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101 "Pilot" - Episode Discussion Thread

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    Truth be told, I wish Revolution could be more lijke The Walking Dead in terms of character interaction, I read the most awesome stuff on another board that pointed out the main problems with the characters:

    1) lack of anecdotes or local customs as evidence Charlie and Aaron lived in the same town, Nora & Miles were lovers, Jason is the son of Julia and Tom Neville, etc.

    2) lack of realistic roles for love interests/eye candy (Nora, Jason, Rachel as of last episode, etc.)

    3) overuse of cliches: brothers-turned-mortal-enemies for Miles & Monore, Romeo-and-Juliet for Charlie and Jason, we-have-a-history-but-we're-not-telling for Miles & Nora and now Miles & Rachel, etc.

    4) lack of group dynamic (the Avengers didn't fit but they did interact together, Iron Man had a tight family unit with the people around him, the nrew Stark Trek movie is somwehere in between, etc.)

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