Season 2 Episode 4

Patriot Games

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2013 on NBC

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  • Too much of Rachel feeling sorry for herself

    Good episode, although there was too much of Rachel feeling sorry for herself. and not enough action.
  • SCI FI?

    Tom Neville going from Monroe Militia to Georgia to US... Isn't that far fetched? And Aaron now haves super natural skills like instant heal, seeing people trough the nanites in the air and ultimately setting people on fire?

    This show has gone from a realistic post apocalyptic action drama to a full blown science fiction show.

    I almost had the feeling i was watching Stargate... Though i still like the show.
  • Fitting episode title!

    This was a great episode of Revolution as the storyline continues to come together in many ways. Interesting developments in Willoughby as the 'Patriost' come to town and are beginning a takeover, while Neville is making his way up their ranks not too far away on the East Coast.

    Meanwhile we had interesting developments with Charlie and Monroe, and the concept that they could work together which has been building for the last few eps finally came together.

    Looking forward to Charlie and Monroe reuniting with the others next week because sparks could fly, especially with the Patriots very much interested in finding Monroe... and the others.

    I'm also really enjoying Neville's plight in Georgia, and it is developing nicely!

    Keep it up, Revolution! Loving the show as usual!
  • Man, this show!

    Do I see the makings of a turn around? I mean, it's been sub par up to this point, but man. If things stay the course, it could turn into some great TV. I'm willing to chock the first season up to "necessary if they keep over the bar in S02E04.
  • Revolution.

    Just as I thought from last weeks episode that Monroe and Charlie would team up together, but there's one thing that I wish Rachel would stop doing is blaming herself for everything that happened. But one thing did really surprise me and that was Ken, never in a million years I would have suspected him of being a patriot and as he said to Rachel before he was going to kill her, that he has been for 7 years which just proves my point that they have been planning this before the power went off. Therefore Justine you knew and what better way to escape than before the power went off and hide out in Cuba and leave Randell behind to finish of his dirty work and no doubt he did and just before Ken died at the hands of Rachel, he said there was more strikes on the way. All I could think about was Hitler and how you want to wipe out more of your own people, just to build another race, a better race of Americans, sounds like Genocide to me Justine or Delusions Of Grandeur. Not to mention during this episode the so called Patriots were killing fellow Americans and I somehow don't believe you were not aware that was going on. Aaron and his episodes / hallucination's and how he can control them, i'm sure it has to be connected to the fire flies, after all it did save Miles and just one last thing, I am sure that Neville will join them. Yes Its Only a TV Show, But I'm Passionate About It. Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up NBC.
  • Revelation

    "Patriot Games" was a revelation. It revealed much that was suspected plus some. Yes, the US Government's "Patriots" are behind the atomic bombs and they're a form of some kind of neo Nazi cabal even transporting the less desirables by train for who knows what? Aaron and nanobots are aligned to the point of he dreams their desired outcomes. Rachel is an enemy of the new state and she narrowly escapes death in the process confirming even more than she has suspected. Charlie is begrudgingly aligned with Monroe after he saves her from certain death. Tom has maneuvered his own promotion and in the process taken out his commanding officer who was hell bent on his destruction. Miles gets the big picture with his own capture evaded by the mysterious nanobots which Aaron dreamed exactly as it happened.

    This was one heck of an episode. So much was happening with so much coming into greater focus it is simply a must see. Plus, it was just plain good. The greater clarity was satisfying if the outcome is going to be one fantastic struggle as an ongoing ride. Our group is splintered still with Charlie not yet reunited and Monroe being ever the sinister presence morphing into a once unthinkable ally. Just because you know something doesn't give you the strength to overcome it and now our heroes need to regroup and understand how to harness that mysterious nanobot power. This is great stuff that makes one eagerly await next week's journey. A revelation seeking a another revolution.

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