Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2013 on NBC

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  • Spectacular!

    There were some huge revelations withing this episode, and especially towards the end. The scenes in the hometown of Miles and Monroe were specatcular and Emma's secret will make things interesting for sure!

    Then the huge shocker in the Georgia Federation right at the end has me spellbound and I can't wait for the next episode!

    We also get our first glimpse of the Plains and their 'nation'. I wonder if we will meet their leader like we did with Georgia? I hope we do.

    Seems like there is a history between the Georgian leader and Miles and Monroe, and I'm sure more will be revealed in time.

    Nora was quite under-the-radar in thies episode, but there were interesting developments for most other characters, and I hope that continues!

    Amazing episode!
  • Why use logic of any intelligent thinking?

    Let's be honest, it was a terrible episode if one thinks any further then two seconds around what is being shown. No logic, no personalities, no Charlie slapping, no development, no intelligence, no arch, no nothing. Please read the review of Tim Surete, he is writing most of the things I thought about this episode.

    Am I the only one who thinks it is not really probable that, if there is a child, it would be Monroe's if she's been with him only once? She was Miles' girlfriend. But, probably, it will play out that there is a Monroe child. How did Emma know it was his instead of Miles? The only reason I can imagine is that Emma and Miles never touched fourth base (being Dutch I'm not really sure if third base could have done the trick, we have different names for it), but why would she do it with Monroe if she never did it with Miles? Horrible logic.

    And yes, I expect lot's of thumbs down, but that is what I get from telling what I beleive to be the truth.
  • Home was touching

    Home was a touching episode of Revolution. I really enjoyed watching because there was lots of action, drama, suspense and surprise. Monroe goes back to his hometown which also was that of Miles. It was great to see the conflict unfold. Rachel and Aaron discover someone of interest in a different nation. Neville makes a reappearance. I liked how things played out and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is the episode that makes this show good...

    went from not really giving a crap about this show, to liking it... This episode was strong, had convincing acting (relative to how bad it was before) and I actually had sympathy for the characters.

    The opening scene on the battlefield seemed like something out of a war movie and nothing like the usual cowboy antics; the cost of all the fighting (deaths) actually seemed significant in how it effects Miles and Charlie.

    I now officially like Revolution and am looking forward to the next episode!
  • Here comes Captain Neville!

    I thought this was a great Episode, it kepted my interest and brought new information to light. Now Miles will once again have to deal with Neville, it should be fun.