Season 1 Episode 10

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2012 on NBC

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  • OMG this isn't worth my time

    First of all, I started watching Revolution because I expected so much from the pilot.

    Now I just got to say that I'm disappointed: a lot of plot flaws, things just don't add up and the explanations are not convincing enough.

    During the last 3 episodes, I just had the idea that everybody is running around saving somebody.

    When do they get off ? Everybody that needs to be saved eventually does (with a plot twist that comes to the rescue, like a deus ex machina) but during which, more people simply lay around waiting to get caught, it's like a maze, but a really predictable one.

    Meanwhile, the scientific reason for the blackout is still unclear, although there are 3 or four scientists that succesively die, taking this secret to the grave with them.

    Furthermore, there's just this brutal take on life in the hunter-gatherer sense, but everybody just seems to be killing pointlessly around, a lot of unexpected characters arise only to get burnt again and it just seems silly. What for ? Total world domination ?

    The end game for the main characters is just futile: after they escape, they find out they've provided the means for yet another battle agains technology now ?

    I just love the sequences with the "night of the blackout" titles, but seriously, this isn't such a clever show. It's just passing time waiting for fringe to return !
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