Season 1 Episode 10

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2012 on NBC
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    Revolution's Fall Finale: Stupidity Decelerated

    "Nobody's Fault But Mine" wasn't terrible! Seriously.

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    In the mid-season finale, Miles and Monroe finally come face-to-face and Charlie encounters someone unexpected.

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    • Love Revolution!

      Very intense episode from the beginning to the end.

      Long waiting scene between Miles and Monroe, yes, I am still Miles makes the sword fighting super sexy for some reason... Family reunion: Danny, Charlie and Rachel... So impressed by Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) in the scene with Monroe, real badass; love her , loved the performance! and yes , proud that Tracy is Canadian!!! Great performances all over the episode: Elizabeth Mitchell(Rachel), Billy Burke(Miles),David Lyons( Monroe), Mark Pellegrino( Jeremy) and always amazing Giancarlo Esposito( Tom Neville)!!! Enjoyed every minute of the episode, great ending for the season! Love Revolution!!!moreless
    • I'm a little late to this party, but...

      In this episode we see Miles coming face to face with Gen. Monroe for the first time since he tried to kill him! Monroe forgives him, & throws down his gun to welcome his "brother" with a heart as open as his arms, only to be emotionally shot down by Miles' coldness! Looks like Miles has conveniently forgotten that his past isn't exactly snow white... Cue awesome sword fight!

      Danny's back, & Charlie 's resumed her big sis role - taking care of him as if her life depended on it! We have a mother/daughter reunion of sorts,with a chilling,"Did he hurt you?" from Rachel, on hearing that Miles is there - yeah Miles, Monroe's the Big Bad, pfft!

      There's a great scene with Monroe, Rachel, Charlie, Danny, & the vile Strausser, where we see just how much Charlie has grown - she's willing to die just so that Rachel won't finish making an amplifier, which she says will just make it easier for Monroe to kill people by the thousand! We see grudging respect on Monroe's face, but he's still willing to kill them all to get what he wants, so Rachel gives in... (Well, she has just gotten her kids back!) Like I said, there's lots of action, & we even got to see Rachel triumphantly put an end to her tormentor - go Rachel, now if only you'd remembered to bring the pendant with you...

      Aaron proved he can do stuff other than teaching & computers, by blowing stuff up (eventually), helping our heroes make their escape! Cue smiles/giggles all 'round 'til we see an ominous sight, a helicopter rising above the wall, the camera focuses on the machine gun spinning, unleashing a hail of bullets at our heroes... RUN you idiots!

      Wow, a fantastic episode from start to closing credits - a great mid-season finale! ! 10/10, no question! Awesome acting from David Lyons as General Sebastian Monroe - his emotional scenes are nothing short of heartbreaking, & we, the viewers, sympathize with him, we see him now as an emotionally scarred man instead of a monster!moreless
    • Great First Season!

      I really like this show and hope to see it make a few more seasons. This episode was very climatic to the story so far and opens up a lot of possible directions for the future. LOVE IT!
    • Intense

      Wow the last couple of episodes have been the best ones since the premiere with everything culminating in this mid-season finale. It was nice to finally get some depth to some of the characters here with backstories you actually CARE about! Sorry, but the back story for Nora totally sucked.

      Everything amped up a few notches here and now we have something great to look forward to following the Christmas break!moreless
    • Speaking of bad storytelling gone absolutely horrible. This belongs back on CWs B-list..

      This is awful like SyFy murdered remix remake of the season, or CWs terrible relaunch of another fairy tale made fantasy-horror, stufff is so ridiculously predictable, badly writtten, and worse off acted you might as well have called this the show finale. I can't believe anyone who actually watched this for any entertainment gave it more then a 7. It bored the hell out of me and I almost everything that was going to happen long before it did. So yeah, and I can write but I'm nowhere near the talent of these guys. Which adds insult to the injury. Maybe NBC can do itself a favor and dump this off on CW or SyFy before it's too late.moreless
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