Season 1 Episode 10

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2012 on NBC

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  • Love Revolution!

    Very intense episode from the beginning to the end.

    Long waiting scene between Miles and Monroe, yes, I am still Miles makes the sword fighting super sexy for some reason... Family reunion: Danny, Charlie and Rachel... So impressed by Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) in the scene with Monroe, real badass; love her , loved the performance! and yes , proud that Tracy is Canadian!!! Great performances all over the episode: Elizabeth Mitchell(Rachel), Billy Burke(Miles),David Lyons( Monroe), Mark Pellegrino( Jeremy) and always amazing Giancarlo Esposito( Tom Neville)!!! Enjoyed every minute of the episode, great ending for the season! Love Revolution!!!
  • I'm a little late to this party, but...

    In this episode we see Miles coming face to face with Gen. Monroe for the first time since he tried to kill him! Monroe forgives him, & throws down his gun to welcome his "brother" with a heart as open as his arms, only to be emotionally shot down by Miles' coldness! Looks like Miles has conveniently forgotten that his past isn't exactly snow white... Cue awesome sword fight!

    Danny's back, & Charlie 's resumed her big sis role - taking care of him as if her life depended on it! We have a mother/daughter reunion of sorts,with a chilling,"Did he hurt you?" from Rachel, on hearing that Miles is there - yeah Miles, Monroe's the Big Bad, pfft!

    There's a great scene with Monroe, Rachel, Charlie, Danny, & the vile Strausser, where we see just how much Charlie has grown - she's willing to die just so that Rachel won't finish making an amplifier, which she says will just make it easier for Monroe to kill people by the thousand! We see grudging respect on Monroe's face, but he's still willing to kill them all to get what he wants, so Rachel gives in... (Well, she has just gotten her kids back!) Like I said, there's lots of action, & we even got to see Rachel triumphantly put an end to her tormentor - go Rachel, now if only you'd remembered to bring the pendant with you...

    Aaron proved he can do stuff other than teaching & computers, by blowing stuff up (eventually), helping our heroes make their escape! Cue smiles/giggles all 'round 'til we see an ominous sight, a helicopter rising above the wall, the camera focuses on the machine gun spinning, unleashing a hail of bullets at our heroes... RUN you idiots!

    Wow, a fantastic episode from start to closing credits - a great mid-season finale! ! 10/10, no question! Awesome acting from David Lyons as General Sebastian Monroe - his emotional scenes are nothing short of heartbreaking, & we, the viewers, sympathize with him, we see him now as an emotionally scarred man instead of a monster!
  • Great First Season!

    I really like this show and hope to see it make a few more seasons. This episode was very climatic to the story so far and opens up a lot of possible directions for the future. LOVE IT!
  • Intense

    Wow the last couple of episodes have been the best ones since the premiere with everything culminating in this mid-season finale. It was nice to finally get some depth to some of the characters here with backstories you actually CARE about! Sorry, but the back story for Nora totally sucked.

    Everything amped up a few notches here and now we have something great to look forward to following the Christmas break!
  • Speaking of bad storytelling gone absolutely horrible. This belongs back on CWs B-list..

    This is awful like SyFy murdered remix remake of the season, or CWs terrible relaunch of another fairy tale made fantasy-horror, stufff is so ridiculously predictable, badly writtten, and worse off acted you might as well have called this the show finale. I can't believe anyone who actually watched this for any entertainment gave it more then a 7. It bored the hell out of me and I almost everything that was going to happen long before it did. So yeah, and I can write but I'm nowhere near the talent of these guys. Which adds insult to the injury. Maybe NBC can do itself a favor and dump this off on CW or SyFy before it's too late.
  • It boggles my mind

    That people can see such bad writing as a good episode. God this might as well be part of the Austin Powers trilogy it so bad it has to be funny at some level. Before Nielsen clues NBC in that this title is a fitting reason why their ratings have plumetted so badly.
  • I can't believe this even got a 7....

    Honestly most of this overacting and schoolgirl theatrics could have been better played in a two - two&1/2 hour motion picture. Billions made and no reason to waste a good time slot. Suprised this episode got anywhere past a 7, really can't be that serious about sci-fi to think this equates to a great mid-season finale. Seriously though mid-season finale, people need to look back to the Light Saber fight between Vader and Ben Knobi in the original 79 flick. Because as short as it was it had much more thought and reality in it then this junk. Hey, and that was SciFi too. I think if this is any indication of how were going to wrap up the season then I think everyone is about to get a real let down. Nothing about this was unpredictable. Good guy get's the prisoners, phsycho boy gets killed, and the villian lives now with his army of choppers. Meanwhile in his layer the twisted Dr. Evil plots to take out the makeshift villian. :(
  • A fantastic hour of television!

    This is from FringeFanatic (who was actually not a fan, nor a hater of the show). He gives a much more coherent and worthwhile review than I ever could. It requires more views. Some have already said its the comment of the year:

    But you made it! WE made it! From the worst episode of oxygen deprived, hallucinogenic stupidity (apart from Miles's hallucinations, which added to the story), to by far the best episode of the show! WOW! Even Tim wrote about it with begrudging respect. That's a huge win for the Revolution supporters.

    This was a very solid hour of television. Haters can hate (oh, how they love to hate!), but even their criticism has been muted by a stellar midseason finale.

    As Tim wrote, the best and most interesting aspect of Revolution has become the oh so complicated relationship between Miles and Monroe. The flashbacks were both emotionally poignant and directly relevant to the story. DID I JUST WRITE THAT?! Why, yes I did. Dare I say they reminded me of LOST? Ridicule me if you must, but LOST was the master at using flashbacks as a means of justifying character motivations, and Revolution took one giant leap in the right direction with Monroe's tortured backstory. Goddamn Harry Potter! The boy who killed. I think losing your family to such trivialness would hurt even more. David Lyons performance in this episode was the strongest acting I've seen on Revolution to date. They were brothers, man! Them against the world. I felt for Monroe, I really did. Miles saved his life and was the only family he had in this world. Part of me wanted Miles to just throw down his gun and hug it out with Munroe (settle down gaydar watchers). If you think about it, imagine all the good Miles could do from inside the Militia? He could rein in Monroe's clearly psychopathic tendencies. Maybe even try to get the Militia to NOT kill innocent people. You know, baby steps. But instead he's like, "You're nothing to OUCH! That hurts. Villains are always better when they're not cardboard cutout evil. If a show can make you sympathize with the "bad" guy, they've done a good job. And I sure as hell sympathized with Monroe in that moment. I didn't really understand Miles's completely cavalier attitude towards a guy he grew up with and once considered a brother, but I guess it all can't be perfect. He said something like "You're too far gone", but I wanted something ... more. I don't know. I'd like to see why Miles left the Militia in the first place. Can you say SEASON 2?!

    The rest of the episode was exciting, repetitive, but exciting. Charlie has stepped right into her BAMF shoes. (Miles is definitely rubbing off on her ... why does that not sound right?) Did you see the look on her brother's face when she knocked that Militia dude out? If his eyes could talk they'd be saying, "Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!" Your big sis has grown up Danny! You'll probably be competing with Aaron in the most useless character department. Who am I kidding? Aaron OWNS that department.

    I was also intrigued with the scene between Rachel and Miles. A few have wrote that there is some URST there, but I think it's more than that. I think Miles may have already tapped the MILFgineer. That should complicate things. Oh, and am I the only one who thought Strausser repeatedly raped Rachel judging by her final words to him? He still wasn't a very convincing evil psychopath, but that at least makes him more maniacal than Rachel. And it makes her killing him a bigger win. Go Rachel!

    Now before I sum up this extremely long, self-indulgent comment, I would like to take a moment to defend the Monroe Militia. QUOTE: "The Monroe Militia is the most inept fighting force in the I don't know about that, Tim. Have you ever seen a James Bond movie? One guy basically takes down entire armies. At least Revolution's rag tag group has power in numbers (as in, more than 1). I know James Bond is the most elite super spy ever, but they've painted Miles in a similar fashion. He's the best of the best AND he's got a demolition expert ... and Charlie ... c'mon, she's getting better! Pretty much every action/adventure TV show and movie you watch the main characters inexplicably overcome impossible odds. Bullets very rarely hit their marks. This is not a Monroe Militia problem, it is a "bad" guy problem. Evil fighting forces generally suck at aiming. This is a FACT.

    In summation, I really liked this episode. I hope Tim continues to review Revolution (he's hilarious and he keeps this at times meandering show honest). And March 25 is too long to wait to see if our beloved group escapes the menacing 'Copter (they will, won't they?!).

    Oh, oh, and I just found out Tracy Spiridakos . Charlie. . Idiot) is Canadian! I love her entrancing eyes and manic smile even more now!
  • Phenomenal!

    This episode was absolutely incredible, and a great culmination to the first half of this season! We also had a great cliffhanger at the end, plus some very interesting reunions in more ways than one!

    Really, there was just so much suspense running throuughout this episode, it was absolutely breathtaking! And I can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the second half of the season!

    I really can't wait to see mroe - but somehow I will hate to wait!
  • Nobodies fault but their's

    When a good episode like this one is "suddenly" apparent you have to look back at the other crap and wonder why?

    So many of the past episodes have been so bad and yet this show proves that "it can be done"... maybe it is too late to save the show because you can't watch so many stinkers just hoping for a good one.

    Best of luck to them but I suspect that this show will come down with a bad case fo Terra-Nova-istis.
  • What a payoff!

    The finale was made of the stuff every writer dreams of writing and seeing it come to life. A perfect amalgamation of great writing, good direction and stupendous acting. Made me forgive all the previous shortcomings. I was already a fan, but this simply solidified my trust.
  • Nobodys Fault But Mine

    Nobodys Fault But Mine was a superb and very entertaining season finale episode of Revolution. I really enjoyed watching because there was action, suspense, drama and intrigue. It was great seeing Charlie meet her mother. I liked the fight scenes and the character development which was awesome. Miles was awesome as he forced Neville to help him then fighting with others. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was pretty awesome and I look forward to watching more of this series!!!!!!!!!!
  • if you wanna shoot, shoot ... oh christ

    Could this be more lame?
  • A clever title goes here!

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  • Nobody's fault this time

    Well after last weeks logic defying episode, we finally got one that advanced the storyline a bit more and did not require suspension of logic.

    We se the team inside Philadelphia and holing up with an old friend of Miles (plausible) Miles goes on a recon. Meanwhile Captain Neville bursts in capturing the rest of the crew. Had discovered Miles was in town and deduced where he might go. (plausible)

    Big family reunion, threats made, amplifier built.

    Neville takes hostage, threatens Neville, gets Nora and Aaron freed.and learns location of the rest. (plausible)

    Now the one part I have trouble with. Shove Neville and his wife in a closet and shove a desk in front of it. I'm sorry, I know how things are built. A closet is not built as a prison cell. Put any reasonably fit person in a typical closet and shove a table in front and they'll be out of there in five minutes or less. Maybe the crew piled a LOT more furniture in front of the door and just didn't bother showing it...

    Anyway, up to the power plant, usual sneaking in, finding/rescuing everyone and getting out. I actually considered this a bit more plausible than the usual rescues of this show. Its a power plant thats NOT WORKING. Why bother having much of an armed contingent there? (I did think it odd how clean and shiny much of the plant was considering its been inactive for a decade!?! )

    Big showdown between Miles and Sebastian, one of the better sequences in this series so far.

    MIles escapes, our intrepid band of heroes is on the run. Meanwhile the amulet powered amplifier is chugging away and we see a helicopter rise up and target our band. Chain gun starts spinning up and we fade to black for the mid season finale... (which raised another query. What were a bunch of military helicopters doing at a power plant anyway?)

    Still overall, I would have to say this was one of the better if not best episodes of the series so far. If they can continue along these lines. it would certainly improve the chances of the series surviving. Guess we'll find out after the break...

  • A superior mid-season finale. Sebastian deserves critical acclaim.

    So many shows get it wrong. Now that's how you do a finale. Revolution always had uneven writing, but this episode brought its A-game. There were two cliffhangers, a very obvious one and a really subtle one that harkens back a couple of episodes.

    I feel guilty for empathizing with Monroe. Kudos to that actor who portrayed him. If the writing keeps this up, he will become Emmy-worthy. Fantastic performance all around. The long hiatus will be truly agonizing...
  • OMG this isn't worth my time

    First of all, I started watching Revolution because I expected so much from the pilot.

    Now I just got to say that I'm disappointed: a lot of plot flaws, things just don't add up and the explanations are not convincing enough.

    During the last 3 episodes, I just had the idea that everybody is running around saving somebody.

    When do they get off ? Everybody that needs to be saved eventually does (with a plot twist that comes to the rescue, like a deus ex machina) but during which, more people simply lay around waiting to get caught, it's like a maze, but a really predictable one.

    Meanwhile, the scientific reason for the blackout is still unclear, although there are 3 or four scientists that succesively die, taking this secret to the grave with them.

    Furthermore, there's just this brutal take on life in the hunter-gatherer sense, but everybody just seems to be killing pointlessly around, a lot of unexpected characters arise only to get burnt again and it just seems silly. What for ? Total world domination ?

    The end game for the main characters is just futile: after they escape, they find out they've provided the means for yet another battle agains technology now ?

    I just love the sequences with the "night of the blackout" titles, but seriously, this isn't such a clever show. It's just passing time waiting for fringe to return !
  • Feeling Monroe...

    I know we're supposed to root for Miles as the hero and what not but honestly Monroe is stealing the show from him. I felt more for him last night than I ever have for Miles. Yet another show where the bad guy is the far more interesting character.
  • Not Too Shabby

    I enjoyed this last episode quite a bit.....what the fuck!?!? It wasnt great t.v. by any means but for this show it was pretty pretty pretty good. I enjoyed the sword fight I thought the choreography was intense. The tension was hyped for this episode. I really thought the flashback scene between Miles and Monroe was well done. I now think we should petition the producers of this show before they start filming the second half of this season to ramp up the writing, the action and the believability of living in a world like this. In other words dirty them up a bit.
  • Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!


    Meta humour about running out of bullets and using swords! Awesome.


    Monroe and Miles are so much more interesting 10 years ago. Much more interesting show would have been set 10 years ago during the consolidation.

    I don't know if this scene just put me in a more favourable mood then the opening scenes usually do, but man was this a good episode.

    The superteam has made it into Philly and decide to crash at an old friends of Miles using Nora as a prostitute because that is the go to method of getting into anywhere on this show.

    Neville figures it out in a way that for the first time demonstrates competence on the part of the militia without actually undermining anyone else's intelligence. A nice step for the show. He takes everyone but Miles into custody because he saw the trap coming and decided to go for a walk. Neville recognizes Aron and a completely irrelevant conversation about it follows, we get it, he worked for Google.

    Neville gives a nice speech to Monroe about leaving to keep himself safe, which I'm guessing was his backdoor powerplay, good on Monroe for staying.

    Charlie get thrown into jail with her mom and proceeds to do the best acting I've seen from her on that show. Elizabeth Mitchell, acting ability amplifier. (see what I did there). They discuss Miles and the two obviously different people he is in the past and present.

    And Strausser is a douche. And a bad actor. Please kill this jackass.

    Miles takes Julia (Raver) captive, and offers to trade her life for the life of his friends and family and Neville agrees. After some great acting all around (seriously, these guys were awesome), Neville returns Aron and Nora (TEAM PALINDROME!) but the kids have already moved on. So Miles locks the Nevilles in a closet and sets out to find the kids.

    They arrive at the plant, Miles and Nora go inside and leave Aron with the dynamite as a contingency plan, incase something goes wrong. Why even bother with the qualification? Your plan is to run in and assault a fully armed research base? Something is obviously going to go wrong. But Aron came up with the break-in plan so good on him.

    In some more solid acting by Charlie, she pleads with her mom to not make an amp, as Monroe forces her to choose which of her kids dies. Charlie even steps up to martyr herself before Rachel agrees.

    Monroe has a down moment in the acting department (for some reason he can't make it work with Rachel) and the kids get taken away so Strausser can threaten to rape Rachel. Again, this guys character is terrible. He tries to come off as menacing but just fails, somebody stab this guy in the chest.

    After getting the amp working (the powerplant stays surprisingly quiet after this happens), Rachel has it out with Strausser, eventually using her sociopathic tendencies to fake tenderness and then stabs him SO MUCH! (but not before getting punched in the face, because that's what this show does) Seriously, Elizabeth Mitchell you are one messed up chick. Love it.

    Meanwhile, Charlie (who has dried blood that looks like a third eyebrow and proceeds to bug enough to write about it) and Danny are working on their crawl through the vents escape plan. They are interrupted but it turns out to be a FAKE crawl through the vents escape plan and bludgeon the guard instead! Seriously solid plan. (for real) And it worked, because guards are dumb! And I'm come to accept that over 25 years of television watching. Charlie takes the gun and they escape. For all the work Danny does in these scenes, Monroe might as well of stolen a puppy. He's a plot device and no he's longer relevant and the writers don't know what to do with him.

    Pellegrino, Jacob, Jeremy is back! Love this guy so much. Great scene between him and Monroe on being able to kill Miles. Switch to a devastatingly awesome flashback of Miles and Monroe in a graveyard, great acting, sympathetic backstory, budding bromance. And most importantly Miles telling Monroe that he's family. I love these two together. Also, can I please watch the formative years of the republic with Monroe, Miles and Jeremy?

    During Charlie's escape she obviously gets caught because she's still Charlie, and Miles still saves her by stabbing a man through the chest because he's still Miles. Miles finds out Rachel is still alive so proceeds to save her too. (I was surprised that Miles truly did not know that Rachel was still alive.) Rachel slaps him in the face, because obviously. And the Guards come in to break-up the party.

    Jeremy: "Miles. You are like a bad penny." WHAT?!? What is this line of dialogue. I love it because it's insanely random and came out of Mark Pellegrino's mouth, but WHAT?!?!?

    Rachel and kids run to find Nora, and Miles lures the guards away and then runs into Monroe and squad of Redshirts. Miles takes down the redshirts in about 10 seconds and we finally get our Monroe, Miles non-hallucination confrontation.

    After some terrible flashbacks with useless kid actors. (you that thing that happened between you and that other guy that one time at sleepover camp, but it was just that one time? Yeah, I'm pretty sure these two went "camping" a lot in their youth.) We get another heart wrenching scene with Miles and Monroe, and you know what? Miles was cold! What you got a better family so you don't need him anymore? You're sorry you didn't kill him before? You don't give up on family just because they took over 1/5 of the United States in a bloody coup! You're an ASS Miles. Team Monroe FTW!

    Anyways, after the emotional beatdown, there's a sword fight that's poorly cut and edited and a real downer after the great scene that preceded it. Jeremy finally catches up to Miles and forces him to parkour out the window.

    So, literally this whole time Aron was trying to light a match, and FINALLY blows a hole in the wall. Good explosion, but some really shitty set work on the hole in the wall. (Should've let Hot Set do a crossover episode.) And everyone escapes. But Rachel left the pendant behind and now Monroe has helicopters that will work in a mile radius around the power plant (seriously, start fucking running you dumbass), and fade to black. See you in March!!

    Monroe and Miles = gold. Monroe and Rachel = crap.

    Charlie and Rachel = gold. Charlie and Miles = crap.

    Same 4 actors, I don't understand how the pairings can lead to such a huge difference in scene quality.

    There's a Star Trek episode where Picard goes back in time to his 20's but is still played by Patrick Stewart, and it was awesome, there's even a shot where he's looking in the mirror and for what literally would have probably been a $20 special effect of showing a younger version of himself looking back, they didn't even do that. As an audience you invest in the actors playing the character not just the character itself. There's a huge disconnect when you plug in another actor to play the same character. On top of that, kid actors blow.

    Revolution, if you're capable of putting together an episode of this caliber then DO IT! Seriously, this was a great episode. It still had some faults but I LOVED IT. Do this same thing for 12 more episodes in March please.

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