Season 1 Episode 10

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2012 on NBC

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  • Nobody's fault this time

    Well after last weeks logic defying episode, we finally got one that advanced the storyline a bit more and did not require suspension of logic.

    We se the team inside Philadelphia and holing up with an old friend of Miles (plausible) Miles goes on a recon. Meanwhile Captain Neville bursts in capturing the rest of the crew. Had discovered Miles was in town and deduced where he might go. (plausible)

    Big family reunion, threats made, amplifier built.

    Neville takes hostage, threatens Neville, gets Nora and Aaron freed.and learns location of the rest. (plausible)

    Now the one part I have trouble with. Shove Neville and his wife in a closet and shove a desk in front of it. I'm sorry, I know how things are built. A closet is not built as a prison cell. Put any reasonably fit person in a typical closet and shove a table in front and they'll be out of there in five minutes or less. Maybe the crew piled a LOT more furniture in front of the door and just didn't bother showing it...

    Anyway, up to the power plant, usual sneaking in, finding/rescuing everyone and getting out. I actually considered this a bit more plausible than the usual rescues of this show. Its a power plant thats NOT WORKING. Why bother having much of an armed contingent there? (I did think it odd how clean and shiny much of the plant was considering its been inactive for a decade!?! )

    Big showdown between Miles and Sebastian, one of the better sequences in this series so far.

    MIles escapes, our intrepid band of heroes is on the run. Meanwhile the amulet powered amplifier is chugging away and we see a helicopter rise up and target our band. Chain gun starts spinning up and we fade to black for the mid season finale... (which raised another query. What were a bunch of military helicopters doing at a power plant anyway?)

    Still overall, I would have to say this was one of the better if not best episodes of the series so far. If they can continue along these lines. it would certainly improve the chances of the series surviving. Guess we'll find out after the break...