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Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2012 on NBC

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  • Boring take on an interesting, if well worn, idea

    Atrocious pap that screams 'Terra Nova' at the top of it's TB infected lungs... It's virtually impossible not to connect the two for a high concept that has so much to offer in terms of social commentary, visuals and imaginative storytelling.. but right after the amazing premise is thinly opened, with scant information, they leap forward to where all the interesting stuff is a done-deal and things have settled down... BORING!

    On top of the disappointing focus on an America sent back 300 years in terms of technology the physics of action scenes seem ***ed to the 80's action flick where arrows apparently have the kinetic force of a sledgehammer to the chest and shotguns make inconsequential red shirts (well at least red shirts had an introduction and dialogue) fly around like rag dolls.

    These over the top spurts of pace seem shot to try and fool the viewer into thinking this is exciting stuff right here.. these peaceful farmers with no right to bear arms (but some do.. so that plot point doesn't seem to even matter) who live farming lives.. they are the exciting stuff.. not the degradation and collapse of society... no sir.

    The plot has been done to death in books over the years and those hoping for a vision of "Swan Song" by McCammon or even a Mad Max are sadly to be disappointed.

    As to why this is yet another miss is hard to say.. but since Lost it seems that no Station will commit to a series with real cash and therefore corners get cut left right and centre, leaving every drama to impress without expense and sadly few have the script and visual flare to pull it off.
  • Let's wait and see..

    It didn't blow me off my feet, but then... few shows did when the first episode aired. The post-apocalyptic America seems nice enough, but by itself not all that entertaining. Might also even be too nice. The characters look quite shallow and not very interesting. I like Burke, but if his character really has got something, I don't know.

    I'm not sure if I really wanna follow that up...
  • Concept Captured my Attention

    I have to say I really like the premise of this show. Showing a not quite medieval America is interesting. The world order has fallen and various warlords are starting to crop up. The casting is good and the for a Pilot the dialogue was ok. I hope people will give ths show a chance cause there is a good cast creative people behind it.
  • The Pilot of Revolution was pretty decent

    The Pilot of Revolution was a superb start to a series with potential for success. I really enjoyed watching because the thought of something like this actually happening is intriguing. I liked how the story gave a glimpse of the event happening and then cut to 15 years later. The characters were interesting and though seemingly ripping off some movie franchises the story was pretty engaging. I liked how Uncle Matheson's friend from the past is now a General and in charge. Giancarlo Esposito was a welcome face and played his part well. There were many other familiar faces too. I think the show could be awesome or spiral down hill like Terra Nova, either way I'll watch and look forward to seeing how things play out!!!!!!!
  • Greatly disappointing

    What a waste of money (and time)... the premise may be acceptable, if not promising (as long as they don't get too technical:- and I fear the moment they'll try to justify the concept).... but the Pilot was simply BAD. Badl writing, bad characters, bad dialogue. Really low quality. Reminded me of "V" and "Terra Nova", and I don't mean that as a compliment. JJ what are you doing... his last bets were really on the wrong horses. I'm beginning to think that Lost (with all its "later seasons" flaws) was just a lucky guess.

    I'll give another chance or two to this show, but just because of the lack of SF shows out there. DO something!!
  • Yawn !

    The premise kinda reminded me of the cancelled Fast Forward, which incidentally was novel then and thus interestingly done. But this revisited theme and the word "Blackout"kinda bored my sensibilities to no end. Maybe this was JJ Abram's 2nd lame attempt at reminding producers not to BLACKOUT this new series again. I recorded this and I seldom fast forward (pun intended) any movie show scenes I watch but found myself doing it several times with Revolution just to get it over and done with. Let's see if this new pilot will make another FF to its demise soon enough like its predecessor.
  • Average at Best!

    Overall this was a pretty weak pilot, However despite a good premise i never had high hopes revolution due to the failure of other high concept shows like flashforward, the event and terra nova. I felt the biggest problem with this pilot was it characters they were weak and undeveloped and i really didnt care what happend to them, I also hated the way the characters were dressed charlie the lead was dressed in pretty trendy clothes which felt silly considering the situation the characters are in. I also felt the dialogue in this pilot felt cliche and predictable and despite a fresh premise the show didnt really feel all that original. On a positive note I thought the pilot looked great and had some great fight scenes and nice visuals but overall i was disopointed, i wont give up on revolution not yet....
  • Explosive pilot!

    Wow, this was absolutely magnificent! I cannot comprehend why so many people hated it in the previous reviews. Some people said taht the characters weren't well developed, which could be sorta true, but I think it is off to a good start.

    Obviously there is a lot more to come and we don't know all that much about the characters yet, but I felt the pilot was very impressive and there is a lot of room for growth and to turn into an impressive series.

    I definitely can't wait for the next episode!
  • Disappointing Pilot

    I was expecting something more. Good actors are not enough. Maybe in next episodes it gets more interesting but i don't understand why the pilot was so bad... Very simple... Flash Forward and The Event were both cancelled and that pilots were amazing...
  • Does this highly anticipated show live up to the hype? Or is it anover Terra Nova?

    Sadly, in short, it's another Terra Nova.

    The people behind this have a pretty serious track record of awesome shows. The creator of Lost J. J. Abrams being the most obvious. He also created Alias, Fringe, among the failure show Terra Nova. We also have Breaking Bad's awesome, awesome, awesome Giancarlo Esposito as the militia bad guy (he seems to love playing villans) and Juliet from Lost playing Charlie's mother.

    So let's get this out of the way. The kind of sucked. It wasn't HORRIBLE, but it wasn't as great as the trailers made it look. This Pilot brings up a large number of mysteries, mostly in the science department. How the hell could something like this even happen? I kind of get the feeling, like I got with Lost, that none of these questions will be answered. Provided the series even gets renewed, which is unlikely if this kind of quality is kept.

    The characters are all extremely boring. Boring as hell. Even Giancarlo Esposito, who is amazing actor, was given a role that made him seem bland and not stand out at all. None of these characters have any depth, they're just there to look pretty. The main actors (especially Danny, who annoys the F*CK out of me and should win the award for worst developed character) are all extraordinarily uninteresting.

    This show has the same problems that Lost did. We, as viewers, do not care about the families of these annoying characters who somehow wear skinny jeans and makeup in the world without power where militias rule. We care about how the government fell, what happened to start it.

    The militia spy made no sense either. If he wanted to save the girl, why did he call his troops on her? For the sake of a flashy sword fight scene? Why is the uncle such a dull character that really the only thing Charlie herself knows about him is that "he's good at killing things." What?

    I'm sorry, but that's just bad writing. Don't make a "family drama" and then have every member of that family be a complete idiot that makes you want to throw rocks at the TV. Not cool, Abrams. Better luck next time, because it looks like you failed again at making a show.

    I will stick with Revolution for a couple more episodes and unless it gets better I will not continue. It was just too bad this wasted potential. Too bad.


    +Interesting concept

    +Good production values

    +Great fight scene

    -Uninteresting characters

    -Insane plot holes (the airplane, anybody?)

    -Stupid, annoying characters



    I know that many hated it. But I loved it. Good job!
  • Revolution was terrible.

    I was really looking forward to Revolution, but after watching the pilot, I will not watch another episode. Ok, we lose electricity. After only 15 years, the U.S. doesn't seem to be around. There is now a bunch of "Republics". Also, except for a few, all modern weapons seemed to be "beamed" off the planet and instead mankind has flintlock type guns and crossbows. They did state that having a firearm was "a hanging offense." Like everyone would get rid of their modern weapons but hide their flintlocks and crossbows. This series is so unrealistic.
  • Grande primeiro episdio...

    Mesmo a meu gosto.