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Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2012 on NBC
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    Revolution "Kashmir" Review: Total Freak-out, Man!

    In "Kashmir," the members of group faced their worst fears and their own minds when they started tripping balls.

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    To aid her rebel buddies, Nora enlists the help of Miles to infiltrate Monroe's base and assassinate him. Rachel continues work on a machine to amplify the mysterious pendants.

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    • Preposterous!

      Considering what the Militia does with all the other Rebel forces, it is extremely implausible for Sergeant Wheatley to be a long-time undercover mole. At best, the Rebel forces are under armed, disorganized, etc. What purpose does it serve the Militia to have a mole in one small camp of less than a dozen Rebels? Weak...

      I also agree with the lack of oxygen ploy that grace422 refers to. I was thinking the same thing - there is no way you can run out of oxygen that quickly in such a cavernous place. It would have made more sense if they attributed it to some Militia toxic gas booby trap, as obviously, the mines were the only booby traps that existed in the tunnels.

      I really want to like this show because it has so much potential. I just keep watching in the hopes that it gets better. Definitely the weakest episode so far.moreless
    • What has happened to all the oxygen

      Ok, 33 miners can survive 69 days in a tiny underground cavern without running out of air, but these characters are running out of oxygen in a huge, miles-long tunnel, in less than an hour? Are they superhuman oxygen consumers or has the percentage of oxygen in the post-electronic atmosphere changed? And how about the fact that they a) knew one side of the tunnel was blocked and b) concluded they were running out of air but c) did not realize that if they were running out of air the other exits to the tunnel must also be blocked. Duh!

      The only good part of this episode was Rachel taking her future into her own hands at huge cost to her psyche and to the guy she killed.

      That is my long-winded, 21% oxygen, 2 cents.moreless
    • Not as entertaining with the others due to the haallucinations, but still an interesting developmental episode.

      This episode was clearly one of the less entertaining episodes, because we witnessed a large part of the episode being through hallucinations and things like that, but there were definitely some completely shocking developments, particularly with Rachel right at the very end. I really like her character, and I can't wait to see what she does next!

      There was a lot of great development in Miles and Charlie's relationship today, in my opinion, and I think the next episode will be one of the best yet, because they will be infiltrating Philadelphia! Can't wait!

      Not a great episode on its own, but it is a nice developmental episode leading on to a great one - hopefully - next week! Can't wait for it!moreless
    • Unbelievable unbelievable

      I'd give it more points if it were presented as a comedy.
    • Plot advancement? We don't need no stinking...

      Like the title says - this episode didn't advance the plot at all?!?! One would think that, with a multi-month break coming, they would want a great send-off to keep people interested enough to come back. They have one more chance next week.

      I have been watching this show from the start and it seem like many weeks are spent doing nothing - even Charlie's acting hasn't gotten much better. Although I am starting to wonder, with all of the Star War allusions and all, if the director(s) have been telling her to channel Ep.4 Luke or Ep.1 Anakin. Heck, we even got Death Star trash compactor scene part deux in this episode!moreless
    Reed Diamond

    Reed Diamond

    Sergeant Wheatley

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    Conor O'Farrell

    Dr. Bradley Jaffe

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    Michael Harding

    Colonel Starkey

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    Graham Rogers

    Danny Matheson

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    Tim Guinee

    Tim Guinee

    Ben Matheson

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    Maureen Sebastian

    Maureen Sebastian


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      • In this episode, Miles, Charlie, et al. attempt to infiltrate a heavily fortified Philadelphia via the subway tunnels and surface through the only unsealed exit at Girard Station. In reality, Girard Station is elevated, much like a significant portion of SEPTA's Market-Frankfort Line. In fact, the entirety of the Market-Frankfort Line north of Girard station (reaching into Philadelphia's northern neighborhoods) is elevated, as well as Spring Garden Station to the immediate south.

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