Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2012 on NBC

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  • Preposterous!

    Considering what the Militia does with all the other Rebel forces, it is extremely implausible for Sergeant Wheatley to be a long-time undercover mole. At best, the Rebel forces are under armed, disorganized, etc. What purpose does it serve the Militia to have a mole in one small camp of less than a dozen Rebels? Weak...

    I also agree with the lack of oxygen ploy that grace422 refers to. I was thinking the same thing - there is no way you can run out of oxygen that quickly in such a cavernous place. It would have made more sense if they attributed it to some Militia toxic gas booby trap, as obviously, the mines were the only booby traps that existed in the tunnels.

    I really want to like this show because it has so much potential. I just keep watching in the hopes that it gets better. Definitely the weakest episode so far.
  • What has happened to all the oxygen

    Ok, 33 miners can survive 69 days in a tiny underground cavern without running out of air, but these characters are running out of oxygen in a huge, miles-long tunnel, in less than an hour? Are they superhuman oxygen consumers or has the percentage of oxygen in the post-electronic atmosphere changed? And how about the fact that they a) knew one side of the tunnel was blocked and b) concluded they were running out of air but c) did not realize that if they were running out of air the other exits to the tunnel must also be blocked. Duh!

    The only good part of this episode was Rachel taking her future into her own hands at huge cost to her psyche and to the guy she killed.

    That is my long-winded, 21% oxygen, 2 cents.
  • Not as entertaining with the others due to the haallucinations, but still an interesting developmental episode.

    This episode was clearly one of the less entertaining episodes, because we witnessed a large part of the episode being through hallucinations and things like that, but there were definitely some completely shocking developments, particularly with Rachel right at the very end. I really like her character, and I can't wait to see what she does next!

    There was a lot of great development in Miles and Charlie's relationship today, in my opinion, and I think the next episode will be one of the best yet, because they will be infiltrating Philadelphia! Can't wait!

    Not a great episode on its own, but it is a nice developmental episode leading on to a great one - hopefully - next week! Can't wait for it!
  • Unbelievable unbelievable

    I'd give it more points if it were presented as a comedy.
  • Plot advancement? We don't need no stinking...

    Like the title says - this episode didn't advance the plot at all?!?! One would think that, with a multi-month break coming, they would want a great send-off to keep people interested enough to come back. They have one more chance next week.

    I have been watching this show from the start and it seem like many weeks are spent doing nothing - even Charlie's acting hasn't gotten much better. Although I am starting to wonder, with all of the Star War allusions and all, if the director(s) have been telling her to channel Ep.4 Luke or Ep.1 Anakin. Heck, we even got Death Star trash compactor scene part deux in this episode!
  • Kashmir

    Kashmir was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Revolution and though a bit different and seemingly slow in some parts it really delivers. The character and plot development was outstanding and full of intrigue as the group members hallucinated. It was awesome to see Miles negotiate with a rebel leader though it turns out the guy isn't who he seems. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was amazing as Monroe puts Rachel to the test and she fights to survive. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Its hard to pull off such an episode..

    .. with sequences that aren't real. Revolution pulled it off better than most. Zeppelin songs were used brilliantly. It made Rachel's pendant exposition a hundred times cooler. Kashmir was perfect for Miles-Monroe sequence. I'm a sucker for hallucinations and dream scenarios. It depends on what you wanted out of them. Info dump or character moments.

    The new info (only in the hallucination) was that Miles actually tried to assassinate his best friend, but couldn't. Why they would make Nora tell this was disappointing for me. The situation was ripe to exploit in the hallucination itself. What did happen was Miles getting scared that he'll fall in line behind Monroe if he met up with him. That's a pretty huge revelation of his fractured inner psyche. Also, I thought hallucination Monroe was great. He should loosen up more often.

    The episode focused on a few characters letting go of something they loved and facing their fears. This was about their will more than anything. Charlie found the will to come out of her wonderful dream because of Miles. Seriously, this is the first time they have truly looked like uncle and niece. The joking around was also realistic and charming. Miles portraying anger, confusion and sadness for Charlie was awesome. Their bond is growing well. When Aaron's wife followed them, I thought the tension was palpable. I love hallucinations and dream scenarios and this episode was fantastic in that regard.

    The main characters are getting into prime condition finally. I did not see the betrayal coming at the end. Not a huge surprise, but a really good twist. I was hoping the arrow girl would make it to the next episode though. Charlie's near death experience was a nice touch. Maybe that is what the afterlife would look like for her, if they don't 'get Danny back'. And wow, Rachel is a certifiable sociopath. She's getting more awesome by the second.

    What wasn't awesome was the way the whole thing was set up. Oxygen deprivation wasn't completely believable. But throw in entrapped, fetid air mixed with toxins, then it could be believable. I'll take that as a plausibility factor and just go with the flow. Charlie stepping on the bomb wasn't the tense moment that they hoped for. If the new girl had stepped on it, that would have mounted the tension much more.

    To those who say, they started to run out of air pretty soon - It was soon for us, not them. They would have been walking for who knows how many hours when the director cut to that time. All in all, a pretty good episode.
  • A new low

    I think I only watch this show for the same reason people slow down to gawk at a car wreck. Gee how bad is it?

    A subway system miles long rendered completely air tight after a cave in at one end? 8 people mamaging to exhaust the oxygen supply in a couple of hours? They're supposedly walking along an express subway tunnel and then have to take stairs down into waist deep water? Let alone all the turns in the tunnel system.. Must have been an interesting train! And last week, they had sll the dynamite they could want to set up some diversions and yet they forgot to pack some in case they needed to knock down a wall or something? You would think that EIGHT people planning on invading the HEADQUARTERS of the ENTIRE miitia would have been a bit better equipped!

    And about that plan

    Step 1 Pop by the local chapter of the rebel alliance and say you can deliver Monroe to them because you know where he lives. Thats the entire plan.

    2. Leave in the morning after a night of boozing it up.

    3 Other than 'capture/kill Monroe', nothing about how to do it or what to do after.

    4 So no worries that the tunnel collapses because there is no escape plan anyway!

    This show started with a good concept but now requires that the viewer dispense with all logic and common sense Poor acting and bad writing.and getting worse.
  • worst episode ever

    no need to say more, worst episode ever.

    clich to the max. the only thing good was led zep but this show sullied their name.

    i have to see the end but that is just me being stupid.
  • Revolception

    Well, if last week you told me that government drugs administered to the water supply would be the most coherent hallucination explanation of the season, then I'd owe you a coke.

    So the show opens with one of our heroes getting punched in the face as per usual. It looks like they've made it across the river and found the rebel base just outside of Philly. Miles cracks wise and convinces the rebels to go on a suicide mission because they obviously have nothing better to do.

    So they find the secret way into Philly, or you know, train tracks guarded by two whole guards!! Who are summarily dispatched by some girl with a bow. Her name doesn't matter she dies in about 20 minutes. Also, if the person your standing beside takes an arrow to the eye maybe move your head slightly. To be fair I'd be standing there with a dumb look on my face too when the second arrow entered my brain.

    So after the tracks mysteriously disappear our heroes find themselves in a cavernous underground complex. Having realized that he's given Charlie way too much to do in previous plans she's relegated to just having to walk and talk at the same time. But she can't even do that and steps on a bomb, caving in the tunnel and cutting off their air supply! So based on the average size of a subway system and the oxygen consumption of 7-8 people...carry the one...they've only got about three weeks of oxygen left. But because its after the blackout and apparently the subway is an entirely closed system they literally only have minutes of air left. Except they don't.

    But half the people start to experience the symptoms of oxygen deprivation because hallucinations are relevant to advancing the plot. Except they aren't.

    Miles sees a guy, Nora gets eaten by an alligator and Aaron finally figures it out!

    Aaron: oh my god this makes sense.

    Miles: how does this make sense?

    Ding ding ding!! Most insightful thing you've ever said Miles!!

    So they keep walking and hallucinating and not dying somehow. And Aaron starts to see his wife and he.......zzzzzzzzzzz. Thanks for rehashing the most useless backstory on the show.

    Actually Aaron didn't take any shit from his bitchy wife mirage, who is somehow the weaker character in that relationship, and didn't suck as hard this episode.

    Miles dreams up a Monroe who has way more personality than the actual one and they hang out and listen to some sweet tunes. And he hallucinates himself a pardon for selling out his friends. But it's all a dream. Or is it? Hint: yes it is.

    Just when you thought the rebels had a half decent guest star, played nicely by Reed Diamond, he's actually militia! I can't believe I didn't see that coming, so good job?.

    He shoots one guy who had finally just gotten a line and another extra who didn't even get that and locks the rest away to suffocate or hallucinate to death while taking Miles back to Monroe. But he didn't count on Aaron new sense of not being useless. AARON SMASH!

    Once they're through the door, the last extra brings a bow to a gun fight and gets killed.

    Then Charlie brings a CROSSbow to a gun fight and saves the day (BYE REED, we were just getting to know you.) but somehow gets shot instead of punched in both sides of the face (seriously what's up makeup department).

    Somehow Miles doesn't manage to just hit Reed in the back of the neck when he completely stops paying attention to him. A real low point for him.

    And we find out that the first ten episodes were all a dream! And Charlie hasn't even left home! But wait, that's a dream! At this point I was looking for the spinning dreidel. Tim Guinee must be like 'why on earth did I agree to a flashback contract. I was lucky enough to die in the first episode.' For some reason Charlie has green eyes in hallucinations but blue eyes regularly. So Charlie wakes up and all the extras are dead but they're in the city now with the same crew they had at the end of the previous episode. Thanks extras and Reed! You can now actively decide to not put Revolution on your resume. Oh, and half of the episode only happened inside peoples heads. Someone more cynical than I might wonder:


    This week in Philly, which I can't believe hasn't been renamed to Monrovia, Rachel is building an 'amplifier' for the pendant. Seriously Monroe, like no other militia leader named their province after themselves you egotistical asshole.

    About halfway through the episode, Neville made his contract required appearance and sussed out that Rachel was lying about what she was building. But we wouldn't come back to this storyline until the last 5 minutes or advance the plot time as this show refers to it.

    Again, some good tunes in this scene. And the way she showed the pendant range was fun. I think NBC wants to get in on ITunes sales for this show.

    The second scientist shows up and rats out Rachel for actually making a bomb! Not an amplifier. Although given her family's scientific track record she very well could have been trying to make an amplifier and made a bomb by accident.

    Anyways, Rachel shows of her sociopathic side (which I'm really liking) by literally weeping for the murder she's committing while committing it and not two seconds later being composed enough for a sassy "now you need me" I think I caught a hair flip.

    So there you have it.


    I thought they were actually going to make it a dream and reset the whole thing so they could redo the quests. (Sidebar, I was playing scrabble the other day, is there a word in English with a 'q' in it that doesn't have 'u' as the next letter?)

    Aaron was kind of badass in this episode. His remark about walking into ambushes being par for the course for these guys, kind of funny.

    Miles was having an off day.

    Reed Diamond and Mark Pellegrino? Your guest stars shouldn't be that much better than your regular stars Revolution.
  • Just Brilliant!

    Best Revolution episode so far. I was laughing so hard the whole time - best comedy show on TV!

    The writers must be on drugs or something, same as the actors. Even Elizabeth Mitchell looked like she couldn't believe what she was playing and had no clue how to do this. Neville and Monroe are the only two characters in this show who make any sense at all - can we please replace them?

    When Miles said his famous running gag "It's impossible" in the first 10 minutes of the show, like in every episode, I was applauding. The very cheap reference to "Mines of Moria" from Lord of the Rings, the hallucinations, miles talking to himself, a stupid traitor, land mines, every single rebel getting killed, Rachel constructing a bomb and killing her friend, the face of Charlie standing on the mine and then before she got shot - everything was pure comedy gold!

    I can't wait for the next episode!