Season 2 Episode 9

Everyone Says I Love You

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2013 on NBC

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  • Aaron fails again

    Aarons stupidity and indecisiveness costs Cynthia her life. Is this guy useful for anything?
  • Bots Speak, Aaron Now For Some Pyrotechnics.

    Revolution has had some good banter recently, but it seems sharp and often funny here. There's some good one liners too such as "you woke us up", "who is this @$$ clown you're with", and "all you can do is act like an idiot" to just name a few.

    "Everyone Says I Love You" opens as Miles, Charlie, and Rachel prepare some kind of "Hail Mary" offense against "the bunker" to rescue Aaron and Rachel's dad. But the expected bombastic three against a hundred and three isn't required because all present US forces are laying passed out as if dead. Chalk another one up for Aaron's fight or flight relationship to the nanobots. Miles and company are too late as Aaron has already left the building necessitating finding Aaron before the other US forces and Horn do.

    As Miles, Charlie, and Rachel try to find Aaron the US troops find them. After a quick fight where they're the victors they find themselves immediately in a no-win situation. Monroe to the rescue in a very Batman like way. Now, the unstoppable foursome are back! Of course, Horn would just as soon "kill 'em all" excepting Aaron which means some more bad times are sure to occur.

    Oh yeah, don't forget Tom and his boy, using the leverage they now have with the dude that killed his wife (remember her, the president's arm in the field who was amending her agenda), Tom is finally a US soldier without a leach. He's on a train going to the capital. His plans to kill the president are foremost, until he gets a big surprise. His wife is still alive. She's not only survived the holocaust, but she's also another man's wife now. He's obviously something, maybe even the president himself? She sees Tom, excuses herself and makes it clear to Tom she still loves him and if they both bide their time they'll get whatever it is they've always wanted. Since nothing is as it seems it's hard to know if her loyalty to Tom is true at this point making for good tension. She's Tom's soft spot, that is if he has any humanity at all which remains to be seen.

    And now for the quantum shift, Aaron wakes up post escape in a library not knowing how he got there. A young boy appears saying he lives where ever it is they're at, but It ain't no child as the boy is a manifestation of the nanobots which Aaron has an innate bond to. Aaron realizes he is the only one who can see this and in typical Aaron fashion denounces the killing the bots have several times enacted. He goes further demanding they leave him alone. Talk about biting the hand that saves, this is really Aaron in cloud cuckoo land because Aaron has been repeatedly saved by actions taken by the bots. It doesn't take long for Horn to confront Aaron with a moral dilema whereby Aaron learns his less than prudent instructions to be left alone have grave consequences. Aaron's ire was unbridled when Horn shoots and kills his girlfriend. He calls back the child/bots who appear once more telling him his thoughts are without clear cut meaning or even sense. Nonetheless, Aarons commands the bots to kill Horn, then quickly goes all Metallica and barks: "kill 'em all". The bots respond with Hprn and all US forces in the building igniting in flames. Aaron pleads for the bots to go ahead and revive his dead love, but, strangely, the child/bot says we'll leave you alone instead. Assuming there's a lesson in this is not hard, knowing how to glean the message intended, however, is left open.

    There's so much happening in this episode it's hard to digest it all in one sitting. The story here is moving so fast with such intensity it's hard to not be engaged and even harder to guess what is next. Whatever that is, this is a very interesting episode that really worked on all of the, at least, three story lines simultaneously playing out. A big ride for everyone here with lots of aftermath about to spill over next week. Truly about as good as a masterfully played season finale is and it's just mid-season! Oh, before I forget, a big revelation from Miles with a flashback to his earlier rejection of Rachel. I guess that's where the title come's from??? Anyway, the other stuff had more relevance it would seem, but Rachel with bangs, those cheek bones and big blue eyes just worked. Uh, sorry Miles, but you're the idiot.
  • Some huge developments and bombshells!

    This was a terrific episode of Revolution - and definitely the best of the season thus far. I wanna start by talking about the brilliant events in Neville's life... most notably the reappearance of Kim Raver's characters drama ajd everything that transpired! It was just awesome!

    Scenes in Texas were also very good, particularly Aaron learning more about his abilities and some shocking events that transpired there too.

    Apparently the episodes are over until 2014? That's gonna be hard to survive until then! I just can't wait for more!
  • I'm Batman.

    Well I guess I was wrong, according to Aaron it is the Nanotechnology, as Aaron starts seeing a little boy, the boy tells Aaron that you activate us. Which now does make sense in the last episode of last season when the power came on, Aaron was typing the numbers in on the computer and according to this child the Nano Technology is everywhere, but mainly in Aaron's thoughts. That's how he and Cynthia escaped and ended up in an abandon school (but only Aaron can do this with his mind). Meanwhile Miles, Rachel and Charlie are looking for Aaron and Cynthia and so are the patriots with Horn, a few of the patriots catch up with Rachel, Miles and Charlie and Monroe comes to there rescue and they start looking for Aaron. The patriots and the A Team also find out where Aaron and Cynthia are and in a massive show down hold their own. Until Rachel finally finds out that Miles arm has a nasty infection so Miles is out. When Horn catches up with Aaron and Cynthia, he wants Aaron to cure his brain tumor, but Aaron doesn't so Horn shoots Cynthia and then Aaron see's the child again and says Kill Them All and he does (Horn being set on fire, no great loss). In the flashback scene with Rachel and Miles, it just confirms for me that Charlie is Miles' daughter (love the bangs Rachel). Meanwhile Neville and his son Jason are going to Washington with Roger by train and on the way the train stops to pick up passengers and shock horror, Neville see's his wife who is still alive. Apparently she escaped the nukes and she thought Neville was dead so she married somebody else (Do whatever it takes is that family's motto). Well at least they stand by their commitment, they want power, whether they get it is something else. Another Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up.
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