Season 2 Episode 14

Fear and Loathing

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2014 on NBC

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  • It's hard to believe Aaron used to be a genius.

    Aaron kills the only entity that can heal the sick, bring back the dead and power computers. It's hard to believe this guy used to be a genius.
  • REVOLUTION is getting smarter

    Good episode! I like the new REVOLUTION, dark, scary, dirty. The fight and dialogue in between Monroe and Connor was good, it felt real. It had me believe for a while that Monroe had seen his better days. Not bad. Charly almost got raped, but she has become such a bad ass and it makes Revolution 100 time better. The nano story turn a corner, and it went from boring to very interesting. It took Aaron 34 episodes to do something worth watching. Congratulations! Though I did not care for the whining of the NANOS "man, we are dying... do something about it"

    The other story, with Matheson, Rachel and the Neville family was boring and gave me little to enjoy. Though I do hope that Matheson does NOT go for the "lets help the Nevilles" and give Rachel little to say or do about it. But probably that is what its going to happen next episode.
  • See my discussion all there

    Revolution drinking game !
  • How can i give it a 15

    Insanely good episode, ending is one of the best episode enders i have seen in a very long time. Up With the best ever in tv show history.
  • Congratulations, youre the new lead singer of the Villge People.

    This is intense! Things are really heating up on Revolution on multiple fronts - a confrontation is had in Texas, while there's a fight to the death with an interesting series of events in New Vegas, but most interestingly there are major events happening in Lubbock, Texas, where the nanotehcnoology is looking for a fixer.

    The last scene of the episode was a real WOAH what just happened kind of moment. Did we go back in time? Are we reliving an alternate reality? Is it a dream? We need some answers!

    I'm just thankful that we didn't go on hiatus after this episode! That would've been impossible to endure!

    I'm really looking forward to more - perfect episode!