at home in the much more sci-fi leaning season 2, but at this point in season 1 we were all still expecting a somewhat logical explanation for everything going on in this universe.

Though I suppose there never will be a logical explanation for the lack of bicycles, bullets, and steam power and the overabundance of horses, muskets, and stupid heroes often times murdering innocents.

Children of Men (E19) and The Dark Tower (E20)
These episodes introduce the GREATEST characters of the season: The Tower folks. Whose only purpose is to protect the the Tower, it will also be the purpose of their children and their children's children. Until I guess they reach the point that they're so inbred that they can't remember why they're stuck underground protecting a tower in the first place. Also, chloroform makes an appearance in The Dark Tower. Which is weird that everyone seems to have chloroform on hand but can't find any hydrogen peroxide...

Okay, so in conclusion, just watch season 2. By some miracle, the writers made Revolution really good. Which is astounding considering how ridiculous season 1 was.
Jan 04, 2014
From what I can gather the improved writing is down to a couple of additions in the writers room and from what you're saying about Season 2 being more sci-fi I suspect it's probably the influence of Rockne S. O'Bannon, the guy who worked on Farscape - although he did work on Cult too!

I've been reading Tim's reviews to get a feel for the series and it sounds like there was a slight improvement around the mid-season finale which lasted a whole 3 episodes (when I say "whole" it actually sounds more like 10 minutes per episode - max). They are hilarious and now I can't imagine the actual show beings as entertaining, but I have to give it a chance I suppose.
Jan 04, 2014
I stayed with this show because it did entertain me although I can't say it's good. My suggestion is start at the beginning and if you want more, keep going and if not, stop. Basically, at the end of season 1, they just kinda start over with season 2. Komboloi defended this show throughout and I can see his point.
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