Season 2 Episode 16

Exposition Boulevard

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2014 on NBC

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  • brainwashed child soldiers

    We discover that the brainwashed child soldiers have a secret number tattooed in the inside of there eyelids, when that number is spoken aloud, the soldiers activate. The problem the group have is what to do with them.
  • Big decisions!

    A very interesting episode today as most of the crew reunites and the battle begins. A lot of the drama of the episode was surrounding how far they were prepared to go to win, especially when up agaisnt the town's children.

    That stuff with the numbers is really creepy - it's like hitting a button and completely changing someone and their demeanor. Very creepy indeed!

    Also I find Neville's playing of Truman against Doyle rather interesting and I think he can stir things up there. The flashback scenes to Guantanamo Bay were all right, albeit brief.

    The last scene of the episode was kinda strange. So many fireflies, but what does it mean? I guess we'll have to wait and find out soon. :P
  • So You Are Using Children To Become Terrorists.

    So back in Cuba (flashback) the now President Davis was already planning to build a new army and a new America, as he put, he wanted to weed out the weak from the strong. He had Randell already taking care of that problem in the US with the nukes and murdering 70% of the population did factor into your equation of Genocide. You really are terrorists, slaughtering fellow Americans, at least we now how this army is organized, with a code of numbers under they're eyelid's. It only lies dormant until you say the number and when said duck for cover, very ingenious, but i will stick with Miles' team. Neville never really changed, now that Jason has been reactivated lets see how far his plan goes. Aaron is still Aaron, but i dont know whats going on with Priscilla at the end there. It was great to have the team all together again, because they need all the help they can get, even if Miles knows about Monroe's outrageous plan. Fantastic Episode Again. Thumbs Up.
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