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Season 2 Episode 3

Love Story

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2013 on NBC
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Rachel breaks Miles out taking Titas Andover's ill wife with them, leading to all the tribesmen bearing down on Wiloughby.

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  • Quite a few storylines running at the moment

    Quite a few storylines running at the moment. I hope it doesn't get too messy by flicking from one story to another,
  • US Rising, Clan Going Down

    "Love Story" is one reveal with many more questions arising. Titus is aligned with a nasty bunch of ragtag goons, but his main reason was apparently to keep his wife alive while manipulating his horde in order to make that happen. But, what is the Titus Clan really going for? His main henchman made it clear that if Titus was singularly interesting in only his wife their "deal" is over. What deal? Exactly what does the clan actually want to accomplish? This is a big question.

    Rachel extracts Miles who knows to have any hope of survival/leverage they also have to take the wife of Titus who is very sick with septic blood due to untreated diabetes. The plan immediately goes south as the clan appear at the gates of the Georgia Federation. When the wife of Titus dies Miles no longer has a bargaining chip and what results is stunning. The clan is about to take the town when the US government appears to save the day. But, the government's intervention is not expediently enough to save Rachel too as she is wounded and in dire straits holding on to life.

    Charlie, on the road with her new friend, is tracking Monroe. The friend is not to be trusted as he gives a long shot of a story that the US government has his dad for which he was to affect a trade for by turning in Monroe. Charlie seems to listen, but Munroe jumps them and reveals that Rachel has a US bounty on her head. This changes everything and Munroe attempts to bond with Charlie for his, as well as Rachel's, need to steer clear of this so called resurrected US government. Charlie isn't moved and tells M

    onroe that she's walking and he can kill her if that is to be his intent. He doesn't, so Rachel walks off.

    Tom was never really Edgar Crane and as such he's jumped by the commander of the US Government Forces who know he's actually Tom not Edgar. The President, or whoever the lady representing him is, saves Tom and Jason. He's on a short string because they will watch him and keep Jason as insurance.

    While the above plays out with plenty of action, the sum of the parts only leaves more questions. All this bloodshed and turmoil is troubling with great loss. Painful action that just wasn't satisfying because all those we care about are now in much deeper peril. Will the government save Rachel just to attempt to use her?

    An uncomfortable episode with almost too many questions either unanswered or arising thus not nearly as hoped for. Yet, this keeps the tension excellent. Plus the path of survival is even more complicated and thus should be highly interesting over the course of future installments. So, a very good episode short of being a great one as everything, just about, went sideways. The writers know how insure that viewers are mandatorily required to stay tuned!

  • what? is this Fox News I'm watching?

    Suddenly the US gov't iscompletely evil and trying to kill all it's own citizens?

    The methods of sicc'ing psychotic pedophiles on towns, setting off nuclear bombs and setting bounty hunters on citizens is a little weird.
  • Better!

    Last week I wasn't a big fan of the war clan storyline with Titus and his goons, but this week, it started to actually fit into the main storyline, based off of Titus's allegiances that were revealed, and it began to make sense and was very interesting!

    I hope Rachel is OK! That looked nasty! But after Aaron being resurrected from the dead, I won't really rule anything out on this show!

    Meanwhiel, in the other storylines, there were interesting developments with Charlie and Monroe, and it will be interesting to see their next moves. Meanwhile in Georgiea, things were very intense and I love the storyline!

    Things are on the positive and I can't wait for the next one - Patriot Games!moreless
  • A Calm before the storm I hope

    This episode felt slightly.... anticlimactic after the first two which thumped along like a stampede of elephants. Titus has been shown as nothing more than an egotistic (and somewhat sadistic) puppet of the people proporting to be the US government. Of of the "heavies" made it very clear to Titus what his place was in everything.

    When we saw the lady in bed there was many reasons I could see for her being there, her being his wife who has kidney failure and needing a continuous supply of blood to keep her alive? Okay I did not see that and the hand pumping of it... ok that made me squeem. But it felt like a let down to me. I was expecting more, I don't know what but more. When they took her away and nursed her a bit it was fairly obvious she would want to die and/or kill herself and in doing so would ignite a battle between the two sides.

    Charlie and Monroe could be an interesting combination, I am sure they will end up as a team after she finds out the US Government are after her mum (we assume there is also a poster for Miles in there somewhere). This could be a heaven or hell story arc depending on how the writers want to play it out.

    Tom's joining the US Government team and then being found out was expected. If they knew of Monroe then it was reasonable to assume they knew of his major soldiers - regardless of their loyalty at the end. I am not sure I actually that bothered about how this plays out now unless they do something to ignite some tension into this part.

    Lastly Miles/Rachel/Aaron ended up as expected, nothing major there but nothing which makes me question them either.

    The ending does open a few questions with the arrival of the US Coverment forces. Given they where pulling the strings behind Titus it is safe to say they knew where to come knocking and looking. I am hoping that they somehow fail to realise who they have with Miles and Rachel so we can see something to grab onto and revolve around in future episodes. A seed for something great to come.

    Overall it was good, not ideal. There are a few good pointers of things to come, as they lay groundwork for something major to play out later, which is one thing this show was good at in season 1.moreless
Patrick Heusinger

Patrick Heusinger


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Richard T. Jones

Richard T. Jones

Ken Dawson

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Matt Ross

Matt Ross

Titas Andover

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Jessica Collins (II)

Jessica Collins (II)


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Nicole Ari Parker

Nicole Ari Parker

Justine Allenford

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Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins

Dr. Gene Porter

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