Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2012 on NBC

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  • Its hard to pull off such an episode..

    .. with sequences that aren't real. Revolution pulled it off better than most. Zeppelin songs were used brilliantly. It made Rachel's pendant exposition a hundred times cooler. Kashmir was perfect for Miles-Monroe sequence. I'm a sucker for hallucinations and dream scenarios. It depends on what you wanted out of them. Info dump or character moments.

    The new info (only in the hallucination) was that Miles actually tried to assassinate his best friend, but couldn't. Why they would make Nora tell this was disappointing for me. The situation was ripe to exploit in the hallucination itself. What did happen was Miles getting scared that he'll fall in line behind Monroe if he met up with him. That's a pretty huge revelation of his fractured inner psyche. Also, I thought hallucination Monroe was great. He should loosen up more often.

    The episode focused on a few characters letting go of something they loved and facing their fears. This was about their will more than anything. Charlie found the will to come out of her wonderful dream because of Miles. Seriously, this is the first time they have truly looked like uncle and niece. The joking around was also realistic and charming. Miles portraying anger, confusion and sadness for Charlie was awesome. Their bond is growing well. When Aaron's wife followed them, I thought the tension was palpable. I love hallucinations and dream scenarios and this episode was fantastic in that regard.

    The main characters are getting into prime condition finally. I did not see the betrayal coming at the end. Not a huge surprise, but a really good twist. I was hoping the arrow girl would make it to the next episode though. Charlie's near death experience was a nice touch. Maybe that is what the afterlife would look like for her, if they don't 'get Danny back'. And wow, Rachel is a certifiable sociopath. She's getting more awesome by the second.

    What wasn't awesome was the way the whole thing was set up. Oxygen deprivation wasn't completely believable. But throw in entrapped, fetid air mixed with toxins, then it could be believable. I'll take that as a plausibility factor and just go with the flow. Charlie stepping on the bomb wasn't the tense moment that they hoped for. If the new girl had stepped on it, that would have mounted the tension much more.

    To those who say, they started to run out of air pretty soon - It was soon for us, not them. They would have been walking for who knows how many hours when the director cut to that time. All in all, a pretty good episode.
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