Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2012 on NBC

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  • Boring take on an interesting, if well worn, idea

    Atrocious pap that screams 'Terra Nova' at the top of it's TB infected lungs... It's virtually impossible not to connect the two for a high concept that has so much to offer in terms of social commentary, visuals and imaginative storytelling.. but right after the amazing premise is thinly opened, with scant information, they leap forward to where all the interesting stuff is a done-deal and things have settled down... BORING!

    On top of the disappointing focus on an America sent back 300 years in terms of technology the physics of action scenes seem ***ed to the 80's action flick where arrows apparently have the kinetic force of a sledgehammer to the chest and shotguns make inconsequential red shirts (well at least red shirts had an introduction and dialogue) fly around like rag dolls.

    These over the top spurts of pace seem shot to try and fool the viewer into thinking this is exciting stuff right here.. these peaceful farmers with no right to bear arms (but some do.. so that plot point doesn't seem to even matter) who live farming lives.. they are the exciting stuff.. not the degradation and collapse of society... no sir.

    The plot has been done to death in books over the years and those hoping for a vision of "Swan Song" by McCammon or even a Mad Max are sadly to be disappointed.

    As to why this is yet another miss is hard to say.. but since Lost it seems that no Station will commit to a series with real cash and therefore corners get cut left right and centre, leaving every drama to impress without expense and sadly few have the script and visual flare to pull it off.