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  • Perfect match for Monroe and his son.

    I so wish I had Aarons power. He has a gift , and what a gift. lol My favorite character is probably Aaron, although Im in a love hate relationship with Monroe. I can't help but think he was a good man gone bad, going back to good yet still on the brink of being a power hungry mad man. He wants to start the Monroe republic again , only this time - with his new found son. WHAT A GREAT JOB MATCHING UP MONROES NEW FOUND SON WITH MONROE. He really is convincing as Monroes son.
  • Great show goes down the drain

    Just heard, its canceled. All I can say, good show and there is a lot of crap out there! I love the show.
  • Eye candy

    Revolution is one of the most unique shows on the air today. The characters are fabulous and a special

    weekly treat of eye candy for the women. With the exception of the "nanos" I think they have captured what civilization would end up being if the lights went out. Hope it stays on the air.
  • I love the show

    Revolution is one of the best series on TV. Everything about is great. I love all the characters. It better not get canceled. I'm sick of all the knockers who over analyze every detail. Just enjoy it and stop whining.
  • I Blame Favreau!

    I do enjoy this show but the sloppy writing and sentimentality get on my nerves. There are some great ideas but they get undermined by characters continuously rescuing each other only to get captured over and over again.

    I also go crazy when characters behave in cowardly weak willed ways. Aaron, who is a genius spends his whole time behaving like a frightened child who hasn't experienced a tenth of the nightmares we know he has.

    Why are there so many ludicrous faults in the show? Well the writers, duh! But let's not be too harsh on the show's creative talent. The real culprit is Jon Favreau; a man who gas spent his whole life mired in a sentimental, illogical, sickly sweet world of make believe where any possibility of reality is trumped by Favreau's need to tug at the viewer's heart string.

    I even think the writers feel the same way when Miles comments on the Mattheson habit of always rushing to the rescue without thinking. And others say it too with a smile.

    Still good fun though.
  • Help the show!

    Hello fellow Revolution fans! I have received word that our beloved show is on the verge of being cancelled due to lack of viewers! So this is my message of help for you, tell your friends, have your friends tell their friends, lets help keep this wonderful show on the air! It needs at least 12 million and it's only getting 5 million. Let's do what we can to save this great piece of original entertainment for as long as we possibly can! Thank you all for your help and support!
  • that show is a great suprise

    that shows is really good , better than the rating by some users, i like the idea of how the world became without electricity, civilization as regresse back in time instead of going foward this where u see how technology is important nowadays
  • No more official reviews?

    I have enjoyed the reviews immensely - have they gone forever?
  • Will there be a Season 3

    I love the advancement of the sci fi basis for the that it's not just a constant battle between factions for the remnants of civilization! But are there enough viewers to keep the story going? I fear that the plot advances a bit too slowly to retain it's audience.....
  • Miracle Eyeglasses

    Has anyone tallied the number of faceplants Aaron Pittman has had so far? His superbly durable eyeglasses are one of the stars of the show. Or is this just an unspoken benefit of the Nano tech?

    In order to better enjoy this show, you have to understand that its genre is science fiction. Sure there's a lot of missing background detail and scientific inaccuracy. But does it make the stories of the characters any less enjoyable? At least several of our heroes have taken bullets and suffered other injuries. I don't remember anybody from the A-Team ever getting shot!
  • Mixed Feelings Every Time I Watch

    From the very first episode I've had mixed feelings about this show. The worst of the aftermath is left unsaid. If we lost electricity the majority of people would need to become small farmers to survive. Communities would band together for protection against outlaws. All of this unstated background nags at me, but the episodes are highs and lows. I'm just about to quit watching and the plot will pick up. Favorite characters are Miles, Charlie, and Aaron. Tom and Julia Neville are sociopaths who I would not miss. Monroe is and always has been quite mad.
  • Crap idea executed surprisingly well

    Im still in season 1, so maybe I havent got all the story yet.. but .. What REALLY bothers me is the very foundation for the story. They shut of electricity. Ok, yea right - how do you think human beings function? yes thats right, through electrical signaling (eg neuronal/neuromuscular circuits). Ie - if u shut of all electricity we all friggin die. (They didnt use something like an EMP that would fry circuits, but something seems to actively inhibit electrical signaling) So, the whole idea for the show is stupid to begin with.

    That said, the actors are actually not bad. The only really annoying character so far is the brother, but he seems to get less screen time at the moment. They could let Tracy Spiridakos try act a bit more than at present, but maybe her character will evolve.. I actually prefer this show to Walking Dead and its ilks, because (in Revolution) you get the whole post apocalyptic world without the stupid zombies/mutants/aliens whatever unbelievable crap.

    So.. I guess if u like Walking Dead you'll like this one. The acting, editing etc is MUCH better than Falling Skies. Ok so the script is super weak from the beginning (and it doesnt seem to get any better) but the good parts make up for the bad at the moment.
  • I think Revolution is the most important show I've ever seen

    I just did a podcast all about why. Revolution talk starts at about seven minutes.

  • I love all the character dynamics!

    Wow. Tonight's episode we got some big payoffs, some interesting developments and some major cliffhangers. The show is pulling out all the stops and it's going to be incredibly difficult to wait it out until the next episode which is over a month away.

    I just knew Charlie and Conner were gonna get together but I was shocked it happened so soon. I found it awesome Charlie was the one to initiate it all and think she did it as a way to bother Monroe. I loved Monroe's reaction. Poor Conner doesn't know what hit him. And it was a very serious moment when Charlie gave him that speech about how they'll all likely be dead within a year. I can't wait to see how that plays out...

    Another great moment for the show was seeing Rachel and Miles finally get together--completely together. It was a big moment for them and I'm glad they had it. Neville showing up on the scene was a complete shocker for them and I sense tragedy will only come of this. Jason is with him so I am also wondering what's gonna happen between him and Charlie when they reunite.

    Please let February go by fast!
  • Aaron and the nano stuff

    Why is that Aaron did not remember to ask the nano kid to turn on the power?
  • We know why people leave Charlie

    They need some relief from the constant criticism. My husband and I were amused when her uncle rescues her in episode four and he doesn't immediately take the gag off. I'm hoping she develops and improves but my hubby's hoping for a fatal gunshot wound. No offence to the actress; she's doing a great job, but the character is painful.
  • Season 2 is a bummer

    I started watching this show with a lot of enthusiasm, the post apocalyptic world was great, the adventures of getting to The Tower, the collapsed society and the Monroe Militia, etc.. all makes sense... until season 2, and this episode was the tipping point. For the first time i really got bored and wanted to turn it off. All this mambo jumbo about people in flames and the nano tech child is way to exaggerated.

    This show is turning in a pure sci fi mystery and I do not like it. The answer is pretty simple, it's from the same creators of Lost.. I also watched that show for season one and the "Robinson survivor" idea appealed to me, until they introduced a White Tiger on a tropical island with all the mystery bullshit. I can understand people like this, but i'm not into this kind of crap. I'm not sure if i will watch the next episode and i'm really sad about the evolving story because this was a really great tv show until season 2 started.
  • History Repeating itself

    Why does it seem like this season is the retelling of the rise of the Nazi party in Germany post WWI?
  • It's getting better, and better AND BETTER!

    Slow start to season 1 but it's progressively getting better! And season 2 is just awesome so far!

    I'm a big fan of Eric Kripke and how this show is going, it's on par with later seasons of Supernatural. It may not be as heartfelt though, but I do care for a fair few of the characters . Miles, Aaron and kind of Charlie (she's a lil annoying at

    I think the problem though with the show, is that it's still trying to find it's feet because you're never too sure on who to route for. However the same could be said for Game of Thrones, but for me that's what attracts me because in reality there are no superheroes, we're just humans trying the best that we can do with what we've got.

    Second to this, I believe this show has massive potential for so much more entertainment. The war, sci-fi and survival elements are what keeps this show fresh and interesting, and I trust in Eric to keep us engaged with more story to come, since he already has hopes and plans for season 3.

    ps btw I get it, all TV shows seem rubbish in comparison to Breaking Bad now :/
  • Upgraded after second season started

    I had a much lower rate on this show before, but given the recent changes, I have upgraded to 6.5 - Unfortunately season 1 still sucks, so I cannot do much more than that for now.
  • husband and wife night!

    finally a show my husband and i both love to watch season 1 and we are dont find many shows we agree we both like but this one won us over... cant wait until wednesdays roll around !!
  • Great Clips?

    How is everyones hair still the same? Haven't see one person with dreadlocks. Jason's been sporting a buzz cut, how?
  • Replace the script Please

    I started watching last season with a strong interest in the premise. But this season is very disappointing. Where's the plot? The dialogue is without any substance, I even feel bad for the actors that have to say those stupid lines. Its so confusing and all they do is kill each other and go from place to place and kill more I'm done with show.....
  • Great show for the TinMan--if he only had a brain.

    The premise for the show is great. Sure do wish the writing and acting wasn't so bad. The show is on a major network--why are all aspects worse than something Bravo would produce? I do know some folks at work that rave about the show--they all have one trait in common--they are numskulls.

    Have to love the fact that NBC thinks they have a Game of Thrones on their hands and poisons the scene releases for this show for dummies.
  • Revolution- Begining or End??...

    I can defiantly say that Revolution is doing a Wonderful job!!! I LOVED season 1 and i can't wait to see season 2!!! After seeing the first episode of season 2 I am on edge with so many questions!!! Was Randel taking orders for someone else? How long is Rachel going to blame herself for what happened? Who took Bass Monroe and why? Who are the guys that took Miles and the sheriff? What are Jason and his father (Neville) going to do? What is Charlie going to do now that Monroe has been captured by these men?? I am on edge with the show and i can safely say that Revolution is Bigger and better!!! revolution is my FAVORITE Series!!!! <3 <3 <3 :D :D :D
  • Revolution or deevolution?

    Anyone ever hear of alternative technology? Electricity makes things easy but not impossible. You would still have nuclear powered steam turbines for large ships and factories. It would be a steam punk society.
  • Can we please do somthing about the cast's teeth???

    Look not being funny here but even with steam power there is no way that after 15 years the older cast members would have such lovely white teeth or full set's either, the younger ones would not have had access to braces etc.... So at least half of them would look like something out of a "ye olde" scene from England, any chance of sorting this clear continuity issue with the whole show, as with out electricity modern dentistry that gives people the Hollywood smile they all have would not exist, thank you...
  • What is with the choice in actors?

    The writing is pretty terrible on its own, but the show could have been so much better if they picked likable actors. I can't stand any of the actors and they can't act to save their own lives either. Terrorists should use this show as a torture method.
  • charlie?

    anyone else think the actors are no where near suited to this show?
  • I thought it was unrealistic bullshit, but in the end everything fell in place and the show is awesome.

    If I am honoust I thought it was really unrealistic at the beginning, but I decided to keep watching and ignore the fact that the whole blackout was such a bullshit. The characters are great and beside the blackout the plot is great. BUT at the end of the first season everything fell in its place. The blackout has an amazing explanation which is in fact realistic. I am not a scientist so I do not really know if it is possible but it sounds possible to me. It is a really clever way of explaning the blackout. I can understand the bad reviews if you only saw the first few episodes and stopped watching. In the end I must say I think it is a really great show worth watching. Can't wait until they air the second season.
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