Season 2 Episode 11

Mis Dos Padres

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2014 on NBC
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Monroe has to make a choice about his son, while Neville and Julia continue to take things carefully, which annoys Jason. Meanwhile, Gene shows Charlie an unexpected sight.

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  • Like father like son.

    Great storyline with Monroe and his son, a shame that there was too much Aaron in the episode.
  • Finding Conner, Grace, and a lot of Trouble

    Monroe gets his wish finding his son but when Conner turns his back on him things go south. In Mexico Connor was raised by a sort of Mexican Mafia Godfather. Outsiders aren't welcome and soon Monroe and Miles are prisoners. Nothing unusual here, but this side story is somewhat revealing because it becomes apparent that if he survives Monroe's real desire is a rebuilding of the Monroe Republic. Wasn't that the heartless dictatorship that kept losing it's brightest and best because of one man's psychopathic greed? Connor gets manipulated, perhaps because he really isn't living the below the border dream, or maybe genetic roots run deep. Either way, in the end his choice to let his dad go binds him to dad in order to save his life from the avenging Mexican Godfather. So, this little side romp provides some tension, a confused son, and Monroe's grandiose survival to reload. As Miles, Monroe, Rachel and Connor safely return to Rachel's dad and Charlie everything has changed. There's a typhus like epidemic and Truman has captured Dr. Porter and Charlie manipulating them as allies to fight the epidemic before it gets completely out of hand. This is one story line. There's more, of course.

    Aaron escaping wasn't really escaping as he somehow miraculously amble into a ghost town right into Grace. The town and Grace are a kind of a bridge for Aaron to be reunited with his wife Priscilla who like himself earlier was thought to be dead. Grace explains all this is due to Aaron and Priscilla's prior involvement in the creation of code for the nanobots. In other words the nano technology is autonomously calling shots. That's a lot for even Aaron at this stage to absorb. Aaron even gets a sit down with his recently deceased girlfriend! Aaron struggles as he just can't get any peace until he knows what he's suppose to do. So, this second story line is a big question mark as to what's next for Aaron.

    Finally, the third interwoven saga is about Tom and Jason Neville's attempt to infiltrate The Patriots and, perhaps, kill the president while rescuing mom Julia who really isn't convincing viewers she want back with Tom for certain. She does, however, seem to want to save her son and when Jason gets caught by Julia's new husband he turns on his wife realizing she was formerly married to Tom and may be using him. Tom, Jason, and Julia are exposed as enemies of the state. How they get out of this is anyone's guess? One thing, Julia tells Tom she'll do anything to save Jason to which we are to think this means she won't turn her back on Tom. Her value, however, is questionable since her new husband has turned his back on her.

    Three story lines, separate but intertwined. All three have either went sideways or make for more danger. Thus this episode is a dump truck full of grief and tension. Pretty good I'd say. Can't wait to see how each plays out.moreless
  • Brilliant!

    This was a great episode - definitely one of the better ones of Season 2. Very interesting scenes in Spring City, Oklahoma where Grace isn't the most surprising resident! Some huge information was revealed through there and it gives us more of an idea of what is going on and sets it up nicely for it to continue.

    Meanwhile the Nevilles have some dilemmas of their own and that storyline ended off on a bit of a climax - what on earth is gonna happen and how are they gonna get out of this situation.

    Meanwhile most interestingly, things were brilliatn with Miles, Monroe, Rachel and Connor. The storyline was intense and it was brutal and it was brilliant. I love how Monroe has transofrmed from someone you just wanted to see dead into someone you can't help but root for. I want to see him take it all back!

    Elsewhere, Charlie and her gradnfather have an interesting discovery that will surely have huge ramifications for the netx episode. Will be interesting to see how they go forward from here.

    All four storylines were intense and I can't wait for more!moreless
Joaquim de Almeida

Joaquim de Almeida

Luis Nunez

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Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins

Dr. Gene Porter

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Christopher Cousins

Christopher Cousins

Victor Doyle

Recurring Role

Maria Howell

Maria Howell

Grace Beaumont

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