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In this weeks pre-review post by Tim on Revolution, he said: "Ratings have flattened out to a series-low rating of 1.4 for four straight weeks, the comment count on my review of last week's "The Patriot Act" was the lowest of of the season to date, and no one seems to be saying much about this show on the interwebs".

I noticed the same thing last week and had started to figure out what was happening within our community. Tv.com has three figures to measure the popularity of a series: the rating, the number of people who rate and the number of comments. If you put them in a graph, you get the following:

It very clearly shows that the ratings go up slightly, the number of people rating the show is falling dramatically (from 267 to 45 last week) and the number of comments is going downhill (from 681 at the fourth episode to 45 last week). What could be the cause?

The reason probably is that people who like the show and people who really dislike the show tend to rate them. As we know, Revolution got better in the second season, thus making a lot of people not wanting to rate it anymore to show their disgust. So the people who like Revolution are still rating it and that's why rates go up. This morning (at least for me in Europe), the last episode had a rating of 9.5 with 12 votes. The first people voting really liked the episode.

I think the same happened with the comments. In season one the show made so many of us comment on its quality that the number of comments were huge. I participated in it as I like to point out illogical behaviour. And now, in season two, the show got better. Not that it is a masterpiece, but it now is in about the same league as 'Defiance' and 'Falling Skies'. This means there is so much less to comment on, but as it's still not that masterpiece, there are also no comments applauding the episodes like with 'Person Of Interest'.

This is all in line with the rating of 1.4 that Tim mention's. As the show got to be more mediocre, more people zap to other channels. There's less to enjoy, especially if you enjoyed the crappiness of the first season. It might also be the position it is on in the schedule, but as a European citizen, I do not have that information.

BTW, I assume that the low of 100 comments on 12/11/2102 is caused by the celebration of Veterans Day. Because it was on a Monday the US citizens had a long weekend.

What do you think about all of this?
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