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  • female charactors

    well CJM if you want to compare charactor's from different shows Charile must be compaired with other female charactors not the male Miles charactor is more of a parallel to Rick of the Walking Dead. It would have been better if you compaired Charile with say Michonne. I think that the charactor of charile because of Danny's death will change and become harder and more warrior like moving closer to Michonne's charactor. Only time will tell.
  • Awsome show

    This years top new show. The show starts with somebody prediciting whats going to happen, and the all electricity and all technology stops working. The show is about what happens to the world if said scenario happens, its back to basics, survival, power is in the ghands of those that are most is a underlining story and there is a story that goes through every episode. I can easily see this end up like Lost, with no ending, no explentations. But lets hope they prove me wrong. Seen 11 episodes, and its great so far.
  • Its getting there

    Not bad lots of new faces which is good doing great guys
  • Just average

    Papa Bella as a badass psycho (but with a consciousness and a heart) in an electricity-free world. Except for the alien part, there are similarities with "Falling Skies" but I find "Revolution" much less interesting.

    Acting is OK I guess. Charlie's character lacks depth and consistency and her casting could have been better in my opinion.

    Fighting scenes are completely unrealistic to the point of ridicule. And I still don't understand how Charlie and her friends could lack oxygen so fast in such a big underground network (episode 10). It feels like the writers think we are morons and will swallow anything.

    During a normal year I would probably have passed but there isn't much out there this year so...
  • Power for the people

    Imagine if you find yourself in a world that has lost its ability to generate electricity & your existence has become a struggle for survival, this is what Revolution is about.

    A Sci-Fi series that takes a look at said scenario & a group of people who must survive the medieval existence they find themselves in.

    Among the survivors are Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), an idealistic young woman who along with her uncle & former militia leader Miles (Billy Burke), a one-time web billionaire Arron (Zak Orth), and Nora (Daniella Alonso) a rebel fighter. They are being pursued by mad tyrant Bass Monroe (David Lyons) & his right-hand martinet Capt. Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) because they hold the secret to restoring the world's energy.

    This series comes from the fertile imagination of J. J. Abrams who gave us such memorable shows like Fringe & Lost.

    Despite what detractors say about this show, it happens to be a intelligent Sci-Fi series that shows just how dependent on technology we as a society have become. I just hope this series will be around for a long time, just to see whether or not the world gets a 2nd chance once its energy starts flowing again.
  • Returns March 25, 2013

    In the mean time, you can get your Revolution fix by checking out Revolutions 2 new Web Series:

    Enemies of the state


    Wheatley's Letters
  • It got better

    The few episodes of Revolution were a little dragged somewhat that being said, it started picking up at the end, and of course the drama culminating in the meeting between the two hucky mucks of the show. There is not much critical thinking encompassed in the show, being a former special ops soldier myself, and it is, of course, ludicrous to think that people with swords could be any where effective against those numbers and creative and it's fun fiction. That's all that matters I suppose. I am wondering how they will present Season 2?
  • Its okay

    Had to power through the first 3-4 episodes, but then I started to like it more and more. See this season if I will stick with it or quit it like every JJ Abrahms show. Fringe was dope though.....
  • why worrie

    the times as their are will only give you at the most 12 shows a year not like the good old days say i love lucy show had like 40 something shows a year ( i think we pay the actors to much they do not need to work any more) ( not to say if you paid me that much that i wouldn't work all that much) but i think we need to yell out pick a show stick with it and make it like from sept to may like the old days...

    this show i like not going to get into how deep it is '' no critical thinking '' some times i dont want to think just injoy but again hard to do that with 12 show a year
  • No. Just no.

    This is a stupid man's Jericho. I can't lower my IQ to that of a floor mop/Liberal so that I can enjoy this. It will never happen. It only makes sense if you have no critical thinking skills whatsoever.
  • this is not a review

    it is a question. season 2 ?????

    li like the show just because reminds me the Fallout pc games
  • NBC again stubble's out of the gate.

    This is another failure like the "Event." This show will last only one season. The show makes no sense. When will NBC get a clue?
  • Nuts!

    I miss Jericho.
  • Where is the Show?

    I love this show. Billy Burke is very actiony. I love him in this show. I was watching it every week, until it went off the air. My question is, why is Charlie so hard headed? She keeps him in trouble most of the time. Her character does not listen to Miles. Can there be another female to play Charlie, one who doesn't cry most of the time, talk back, disobey an elder of the family?
  • Good but could be better.

    I love almost everything about this show, the setting, the villains, the google guy and the story. But there is one thing about this that made me stop watching this. That is the stupid ass main character. That girl is without doubt the most incompetent main character i have seen in a long time, and i watched twilight for crying out loud. She makes horrible decisions, she gets people hurt, she risks other peoples life with her ignorance and should just crawl in a hole and die. Sadly i won't continue watching this show until she does. As good as this show is, she is a horrible horrible lead character
  • Failure

    I kept watching until they explained a necklace can power surrounding equipments. It is an complete failure sciencevise. Thus i assume they cannot explain why chemical, mechanical electricity production arent possible or why there isnt any old diesel engines working around which dont require any electricity. And Charlie, always looking with crying red eyes. I cant stand to watch. How can a girl grown in 15 years of hard life be so emotional and tend to cry every episode.

    JJ has done it again with a great cast and storyline keep them commin JJ
  • Predictable but Okay

    First time i watched the pilot i was so bored i fell asleep but decided to give it a try ant its worth it, the concept is good but the writers are going the wrong way with it. the main actress is annoying and should improve her acting but apart from that Revolution is a treat with drama, action and suspense.
  • JJ Abrams is cursed

    Ever since the disappointing conclusion of Lost, JJ Abrams is cursed. This flashback thing is getting old and while he has great ideas it just doesn't work.

    If he had ended Lost the way fans wanted (with answers to the many questions), maybe he would get more support.

    I will watch it but I give it 1 season.
  • love it

    Revolution may be predictable it is like no other tv show on these days and it keeps you wanting to know what will happen next. I think it is a great new addition to NBC. I know many people who love it and I really hope it isn't cancelled.
  • awful but watchable

    every early episode is kinda the wants something ,answer is no,she rolls her pretty eyes and gets angry ... at the end everything is done the way she wanted it

    And then theres the story ... no comment but there is hope if they ever get the power back!

    How will it change the plot ?i fear the show will be canceled before it happens

    Until then i ll enjoy charlies pretty eyes
  • Axed before you know it...

    I've seen the first three episodes and each time I'm watching it I fall asleep. It's indeed what MgavanderSlui so predictable! The female hero on the show should take some more acting lessons because she sooooooo bad! And the whole show doesn't make sense. If the world has come to an end why is everybody so clean The CGI is good but not that great. This is show is not going to survive and I think the big bosses in NBC is sharpening their axes allready.
  • A Pleasant Surprise!

    I can honestly say that when I read about Revolution, I didn't find it all that interesting. Big things have been promised before, fantastic texts about shows that are hyped up to ridiculous degrees, and then they fall flat on their face. This time I'm happy I took that chance. I love this show, and feel it's one of those very few out there that are fairly unique, and manage to fully pull off what they promise. I really enjoy this show, and I can't wait for more.
  • A clever title goes here!

    It has some flaws, but overall a good show. I don't like the Charlie character however. No offence to Tracy Spiridakos, but could the people who made this show not find a more attractive woman to play Charlie? Also why have her be called Charlie? It sounds too boyish. Since her actual name is Charlotte why not have be called, oh I don't know, Charlotte? Plus, the only thing Charlie is really good for is getting the group in some sort of trouble. Also, they need to get rid of the Aaron character. He adds absolutely nothing to the group or the show. Heck, get rid of Charlie too.
  • father

    is there a chance that charlie is miles daughter because they do act a like and charlie does nit act like Ben very munch

  • A show that gets better every episode. The fall finale was almost a masterpiece. Hold on guys, we're in for one hell of a ride!

    UPDATE: In the fall finale, David Lyons' gives an Emmy-worthy performance and the character arcs become really juicy. Hold on guys, we're in for one hell of a ride!

    Many make the mistake of thinking this is a post-apocalyptic show. Its not. Its set 15 years after the blackout (the apocalypse), there is a government that's ruling over the masses. There's no more total anarchy. Though it has a sci-fi premise, its an adventure show with its heart in the right place. I started out not liking this show, but it grew on me over time. The dialogues are great, the action is on a whole level above anything on tv right now, the characters are realistic and become endearing over time. Its not perfect, but its the only show this year that manages to get better every episode and redeem itself.

  • Number 1 Government propoganda TV Show of the Season

    Notice that the Militias are the ones that are the bad guys. They continue to violate the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Owning firearms (2nd amendment) especially. Of course the "good guys" are those that are for restoring the United States. Is this bizarro world? Everyone knows that militias today are 100% 2nd amendment. This is crazy. What . Government bureaucrat did NBC hire to write this series?

    Aaron of course still after 15 years of walking and starvation seems to still weigh 300 pounds???

    Bicycles seem to not have been invented yet as everyone seems to walk everywhere unless they are lucky enough to have a horse.

    Good premise to a show but poorly executed. I really want to like this show but find it lacking. NBC, please fire your . Government bureaucrat that writes the scripts and hire some real writers.
  • Alcatraz 2.0

    Seriously, cuz here we go on yet another mediocre ride. Don't get me wrong, the show has potential, serious potential but, instead to be for network what The Walking Dead is for basic cable and Game of Thrones for premium cable, it gets stuck on the same flaws that cancelled Alcatraz.

    To quote Beyond the Thunderdome sountrack: We don't need another hero, we don't need to know the way home - or, in this case, back to electric power - we don't even need a serialized show, all we want lies beyond cliches and bad dialogue. Bring it on!
  • Please Not another JJ Abrams

    I know even now that the show would not have a conclusion, or it it does have a conclusion, it would be something that will not serve as a real one, but some plug to stop the rubbish.

    I tried to watch about five episodes anyhow, thinking that like in ALIAS or LOST they would at least be fun to pass the time.

    they where not fun, they where awful !

    the show would not have a conclusion, NOT because it's just like any other JJ Abrams shows, BUT because it's simply so bad.

    anyway, after the poor endings of Alias and Lost, i promised myself to never watch another JJ show, and it's time to keep that promise.
  • Cartoon Science, maybe, but...

    Krozmar, go back to school.

    Internal combustion engines are spark-ignition, they use SPARK PLUGS to ignite the gas vapours. Diesel engines use compression heat to ignite the fuel, but they use electrically driven starters to turn over the engine, and electrically driven pumps to deliver compressed air and/or fuel.

    Either way, if there is no was to make electricity flow through the wires, they you have no engine.

    A Steam engine, as we saw working in the old locomotive in the one episode, relies on a firebox for its heat, and all of the control mechanisms are either hydraulic or mechanical linkages. Thus, you can use it, assuming that you have the parts and someone who knows how to use and fix it.

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