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The Tower + Randall Flynn = The Dark Tower + Randal Flagg (spoilers)

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    Anyone else thinks The Tower and Randall Flynn are inspired by Stephen King's The Dark Tower and Randall Flagg? Also at the end Miles get washed away from the tower into some deserted place...

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    Conrock wrote:

    Anyone else thinks The Tower and Randall Flynn are inspired by Stephen King's The Dark Tower and Randall Flagg? Also at the end Miles get washed away from the tower into some deserted place...

    Hey I wrote this several weeks ago, I actually ended up being more right than I thought, I love the show and loved t he first half a lot no m.atter what anyone says. But the second half I am so happy with the King references as I am a HUGE King fan. (By the way people look out for Kings new mini series "Under The Dome" coming this month on ABC, the 20tj I think). From the first momenti found out the return episode was called The Stand, all of as sudden all the connections hit me. I also realized that Eric Kripke has done numerous King references on Supernatural as well. Man I don't know if King watches Supernatural, but I know he was a huge X Files fan and wrote an episode, it would be awesome if he wrote a SPN ep. ok as for the bottom only those who read KIngs books especially The Dark Tower series will really get it, so read sweat wrote before and after,z

    So Stephen King caused the blackout!

    "This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper" T.S Eliot That is the last line of the poem that is in the first page of Stephen King's "The Stand" For those who don't know it it's one of his best books ever, and starts with a lethal plague wiping out most of the population except for maybe 1 percent who have an immunity. Those who are left find themselves in the middle of a war of good and evil. Now here we have Revolution, The world ended in a whimper of sorts, except rather than a plague the power goes out. and here we have our survivors finding themselves in a war of good and evil. This show,especially this episode is full of references to "The Stand" hell tha was the name of last returning episode" Before this episode Miles once referred himself and Charlie as Stu and Frannie Redmond, characters from The Stand" Than we get to this episode and Charlie and Nora walk into a library to get Jim Hudson(AKA Bill from the very missed show "Alphas!") just as he is giving what book to somebody? I'm sure I don't have to say it. This show now also has referenced not just The Stand but King's epic "The Dark Tower" series. For one the villain in many of King's books, most notably TS and The Dark Tower is Randall Flagg, a dark powerful evil that manifests himself as if he were a living being jumping from book to book, sometimes disguising himself, he uses different names, but the initials are always RF. Now here we have Randall Flynn! coincidence? I think not. As for TDT, that seven book series encompasses every thing in the universe, universes I should say, that King created, almost every novel he has written has something to do with Roland, the last Gunslinger, a band of Jedi like warriors who once existed in a great alternate universe called Mid-World, and his journey to The Tower to fight an evil that is trying to use it to fully destroy the universes. The power that holds the Tower called "The Beams" have been slowly but surely failing due to The Crimson King, King's and ours worst nightmare. Along the way Roland finds other people from our universe in different times but from NYC, and he recruits a few of them and trains them making them his band of warriors, his Ka-Tet. One could almost say that every supernatural evil that ever entered our world in King's books are due to the breaking down of The Beams and the cracks in the universes. Ok I got off track, so back to Revoloution, Randall Flynn wants to get in The Tower and Rachel wants to do everything she can to get their first and stop him. So does this make Rachel the Roland figure? sort of but when you think of the great warrior it's Miles who has been recruiting his own Ka-Tet along the way. Like Roland, Rachel(R names!) and Miles are trying to atone for mistakes they made had something to do with as King puts it "The World Moving On" or dying, so Rachel and Miles are both Roland(you know what that mean, sorry Nora) Ok thanks for reading! END


    Ok so I was right about certain characters and their intentions and fates,, again sorry Nora. Now there are some interesting things that were left out before cuz we de didn't know what would happen. Well if its one thing we all probably guessed since learning of the Tower that it does not just turn the lights on, that I s just one of many possibilities. One thing I loved about the past several episodes was finding out that Aaron was not on the journey by accident and everything that happened was because of something he did, he is in no way responsible, but he unknowingly destroyed the world, and therefore sought redemption like the other characters. Now him doing what he did brings me back to King, I mentioned Randall Flagg, but there is a more stronger formidable evil in Kings books, The Crimson King, Flagg's "boss" who also jumps from random book to book or a least mentioned. It's him who is the real threat the real evil, the one who really wants to use theTower for the "other" purposes it does, and so by this Randall's actions, did he perhaps summon the Crimson King? AKA the supposed president of the US, at least that's what we were told, but Whois he really? Well I'm also so happy that it got RENEWED for season 2! After seeing all the nitpicking in the beginning I thought the show was heading to the fates of The Event, Flashforward, and Jerichof
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