Season 2 Episode 6

Dead Man Walking

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2013 on NBC

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  • Rachael finally has a use!

    So Monroe isn't dead and Rachael's saving him, maybe she isn't the waste of space I took her for!
  • My prediction (Spoiler)


    Due to how strong a tie Monroe holds on all the Mathesons, and the fact that even Charlie felt sad about the true thought of him finally dying.. it doesn't feel right that Monroe die so soon.

    Rachel is usually hard to read, but that scene standing next to her father in the court house looking over at Monroe.. something about how Rachel looked over at her dad and then back at Monroe suddenly hinted to me that there was no rescue coming in. No one was going to play knight in shining armor to bust him out. But instead.. to win back something from both Miles and her daughter Charlie, she planned a much safer course of action to "save" Monroe. Use a specific type of drug that would paralyze the body and slow the heart rate to such lengths that it's not really noticeable by pulse. Then later on she would go to the grave site(as she did) and she would dig him up and pull out a living breathing Monroe as the paralysis wore off. With this type of drug your breathing would be so slowed that the oxygen you would have when being buried would give you plenty of time to be rescued.

    Now the bigger question is.. does Rachel's father know about it? Was he in on it also? Which might of made him more upset that he is saving his grandson's killer. Or did Rachel change up the dose of medicine used from lethal to that paralysis drug I spoke about above? And thus her father doesn't actually know.

    What made me wonder this question was due to the fact that in the end you find out that her father was the one who leaked the info about Monroe hiding out there to the Patriots. But this could also be a much bigger ruse where the father is helping make it easier for them to get off Monroe's case since they'd think he is officially dead. Or it could simply be as it seems that he does think Monroe is dead and is working for the Patriots 100%.

    All I know is.. Monroe isn't dead. What's Rachel digging for? To make sure he's dead? Highly doubtful. A predictable plot but still a good one none the less. The whole episode was probably one of my favorites of this season so far. If not my favorite.



    I honestly don't know what will happen here. This script in particular is very hard to read.

    There is much motive for the son to want to kill his father whether he is still effected by the brainwashing or not. Tom threw a lot of crap his way for Jason to resent him and when Tom didn't care where the Patriots decided to ship Jason off, all the more reason for Jason to actually REALLY want to kill his father.

    So at first I thought maybe there was a possibility Jason will talk him down and fake him out then kill his father. But since Miles and them were discussing getting Tom Neville for help, that ruled out my thought that Tom was going to die any time soon. Plus, since their story is so sidetracked and separated from the Matheson one right now, for either Jason or Tom to just die right now would of been very pointless. The whole focus in on them from episode 1 of Season 2 all the way up to now would of been completely for nothing. We've seen what happens to characters when their purpose becomes less useful. Danny Matheson's use was done when he was rescued. But obviously due to the close observation we get from the Nevilles their use on the show is not done yet.

    So with some deductive reasoning on this case my thoughts have come to this.

    There's a smaller chance Jason snaps out of his trauma and sides with his father. Maybe if more of these trained cadets come and actually injure his father in front of his own eyes and a heart felt moment comes between them where he snaps out of it and saves his dad.

    Or in that scenario, his dad dies, he grows as cold hearted as his dad had become over the years and becomes the next Tom Neville in his own right of passage. And the Mathesons eventually bump into him and use him instead.

    There's a higher chance that Tom ends up killing Jason because Jason talks him down and pretends to of come to his senses but really didn't. And in the attempt to kill his father, Tom unintentionally kills his own son. Which drives him to true insanity as his blood thirst for vengeance on his family comes to fruition and he truly becomes the killer he has always somewhat tried to withhold from the world. This would be an interesting plot thickener for him, as he already has the revenge plot due to his wife.

    The reason I think this is a higher chance option is because of the fact that Tom still has a weakness. He's driven for revenge but he is held back by his love for his son. Which in many situations could jeopardize his whole operation of revenge for his wife. Also, unlike in the first season, his son doesn't play as big a role in terms of motivation and purpose. He's there as a burden side character to the much bigger character, his father. And in Season 1 he had a small potential love interest happening with Charlie. Where as that died down to nothing by end of Season 1 and still seems pretty much gone in Season 2. So his character's relevance is at an all time low to the storyline. And while we may like Jason, the troubled neglected son of Tom Neville, we all know that wouldn't stop him from being killed off.

    And it really does seem like they're aiming for this script. While it'd be nice to see the thought that Tom shows a true care and love side for his son to such extent that his son snaps out of his trauma due to it and they march off together to face the Patriots.. it seems more less than likely to happen. It's showing right now that Tom has a major weakness due to his son. And if he had to kill his own son, that would bring out the ultimate monster in Tom Neville. Highly doubtful he'd be humanistic even slightly after that. Which means end of Season 2 would be the death of Tom Neville in some beastful manner as he heroicly sacrifices himself to in a way, redeem himself and revenge his family.


    Just my predictions though. Predictions aren't true, just educated guesses from deductive reasoning. Enjoying the show so far. And it's unraveling to be much better than I expected it to be after Season 1's end. Keep it up!
  • Loving it! (Episode spoilers

    Wow! I don't what to say because I literally just finished watching an d I'm speechless! So what, is Monroe really gone? What on earth was Rachel doing diggin? Is he alive under there? Ugh, I'm so desperately in need of answers, I can't possibly wait a whole other week!

    Meanwhile we had some interesting developments on the East Coast. Looks like they've really done a number on Jason. I can't wait to see how this plays out!

    So amazing! This episode was insane! Cannot wait for more!