Season 1 Episode 3

No Quarter

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2012 on NBC

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  • No Quarter

    This was a pretty boring episode of revolution for me sure it was full of action and explosions and it even had plenty of character development but I just didn't find this episode all that entertaining. Revolution isn't a bad show but I am not invested in it yet
  • Absolutely incredible!

    There's very few shows that I've gotten so into after just three episodes, but Revolution is one of them! What I love most about this show is that things are moving so fast and so many things happen within a single episode! It is really very interesting stuff!

    There are so many questions and so many answers I can't wait to find out!

    I can't seem to understand why I'm reading so many negative reviews here - the show is just so interesting for me. I really love it - there are very few shows that I absoltely loved this much after just three episodes - Revenge is one of few that comes to mind - and I can't wait for the next episode! Keep it up!
  • Re-assessing after the third episode, "improved for the worse!"

    Could this series improve over the course of the episodes? After the third, does not seem to be the case. The situations get even worse, less credible. The siege of the rebel nest is beyond naive: it's lazy writing at all levels. The worst: the sniper on the roof not missing a shot, even in the dark. The fixed position would allow him only a couple of shots because in the third attempt he would be shot by, at least, one of the 30 gunmen waiting for the flash shooting of his riffle. A good general premise of sci fi remains butchered. Note: networks have canceled good or medians series of sci-fi, which probably ensure this nonsense a second season.
  • Astounding

    The most amazing thing about Revolution? The notion that an iPhone battery would last 15 years and appear on screen fully charged.
  • No Quarter

    No Quarter was another perfect episode of Revolution, considering all things and other series who have tried but failed where Revolution has so far succeeded. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development, especially for Miles. It was awesome to see Mark Pellegrino and his characters back story was awesome as well. I like how he, Miles and Monroe go way back to when the power first went out. It was interesting to see the former Google guy and Charlie's stepmother learn that power does exist, though, it was sad to see what may have happened to Grace. Danny went through some things and defended himself prison style. There was a lot of depth and this show really establishes the characters, themes, plot lines and brings everything together so well. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • No Quarter given

    I watched the third episode and me and the g/f enjoyed it. The humorous scene with the militia officer sending guys to waste the snipers ammunition was good. It is moving a bit slow but I liked the backstory on the militia and how it was created and why. Obviously we'll find out why Miles didn't stay with the militia but that's for another episode.

    I wish they'd go into more detail on the lockets. Do a 5 minute flashback on the lady that built the computer and had one of the lockets so we can see how she acquired it.

    Finally, something interesting happen! From Pellegrino's addition to the great reveal about Miles, to only minor logical inconsistencies in the episodes plot. Great episode.

    Mark Pellegrino was a delightful addition to the cast. Considering all he did was continue to tell people to charge to their deaths, the fact that he's my new favourite character means that either he's a great actor or I've got a thing for seeing militia troops being show. Maybe a little of both.

    I was extremely curious from the beginning how Monroe ended up being head of the militia and Miles ended up owning a bar, I suppose I should have thought that they would have started it together but that reveal completely blindsided me. It was so nice to have a plot point that didn't feel forced. (Once, of course, you accept the entire premise that two captain in the army managed to create the largest militia in the continent). But the reason behind it really makes it interesting.

    Miles' motives were altruistic at the beginning (protect those who can't protect themselves), the system is broken but there's still bad people out there with no means of dealing with them. This was illustrated nicely by Aaron's speech to Molly about playground bullies. Miles essentially started as a good man with the means and ability to protect those who could not protect themselves. I would assume that his policies were a natural extension of that effort, but unfortunately when rallying to wolves to protect the sheep you will find that more often than not the wolves will not share your view of protecting the innocent. Their motives will be selfish and petty and unable to handle the position of authority they've been given. In Miles' eyes the only way to protect the people from something bad, is to put together a group that's worse. I love that Miles is essentially Judge Dredd.

    It's interesting, that Miles and his brother are opposite ends of the spectrum, might makes right vs. violence only begets more violence. Had they worked together, they may have created an empire with some compassion, it will be interesting to see how their story in the past develops. Charlie seems to have managed a central position between the two, interested in protecting and helping those who can't protect themselves, but driven by the need to avenge her father. While I appreciate the complexity they're trying to give the character I still don't like Charlie.

    A very strong move in the right direction, keep it up Revolution!

    So it was dark out when the power went off right? Definitely, not 6:23 if it was September. I don't remember if the pilot gave an exact date during the pilot. So apparently IPhones, even after 15 years of no power anywhere in the world, reboot with the current date and time! Impressive.