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Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2014 on NBC
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Aaron awakes from slumber to find himself back in his previous life, in a world with power. Something however, is not quite right.

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  • Worst episode ever.

    Worst episode ever. The whole episode is in Aarons head.
  • Get Out Of My Head

    Dreamcatcher works if the viewer will submit to the ride and park the left brain at the door. Aaron and company wrote code which became that on the nanobots. As self aware as these things are they're still not able to overcome some kind of faulty code, which is, perhaps, quite by design? As for the left brain thing, it should be long term parking by the way. Anyway we've seen they can swoop in and save Aaron in the nick of time from death's grip, so why can't they manipulate him when he's most vulnerable as in when he's dreaming? This is a great premise which owes no more to The Matrix than Alice In Wonderland.

    As for the ride, it was a good one. It had it's land mines that Aaron stepped in between. It had some wicked winks of humor too just in time to keep it from being seriously over the top. Aaron connected more with the audience in this episode than in any other which is appropriate since it was a Aaron centric story. But, in the past his character was simply more annoying than ingratiating and this episode allowed the viewer to actually root for Aaron. I can relate because I've had that same Budweiser that was so good it must have been made in a more perfect universe! Excellent episode and, importantly, it didn't drop the ball at the end which is typical of high-minded concept one-off episodes.moreless
  • average to the least

    Well their were good parts I liked the fact we got see a the heroes play either drunk or clueless and also Arron knows now he created something he just has got more smarter then he has. The bad parts is that is getting over complicated with this nano thing which is boring, I rather less said about that then nothing at all. I understand why people are switching off because it keeps triping up over its own nonsense a bit like lost. Hopefully next episode is the finale se we can have some closure. I prefer when revolution has its silly moments then when it tries to be too clever for its own good.moreless
  • Best. Episode. So far.

    I LOVED this episode. All the little touches scattered throughout the dream sequence, like Neville insurance, just really made it enjoyable. I thought the nano-dream twist with Aaron crumbling so fast was maybe a bit unlikely, but I could forgive that point. I think it was inevitable the nano was going to win this round.

    As to the review below....

    The nanites know how to recode themselves, which has been made obvious throughout the season. They just needed Aaron to THINK about the fix they needed. Remember, it was a DREAM, he wasn't typing on anything. They could apply it to themselves, probably worldwide, within a few seconds.

    Also the lights flickering on is what Aaron EXPECTED to see if the nano died, not necessarily what would actually happen -- again DREAM world.moreless
  • Just how dumb are the writers?

    Two huge problems in this story line... One, the act of merely typing code apparently affects the nanites - you don't have to compile the code into a program, and even more nonsensical, you don't even have to run the changed program! Apparently, the writers are so clueless about computers they even think that merely typing code on ANY computer that happens to be lying around can affect quadrillions of nanites all over the world.

    And the second shark-jump - the "flickering" lights as evidence that the nanites are losing their control over electricity. Are the writers equally clueless about electricity? Do they think that it just floats around, always there unless something like nanites are suppressing it? They don't realize that electricity comes from generating plants that would have shut down about 15 years ago? That if the nanites were to lose their impact on electricity then people would have to go around to each generating plant and restart the generators - after much maintenance (lubricating rusty motor shafts comes to mind)?

    This isn't science; this isn't science fiction. This is fantasy; this is magic. The sad part is I believe the writers think they're really writing science fiction. That's what happens when the intellect of the writers falls short of the intelligence of the story - or the characters. That's why they can't write a consistently intelligent Aaron - because they're not smart enough to! Aaron can't be any smarter than the writers, and sadly, that doesn't seem to be a very high bar.moreless
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Daniel Henney

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Jessica Collins (II)


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