Season 1 Episode 10

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2012 on NBC
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    Revolution's Fall Finale: Stupidity Decelerated

    "Nobody's Fault But Mine" wasn't terrible! Seriously.

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    In the mid-season finale, Miles and Monroe finally come face-to-face and Charlie encounters someone unexpected.

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    • Great First Season!

      I really like this show and hope to see it make a few more seasons. This episode was very climatic to the story so far and opens up a lot of possible directions for the future. LOVE IT!
    • Intense

      Wow the last couple of episodes have been the best ones since the premiere with everything culminating in this mid-season finale. It was nice to finally get some depth to some of the characters here with backstories you actually CARE about! Sorry, but the back story for Nora totally sucked.

      Everything amped up a few notches here and now we have something great to look forward to following the Christmas break!moreless
    • Speaking of bad storytelling gone absolutely horrible. This belongs back on CWs B-list..

      This is awful like SyFy murdered remix remake of the season, or CWs terrible relaunch of another fairy tale made fantasy-horror, stufff is so ridiculously predictable, badly writtten, and worse off acted you might as well have called this the show finale. I can't believe anyone who actually watched this for any entertainment gave it more then a 7. It bored the hell out of me and I almost everything that was going to happen long before it did. So yeah, and I can write but I'm nowhere near the talent of these guys. Which adds insult to the injury. Maybe NBC can do itself a favor and dump this off on CW or SyFy before it's too late.moreless
    • It boggles my mind

      That people can see such bad writing as a good episode. God this might as well be part of the Austin Powers trilogy it so bad it has to be funny at some level. Before Nielsen clues NBC in that this title is a fitting reason why their ratings have plumetted so badly.
    • I can't believe this even got a 7....

      Honestly most of this overacting and schoolgirl theatrics could have been better played in a two - two&1/2 hour motion picture. Billions made and no reason to waste a good time slot. Suprised this episode got anywhere past a 7, really can't be that serious about sci-fi to think this equates to a great mid-season finale. Seriously though mid-season finale, people need to look back to the Light Saber fight between Vader and Ben Knobi in the original 79 flick. Because as short as it was it had much more thought and reality in it then this junk. Hey, and that was SciFi too. I think if this is any indication of how were going to wrap up the season then I think everyone is about to get a real let down. Nothing about this was unpredictable. Good guy get's the prisoners, phsycho boy gets killed, and the villian lives now with his army of choppers. Meanwhile in his layer the twisted Dr. Evil plots to take out the makeshift villian. :(moreless
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