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  • Cartoon Science, maybe, but...

    Krozmar, go back to school.

    Internal combustion engines are spark-ignition, they use SPARK PLUGS to ignite the gas vapours. Diesel engines use compression heat to ignite the fuel, but they use electrically driven starters to turn over the engine, and electrically driven pumps to deliver compressed air and/or fuel.

    Either way, if there is no was to make electricity flow through the wires, they you have no engine.

    A Steam engine, as we saw working in the old locomotive in the one episode, relies on a firebox for its heat, and all of the control mechanisms are either hydraulic or mechanical linkages. Thus, you can use it, assuming that you have the parts and someone who knows how to use and fix it.

  • Truly Awful

    There are many worse shows on TV (ie Dance Moms, etc.) but this is a difficult show to watch. When you root for the main chaarcter to die, you know you are watching something truly remarkably bad. If you like paper thin plot, terrible scripts, and high school drama club acting, this one's for you.
  • Great

    Wonderful show, hope there will be second season
  • Pull it's Plug Too

    Please make it end. This is just another JJ Abrams inspired hour of stupidity. No power, humanity falls apart how can we save it.. and an underlying time/dimension theory gone awry. we have seen this in everything JJ has his hands in and this is no different. If you have ever seen a JJ Abrams production you have seen this show. its all the man can do is rewrite the same story over and over and over...
  • Cartoon Science

    This series dosnt make any sence.. Combustion engiens are pure mechanicle and its wierd not everyone would use that allready after 10years in the dark. The world has been without electricity for hundred of thousens of years with humans living on this planet. So the base ide of this series is thin, and the story dosnt make it any better. And now the lack of oxygen makes you halousinate about things you fear.. Just because someone thought it would make a god story in the script..

    For a SciFi series this has to be the best budget series with the worst ever writers, nothing make sence, or nor will ever any explenation, until this turn out to be one of the Lost writers dream once agein.. When I first saw the premier of this series I thought it was due to polar shifts in the earth core or even some sun storm.. But like disel engine cars, its the compression that makes the disel combust, not any electricity.. so its just stupid that all cars stoped working right away..

    Im sad to say, this series get a 0 from me in logic, but a 8 for story telling.. overall.. 2.5 out of 10..
  • Trippin

    Is it a coincidence that this episode featured music by Led Zepplin and all the charactors were hallucinating? I`m trying to like this show but it`s not making it easy. When Charlie was standing on the land mine was there any doubt at all that she would survive? None. So there was`nt any tension, Miles gets beat up a bit and are there any marks on his face? No, a trickle of blood from his nose. This was the worst episode yet I think, there is no logic. We`re running out of air so let`s keep all the torches lit....ummm what?
  • A great show

    This show is really good. I love it.
  • A clever title goes here!

    It is a post-apocalyptic TV-show. I have to say that I love this kind of story where the world is falling appart and you follow a group of survivor. I see a lot of Harsh critics here. I find myself immerse in the story easyly. The scenery and landscape are beautifuly shots and you really feel like the world as we know it stopped. So far, the story is good and the acting also. I hope this show will continue for another season
  • Not as good as LOST but good

    I think this show is really good, i don't see a problem with it and it brings me back to watching Lost where i always want to know what happens next. Now you maybe thinking the show is going to fast and I can admit it was rushing, you know losing someone in episode 4 and revealing stuff that should have been for later, but really, I don't look at those kind of things in a show, what i really look for is enjoyment and when i watch this show, i enjoy it. And this is why i am giving this show a 10 out of 10 because i sit down and have fun watching and again it brings me back to when i was watching Lost where i had fun watching. That is why I'm giving REVOLUTION a 10 out of 10.
  • ......Man.... JJ Abrams

    The only reason I watch it because of JJ Abrams made LOST. I lost faith in the show. It seems so rushed.. charlie should be killed off the show, the show should be about Miles..
  • Please, stop this madness

    This is one of the worst post-apocalyptic shows ever. Stay out of it, watch porn.
  • Promise unfulfilled

    Sometimes a great idea and good cast is completely wasted through bad writing and incoherent situations.

    The first two episodes, I was full of hope about this show but every week becomes a greater burden.

    I think you can only ask so much of an audience and this show has just about run out of favors.

    I want to see where this show is going but each week brings an episode more lackluster and full of more suspended belief-based bounds than the previous one.

    Despite a great premise, I doubt this show will survive if they don't improve the writing and provide viewers with more meat in the back story of why and how the lights went out and why society collapsed so quickly.

    Keep in mind, I think the timeline for the fall of society is realistic considering today's dependence on electricity and circuits. However, not addressing this imagery at all is lazy production and fails to provide viewers with any anchor point for a unified consensus on how to interpret some of the most important aspects of the series.

    They should also address why non circuit-based technology is virtually non-existent in this world. Bicycles, gliders, windmills, watermills... It took 15 years to get an existing steam locomotive running???

    Civilization has only had circuits for the last few generations and patents for the last 100 years are still available on microfilm. Even without power a pre-industrial revolution era society could have been achieved.

    And what about the rest of the world? Even Resident Evil does a better job of storytelling that this!
  • I've seen the last of this show

    I've been hoping for seven episodes that this show would improve. What could have been great is just so much dross. I came to the realization about halfway through this episode that I didn't care one iota about any of the characters. Worse, I would be quite happy to see most of them get stabbed in the face.

    A death duel between whiny, emoting Charlie and fat, lame Aaron where both of them get killed would be awesome, but I wouldn't know, because I won't be watching this show any more.
  • Going down the drain

    When I first saw a trailer of this show, I got excited and noted its premier time slot. Having already watched 3 episodes, I'd like to say that I cant wait for this shows funeral. Everything about it is all wrong... mainly the acting, the sets and scenarios. When all the planes were crashing to the ground you could still see that their outer lights are still on! I guess their on so that we can see them crashing down huh. I stopped watching this show in disgust. I'm happier watching the trailer!
  • I don't know why are the whiners are down about constructive criticism.

    Honestly the rest of the season has been renewed. Anything said here could only improve it , for REAL!!! ...I mean arguably it is a great premise and compeling. But once you get past the initial hype into the actual show it's all rather bad. Unless what you really wanted was another soap opera like General Hospital or All My Children (which bad acting aside are at least better written). Here fewe have some of the top Actors on primetime TV, top directors, and top writers. An all star team that should produce results like no other. Yet what you get is a bottom feeding show that only has the spot it does because of the premise, the good looking Charlie, and alot of hollywood chronyism.

    In other words this show has been given alot more merrit then it deserves. I'm not saying it should be cancelled. But these people definitely need to get up off their asses and give us their best. So far this show is lackluster at best and until it picks up and does some real work I can't give it more then 3 out of 10. The 3 by the way is only for the fight scenes and some of the backflashes which seemed to have more substance. The rest is just too plain brainless right now to write about.
  • "I am Legend" meets "Gillmore Girls" meets the "Brady Bunch"

    After torturing myself with 6 episodes already I really can't wait for the season finale. Good writers writing bad plots, good actors directed into bad scenes and willingly complying, and one hell of a premise flushed down the drain. The plot line is not progressing fast or realistically enough. There is no way that these people should be thrown into the dark ages for the inability to generate electricity. We've already seen wood burniing and possibly steam being used. It really shouldn't be that difficult for anyone to utilise these 16th-17th century technologies. So it's interesting that everyone smart seems to have such logic elude them on a very massive scale.

    It really doesn't take much to figure out that steam provide kinetic energy. I'm also sure it's use isn't restricted given how clean and kept as the characters are. Plus I think the key here is kinetic energy, we're not talking electricity or ignited gas. If kinetic energy from steam or hot air didn't work there would be no one able to walk or breathe at all.

    Alot of people suggested this is fiction and fantasy so nothing needs apply. Which is only partly right. Things do need to apply. In every well written show scifi is always mixed with hard science to give a more plausible situation, which while probably not realistic is at least possible in the real world. This is complete gibberish as it takes all the automation developed since the Industrial Revolution (which was done before electricity) and dumps it out the window. Which makes no sense at all. There is no need to abandon manual type writers which are not in use, steamboats also not in use, or carrier pingeons or bikes which are not in use. The level of simplicity and foolishness in production of this show bypasses all of it's contenders and goes straight to being king of the losers. I not only say that for it's failure but the fact it has such a winning team it can only go so low because of a clear lack of effort.
  • Great Idea - Decent Execution

    This show follows the idea of the power going out and society basically reverting to fuedal city states governed primarily by militia.

    The idea is great and it sounds like there may be an interesting mystery to solve. They have a challenge to face though. It was the same challenge that existed in Surface and the Event. You have to tell the story in an engaging way and have it appeal to a large group.

    There have been complaints that the show has some plot inconsistencies and they wouldn't be 100% off base. Some of the buildings and clothes look far to clean and precise for 15 years of wear and tear. They also look to modern for it be something cobbled together new in the recent past.

    The flashbacks are really interesting and engaging. They are working on character development in the present. They need to pick up the pace and get us more invested in the action and the character's personal/emotional development. If they can do that the show will go far.

    I wouldn't get too attached those. This show could end up being a one season wonder (like so many other amazing shows - remember Firefly).
  • There's nothing like this on tv.

    Its a unique little show. I was not into it for a long time, but every episode gets better than the last. The structure improved and the writing was fluid. Some of the stuff is a little boring, like the last episode which involved Peter Pan and his gang. But there's so much happening that you forgive the mediocre stuff. In the same children's episode, the lighthouse and Charlie scenes were so great, it transported me into the world the characters inhabit. It balances itself out. The characters are all interesting, fractured souls and the story is progressing at a nice pace. The thing I like the most about it is, the writers seem to have a story in place instead of making things up as they go along and the action scenes are really well done. Its the best show of the season along with Last Resort.
  • I'm curious about this one

    This show may not be the fastest-paced out there, but I think it's pretty good. It's not afraid to kill off anyone at any point, which keeps it interesting. The story about the people trying to rescue the kid is not terribly interesting, but the blackout part is. I just wish they both were.
  • I Might Have Been Wrong

    When I watched the Pilot episode I was not feeling this show.Having been a huge Lost fan I saw this show as another unworthy successor.I kept watching and in the last couple of weeks this show has really started improving.The flashbacks are getting better,the story is getting better and the acting is improving.They have started showing more of Lost alum Elizabeth Mitchell.They have added some secondary characters such as Randall played by Colm Feore.Billy Burke has started looking hotter to me and that is never a bad thing to have a hot guy to watch.I know they have no power and the story can be ridiculous but if you forget all that and just decide to be entertained you'll enjoy this action packed show.Remember if it gets cancelled, as a matter of fact if any scripted show gets cancelled they will just replace it with a horrible low budget reality show,which is strangling and killing creativity and the art of television.Revolution may not be Lost or a masterpiece and it may not change the world but it's not bad entertainment.
  • Do you people realize this show is very popular?

    I have never watched this show, but reading the stupidity of the negative reviews makes me think its not that bad.

    The reason i never started watching is the premise sucked. HOW can electricity be gone? Electricity is not man made. Its a part of nature like gravity. Our brains run on electric current. So why wouldn't everyone be dead if electricity was gone?

    But the people who don't like this show are so stupid they probably think that man created electricity or something. When they see lightning they probably think its just a big flashlight in God's hand.

    It also made me upset that the people didn't simply start looking for an alternate source of energy. there are many. Steam, oil, gas, even fire can be used to much the same effect. Besides, electricity couldn't be gone., only dampened. So why not work around it?

    But nope we get people dressed in Amish clothing all acting like idiots. I mean seriously??? Human beings have lived without cars and airplanes in the past. Society was still very stable. So why shouldn't it be so now? None of the premise is in any way rational.

    But all you people are droning on about is Charlie, and how you want her to be less pretty, or more like that idiot chick from the Hunger Games. Well I can tell you that I have had just about enough of hundred pound little girls who can mighty kung fu large men. THAT doesn't happen in the real world, and I am soo tired of it happening in every show. Women are weaker then men. They can not shoot a bow an arrow as well as men, they can not run as well as men. they are just weaker specimens. this doesn't mean they can't be smart enough to figure out how to get ahead. It just means they can not take care of themselves physically as well as men, and this should be reflected in stories to some extent. Notice how most firemen, soldiers and even cops are MALE? Thast because almost no woman can pass a firemans test. They just aren't strong enough to toss a big person over their shoulder and move fast. Enough of faux Buffys now.

    Maybe this show isn't as bad as i thought.
  • A clever title goes here!

    This show is so bad it gives me migranes, there are three year olds that can do better fantasy then this. I can't even believe that TV Guide rated this at number 3 in their best new fall shows. Premise is fantastic, the preview gave you an impression of a really good show, and the premiere wet your pallette a bit. After that it all fell apart. Everything is revolving around the monroe republic (even though we know the monroe has had it's position threatened by other militias) and there really is no mention of that. It's like they gave us a plot and they have no idea of what to do with it. My advise is either suspend the episodes for the next few weeks then bring it back when Reolution is made into a real story, or cancel it altogether. Neither Lost, nor X-Files, nor Fringe took this long to develop their characters. So why are we stil looking at 1-dimensional plots with stick figures. Charlie is the worse, no imperfections, always well kept, always perfect, perky, and ultra-girly. She doesn't belong walking through a desimated world she belongs on Gilmore Girls, Sex in the City, even some disney teeny bopper sitcom. But definitely not survival of the fittest show like Revolution. Really what is NBC thinking, what are the people rating this above 5.0 thinking. Do you really like getting paid 10 cents a day ? No ? Well then why would you expect less from a show which obviously has such great potential. The writers and directors are either passed out drunk when doing this or their preview audiences are. Either way after 6 episodes I can honestly say that unless they pick-up and make this show what it should be I would prefer they just cancel it and give the time slot to a better show. Maybe they can do themselves a favor and give the creators of Fringe and Stargate SG1 a call. I sure the SG1 would have a few good suggestions for the Charlie actor. The show is alot less SCIFI and Drama & more farce + sarcasm. I rate it as 1 only because I can't give it a 0. I'm not rating it based on the show it could be, but what it is. If you have a problem with that then I suggest you watch it to current. For those who say it doesn't put them to sleep. Think about it this way a good book or tv show is supposed to help you sleep. It's an excellent story you can get lost in and unwind. A bad tv show keeps you awake and annoyed. Sort of like what this show does for many people.
  • Waste of time.

    I rarely write reviews of TV shows but this requires. First of all, the show is complete rubbish with unbelievable scenarios. The show could have been much better if they kill off Charlie. She has to be one of the worst actresses I have seen in a long time. This show will be cancelled very soon.
  • Just Plainn Bad!

    Won't waste much time criticizing it since the word BAD sums it all up.

    The premise of the series is just plain dumb and unrealistic, if they can start fire they also should get steam / combustion engines to start, so Railroads should be usable and steam ships.

    A good show for brain dead zombies.

    My guess is cancelation is around the corner, would wonder if it lasts a full season.

  • Not the worst, but certainly not good, either

    Unlikable charaters, unbelievable scenarios, bad acting (or bad directing, take your pick) and bad writing so far.

    Let's see... Maggie dies because she bled out. Of her leg. No one has ever heard of a tourniquet? Seriously???

    Charlie is awful. Her brother is only slightly more believable, but not about his asthma. I'm convinced he's just an idiot. Not that Charlie isn't... How many times can she screw up in basically THE SAME WAY nearly every episode before the militia or her uncle finally kills her, even if just to shut her up?

    All the other pendants can turn on and off pretty easily it seems with a switch. But the one "our heroes" have is the only unpredictable (broken?) one without a switch?

    Charlie's mom is amazing in how bad she is. I don't remember her being a bad actress in other things, so she must be uninspired...

    I could go on more, but I won't... Just a poorly executed show.
  • A great premise, but execution leaves something to be desired.

    Somehow, the big networks' TV shows went down in quality while the cable network TV shows went up. I had high hopes that Revolution would change that. And so far, I'm disappointed.

    First let me say what I like. I like Zak Orth's character, his backstory is great and is a perfect example of the drastic changes that would happen in a world without electronics. The way the show goes back and forth from when the blackout happened to the present is done fairly well. The sword-fighting action is also unique.

    A lot of people seem to have a problem with the acting. For new shows, I can forgive subpar acting and strange subplots, because some actors need some time to get comfortable, and a so do the writers. But there are things I have a hard time forgiving. Firstly, it's the silly, seemingly obligatory twists (Heroes suffered the same problem but TV standards have gone up). In almost every episode, there's some twist, which at first was interesting, but now comes off as gimmicky and cheap. *SPOILERS* O snap, Miles knew Gen. Monroe! O snap, the mom's still alive! O snap, the young bi-racial militia boy is Capt. Neville's son! Ugh. Then we have Charlie, the girl so annoyingly foolish & stubborn, you wonder how she manages to survive every time.

    I give this show a 7, because it has potential. It has a great premise, but we have a hard time caring about these characters, and that's what makes or breaks a show. My advice to the writers would be to bring in a larger cast - this is a worldwide catastrophe, why do we have to focus on JUST Charlie all the time? What is the world like in California, the other side of the country, or maybe even ANOTHER country? Unless a main character is TRULY fascinating and charismatic (i.e. Walter White from Breaking Bad, Sydney Bristow from Alias), then an ensemble cast works better (i.e. Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy, Lost).

    Bottom line, unless the show changes course and truly takes advantage of the great premise, then it won't see another season.
  • Too much dead weight

    Charlie character is terrible. She should have been killed off long time ago. Talking about killing off characters, Danny too serves no purpose.
  • Above Average

    The show has a great premise except fails to deliver in a few aspects, especially acting. Charlie and her mother are almost unbearable although Miles and Aaron balance it out.
  • It's on track

    unlike many other shows, revolution is well rounded, in that it covers the background and the present in such an appealing way that its captivating and incredible.. it can get a little slow but you have to build a story slowly and touch all bases before there is a climax, an revolution does that brilliantly
  • Dreadful acting, dreadful lines

    Yawn yawn! Could this show be worse? Who cares about stupid, impulsive Danny? Just because his overacting sister does, why should we? Even the militia scenes are ridiculous! They wander around in the continental US, yet somehow bump into each other and know where they're going (requiring the viewer to suspend their intelligence once again)! There are NO redeeming features in this stupid, boring, fuzzily plotted show! I gave it 2 hours of my life - but no more! I'd rather watch repeats of Stargate or maybe paint dry!
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