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  • NBC, You've made a terrible mistake!

    This show is horrible, what were you thinking NBC!!
  • I can't believe this has been renewed!

    When you think in the past what has been cancelled that this poorly acted, dull, predictable, even cliche'd affair romps on. May be when it comes round to season 2 start date, it won't. and I gave it 10 episodes before quitting, which I think is pretty generous seeing by the second one I kinda knew....
  • Revolution (not really)

    So, if you have never watched sci-fi/apocalyptic show then this is OK.

    If you're into your sci-fi then NOOO.

    JJ and Kripke WHAT WERE YOU THINKING. You guys are SO much better than this crap.
  • What a disappointment

    Why do people after a worldwide electricity out fall back into pre-industrial times? Why not use steam engines?

    Where have all the people gone? Did 99% of the world population kill each other off/die of starvation? And if so, where is the feeling of gloom and doom?

    Why does the "Militia" wear Civil War kind of attire? Did combat armour/kevlar vests/whatever stop working too?

    Why do people from the "Rebels" have the US-flag tattooed on their backs? Are they daft? What if they get caught? What if they want to do some spying? What if the "Militia" just decides to raid villages and make everyone reveal their backs?

    Why are there so many scenes where Charlie looks like a startled deer? Is that her trademark look and she has it in her contract that she may use it at least twice per episode?

    Why do people start to "hallucinate" (more like watching a movie with them in it) after they walk some underground tunnels for a couple of hours? Lack of oxygen my tukhus. There was propably enough oxygen to last them for days if not weeks, even with everything sealed tight (which it wasn't).

    Bad show went cringeworthy there for me. I didn't much mind the bleached teeth and the nice hair-do and whatnot but this? The developers obviously couldn't care less about pretty much anything. Will not watch again.
  • Can't believe this crap got renewed.

    I mean, THE EVENT was better than this crap.
  • Dear "Revolution" ...

    Dear "Revolution", thank you for sticking to the concept of being a bad show with bad acting and one single likeable character (IMHO) all the way through. I had been hoping till the very end of this season, that you might come up with a good or at least a decent episode. Since you failed to reach that goal, you made it very easy for me to decide on quitting for good and not tuning in anymore in the future.
  • How White is White?

    There's one thing that bothers me about this show, why does everyone have perfect & brilliantly white teeth? Otherwise, it's pretty good, so different to the norm shows that are being pushed at us.
  • Great love it here in Australia

    Keep up the great work with much better than all the PG crap out there today.

    Anyone who does't like this show is obviously devoid of any imagination!
  • Ahhh dear...

    So... it was a wet and rainy weekend and being the metrosexual that I am I had ironing to do... so I watched Revolution as I was doing the chores... and then kept on watching as I did the standard email... and kept on watching as I did some work so Monday isn't a flight-risk... and you-know - Revolution really is a hack!

    Could have been good but it missed the mark... how about they find another idea (lots around) and throw the same funding and "enthusiasm" at that... mildly entertaining (even laughing at the inconsistencies and plot holes) just don't cut the mustard...
  • Best Series that I have watched in 2013!

    I love it! actors are great , storyline makes sense and overall expectations are held!

    Can't wait for 2nd season!
  • Still worst SciFi show in late history

    After a while I stopped watching. Then I came to this site and thought it had improved after so many critics... but to my amazement they managed to continue this utterly badly acted show. No no.... the actors in itself are not bad, but the director who let them do the acting. I saw some of these actors in other shows and they were like "normal" human beings... but this robotic acting in this show gives me the creeps.

    I shouldn't write it, but its like the dog's droppings here in Holland. It's not the dog's fault, but the owners who not lead the dog to a place were to do their it is not the actors fault... but I'm repeating myself.

    I won't continue watching anymore.... I'm curious where it all goes to, but I can't watch this amateur acting...
  • Super Intense

    "Clue" was the best episode yet. It kept me on edge throughout. The torture scene with Nora was very intense. That Captain Franco guy really gave me the creeps!
  • Goodbye eletricity, hello bad Sci Fi - Stay, bad nanite, stay!

    Addendum after the 15th episode: if nanites cancel eletricity and eletric fields, why the brains and neurons of everybody still works?

    Maybe only those of the producers/writer's don't.

    But this could be a mere detail - sacrificing the reality to obtain dramaticity - that could be overcome if the show had any good qualities.

    Only adds insult to injury.

    To paraphrase the great and late series "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and the absolute classic "Alien":

    "In the future, no one will hear your cry for common sense and good writing.

    Without dinos, no dice. And i thought 'Terra Nova' was not good... Now it seems a masterpiece.

    Another good premisse that is wasted with cliches, bad acting, clumsy dialogue and implausible situations. Can it gets better, but I doubt it. And to think that these 'hungry' networks canceled tv shows such as ''The Event'', "Flash Forward'' and (even)'' Terra Nova'' ....

    Is it possible that we will only have good sci-fi on cable?

    New entry:

    Reassessing after the SIXTH episode: No country for the good old writing.

    Unbelievable bad writing and acting.

    Decreases another 1 point from my initial rating of 4
  • just wow

    yeah umm diesel engines dont need a spark plug ergo no electricity and yet no diesel trucks driving around....
  • It's bad enough to be renewed for a second season by this network...

    New insight: the producers, writers and actors were victims of bad nanobots.

    After the pilot, I was hoping that something might improve, but the opposite happens. The situations get even worse, less credible. The siege of the rebel nest, in the third episode for example, is beyond naive: it's lazy writing at all levels. The worst: the sniper on the roof not missing a shot, even in the dark. The fixed position would allow him only a couple of shots because in the third or fourht attempt he would be shot by, at least, one of the 30 gunmen waiting for the flash shooting of his riffle.

    A good general premise of sci fi remains butchered.

    Note: networks have canceled good or medians series of sci-fi, which probably ensure this nonsense a second season.
  • The show is fantastic, and I want to clear up some of the stupid reviews on here.

    All you idiots writing bad reviews seem to have missed out on two things, the explanation of what the black out is, and later, how it happened!

    You say use solar panels, electricity doesn't work. Yeah you can set those solar panels out there all day but the nanobots covering the planet will absorb every bit of electricity they produce. People saying cars would still work, nope, you need spark plugs, they run on electricity. Without spark plugs the car won't go. If you knew the premise behind how a car works you would know this. I couldn't even begin to fix a car if you asked me to and I still know that. And batteries won't work either, gosh, have you even seen the show!? The nanobots absorb all electricity and they are everywhere.

    People complain about them using swords and bows and arrows and old muskets when they could use modern guns, they want to conserve their ammo, bullets are easy to make for old guns, jest melt some lead into balls and load them into the gun with a bit of black powder and you're in business. Newer ammunition is a lot harder to make without machines. It on;y makes sense to arm the soldiers with the weapons they have in the show and save the real fire power for when you need it, like an all out war with another "country"... like Georgia.

    The character development is getting better and better every episode. I like that this show doesn't just throw everything out there the first episode, it keeps you thinking and if you're not a total fool then that's the type of programming you will enjoy.

    Watch the show before you write stupid reviews. It's a great show and every aspect has been thoroughly thought out.

    The show is fantastic. I can't wait to see where it goes.

    And before you write a stupid review, please watch the show and actually think about what is said and done and shown in it. You really should have an understanding of something before you pass judgement on it.

    Thank you.
  • I like it...

    But it is not the best sci-fi on tv right now. And it is good to see how it creates different opinions.

  • This show makes Andromeda look like a masterpiece.

    A ridiculously stupid premise, stupid characters (quite literally), completely implausible view of society, plot holes galore, and is so over the top unrealistic that I seriously have to question how stoned the writers were putting together the concept.
  • two words punch many holes in this plot

    besides some bad acting and everyone's eye color being so over dramatically re colored... Two words wipe away this whole storyline. SOLAR PANELS. Even if power grids go completely out... your telling me no one on the planet can figure out how to run power from solar panels, generators or the millions of car batteries laying around. . Dude from the cape should not appear in anything but daytime soap operas.
  • angels

    one of the best tv series I have followed in a long long time. I absolutely love the show.
  • Great show again from NBC

    I seen this show advertising months in advanced and I was interested... Upon the game came out too and started playing, and I must say I love the game, and very addicting.

    Then the show came out, and started watching it and I must say, it is as good as the game most likely better. A really good show, have no issues with it.

    The graphics on some stuff are not amazing, but you do not want graphics the show itself is brilliant. I love it. I look forward to watching it every week and it is good.

    The acting is good, the array of casts are good specially some characters and actors and actresses are a good mix, I like the choice. The story is good fun and keeps me entertained.

    I hope everyone else is having a good time watching this, the same as me.

    I am loving Defiance and Revolution and I think NBC is becoming a Syfy beater... Because the shows are that good. Keep up the good work, keep the episodes coming I am a fan and will watch them all. Great work.

    I know there are some problems with the show and game, but I do not care if they do not mix or come together, as I play the game and do not think of the show. Yes it has things that are the differences, like arkfalls, land, terrain, vehicles etc but I do not care if they do not blend together. The show and game are amazing.

    Keep up the good work, you got a fan now :)
  • Starts slow but turns out awesome

    I cannot agree more with Lauravankessel! I silently suffered through the first couple of episodes, where it felt like the show had potential, but was a bit all over the place; backed up with some poor decision-making of characters, which is always annoying as hell. But it picked up pace, the storylines got more interesting and that JJ Abrams touch started to show. It reminds me of Falling Skies, but without the tremendously horrible alien visual graphics and with better storylines, which makes it a solid, well-made apocalyptic show.
  • young girl run around getting good people killed

    young girl run around getting good people killed, every frakkin episode Charely gets a good guy killed and it's too painful to watch her screw up the whole show...

  • First impression was horrible, now i'm addicted! [small spoiler]

    So, it's not a 10... it started out too slow and too randomly.

    After three and a half episode I stopped watching.

    But then comes the time that all of the good shows are slowly coming to an end, gaps between airings are getting more and more frequent, and as a true tv-show-addict, I looked for something to watch.

    I found out Revolution was renewed for it's second season last week, so I figured I might have been hasty in my conclusion. Turns out I was!

    It's not the best show ever made (because that would be Game of Thrones, obviously), but after episode 5 the pace starts to go up, the story-lines get better and knowing that [SPOILER] one of the main characters dies in the first half of the season, actually amped up the excitement! (who's it gonna be, is it going to happen now?). So, now i'm almost up to speed, right in time for the season finale, and i'm looking forward to next season! Hurray for NBC!
  • Renewallllllll!!!!

    So happy NBC renewed it for a second season! as i said 'Revolution can't be stopped' :)
  • the world wont end, this show will

    season 1 was cut from 22 episodes to 20, thats the last clue in a long line of clues, that indicate that this piece of fecal matter wont make it to season 2.

    I think Revolution is one of thoes love it or hate it shows, witch is not necessarily a bad thing, when more people love it than hate it...... Revolutions problem is that the reverse is true, and why wouldent you???

    The story is weak, the acting is crap, and the plot is dumb as fuck...

    If you hope for a 2nd season theres a thin ray of hope though, Foxs "the following" has about the same low ratings as this crapfest, and it found a 2nd season, and that is fox, the network infamus for axing shows...

    NBC: plz axe this and make something better.
  • Excellent show - Good plot - Top notch acting!

    I saw the trailer for this and thought it was going to be an amazing show, guess what? it was. There are some concerns that i have over some of the decision making the characters are making - but that aside, its a wonderful show. The scenery is excellent. Acting is good. Plot is suburb and i cannot WAIT for a season 2!.
  • all they need now is a brain transplant

    Are the writers of the canceled day-time soaps writing prime time now? I feels they don't have a story line good turns bad and bad guys escape - they might need them later.

    Kinda feel sorry for the actors.

  • Sci-Fi?

    I know Sci-Fi always makes stretches, but the ones Revolution makes just don't jive. The idea that nanites suppress electrical activity is ridiculous. Electricity is everywhere--including in our own bodies. And what is with the pilot and core of the plot? Bring the dead father's son... somewhere? Why? Who cares anyway? And what about purpose now?

    Characters make strange decisions that just don't make sense. I don't know what's going on with the writers. Maybe they aren't working together on this. The problems aren't with the dialogue, choice of characters, etc. It's with the general writing.
  • Slash and burn

    There isn't much time for afterthought and the characters decision-making is sometimes wild, silly or just plain stupid. There are too many convenient plot solutions to the problems our protagonists have, even though every single plan they device fail in one way or another. The action comes thick and fast and the fact that one of our main heroes, Miles Matheson, uses a sword makes it strangely cool. I love swordfights so it's a guilty pleasur to watch this.

    I can see this show survive its first season only if there aree more tricks up its sleeve than a wild goose chase for a boy. There has to be more than shiny USB sticks too because it gets old very quickly.
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