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  • Great Show

    It started off great, slowed down a bit, but now its better than ever. I love all the answers it delivering so quick.
  • strange experiment

    revolution is an experiment about how bad the writing of a potentially good show can get before it is cancelled
  • This show is great

    I started watching this show because it was created by the same guy who created Supernatural (Eric Kripke) and I wanted to see more of his work. It is actually a fantastic show. The way the plot and characters unfold is well done and keeps you wanting for more.

    The people complaining about the lights going out at slightly different times or whatever need to get over themselves. It is a television show, that is what is called dramatic effect.
  • excellent

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  • this show is good

    This show has many season in it and for poeple who are trying to say that it's a bad series need to start watching the show instead of judging it every step of the way
  • Wow, this show is bad.

    This show really lost me in the first episode, but somehow i've stuck with it until now (episode 4), half way into it i had to turn it of.. and i won't return. Slow, bad writing, bad acting etc.. this show has all of the wrong parts. Cancel and replace with something worthy of the time slot.
  • Insult to intelligence and logic. Politically undermined.

    I just finished watching the first episode. There's an unused/undiscovered carousel and trailer maybe half an hour from a village full of kids. 15 years later that is. Light on the cars turn off in sequence, not all at once when the blackout hits? Plot is rubbish all along. And here is my favorite part: there is an evil captain that looks just like Obama, and uses US presidents favorite expression "make no mistake". Hello Republicans, are you making movies now? Funky!
  • Want more

    Disappointed about the 2 week wait from episode 5-6, was really looking forward to it this week:( This show has me hooked! Love everything about it! Wish it was on every night
  • seriously guys !!

    i dont know how the f*** u r criticizing this show !! obviously its brilliant.. ok maybe there are some amateur actors but dont forget about really great actors with attitude like Captain Tom Neville or Miles Mathesonrole !! or either Nora

    i think this show has a great mystery seems like new version of "LOST" just give it some time to see what will happen !
  • Stopped Watching

    I watched the first 3 episodes but this show just couldn't keep my interest. Frustrating plots that never get resolved and poor acting.
  • Best show since the " Unit" !

    Love, love, love this show! It really keeps me on the edge of my seat! I can imagine America like this one day 1
  • Revolution

    The action of the show is good.The show is just starting the adventure after it does its rating number will increase because then it will be more intresting ,more adventure.

    The episode 5 had a viewers of 8.82 show is starting to improve its ratings.
  • Sucks !!!!

    I have sat and watched the episodes and so far all I want to do is read a book.

    It has done nothing so far except bore me.

    Unless these writers take there head out of there ass this show won't last long.
  • had potential but their blowing it

    Great premise. lousy writing. and yeah that actress playing Charlie really gets on one's nerves. Plus how could she keep possibly screwing everything up. How many times can she get yelled at for ruining a situation and then the story continues and she'll do something incredibly stupid again.. UGH. who writes these shows. direction is sloppy too.

    It's a great premise though. On showtime or FX i'm sure it'd be a bit more dark and intense and clever
  • Awful acting,awful story lines, awful Charlie actress.

    First who picked the actor to play Charlie and her brother. The girl playing Charlie has disturbing features, between the eye color, chiseled face and expressions. I can't even look at her. She can't act always has the same

    look on her face like shes going to the bathroom. She uses this same look when shes happy and when shes mad or just sitting around picking her toes. The brother is pretty bad a well with his low voice, poor acting skills. Specially when on the cart it stands out.

    Charlie can't seem to stop whinning to Miles. She needs to get attacked and have a leg cut off, or something to get her to wake up about who the bad guys are. Keeps saving that guy that is after them, and Miles keeps him alive when he could kill him in about 5 seconds. But really her acting is awful, must be the daughter of the producer, director or something. Her acting alone will cause this to fail.

    Brother keeps attempting to excape then gets caught waiting for them to catch up everytime. This last episode he even has a third chance to escape and gets caught yet again.

    Miles the guy kicked butt the first episode, fighting off 2 dozen people. Now can barely take out one. He puts up the trash talk from Charlie. His whole character does not compute.

    Every episode Miles says hes leaving on his own, every episode the brother escapes and gets caught. Every episode they catch the guy following them and he escapes.

    The story line goes no where, I dont see potential for much improvement. It takes them so long to travel that not much can happen that isnt local. Kind of reminds me of the old planet of the apes tv series, everything is local. But at least most of those guys had a horse. These loonies walk everywhere for the most part, no bikes and they dont use the roads. They keep walking through woods.

    There appears to be a dampning field covering the whole planet, the gizmo in the pendant must neutralize it and allows for focused power use nearbye. Far fetched even for SciFi.

    The whole arrow boobytrap, come on he had it aiming at her head, duck, bend over and stop screaming. Her body was not secure enough not to avoid it.

    Worse episode ever soul train

    Oh my, so bad so very bad. The kid escapes again, miles doesn't kill nivens, and the brother gets beat up again I can't take this pathetic show anymore. Now looks like they kill off another character. Same story different week.

  • Bicycles and Diesel Engines Missing!

    Where are the bicycles and diesel engines? No electricity required. Making bio-diesel is not a huge challenge.
  • Great show watch it every Monday thanks!!!

    Enjoy this show makes me hope it never gets canceled
  • this show is awesome

    I really like this show and the way they have it going the part in the beginning when the planes fell was pretty awesome.
  • A Weak Contrivance

    Revolution, to me, seems to have a premise that was contrived solely for the purpose of necessitating a lot of running and fighting. I find it weak on adventure, drama and story. I am surprised that its ratings numbers are as good as they are. I stopped watching after the pilot. It is my prediction that, if they do not find a way to create an interesting storyline, this shows ratings will continue to fall, at an ever increasing pace.
  • Revolutionary Crap

    Reminds of Bay Watch.
  • WTF? kill the production design team responsible for the look of this show.

    15 years after all power of any kind has shut off and somehow everyone has clean and kempt outfits, hair, and make-up.

    after the new ruling militia has stock piled all weapons for the last 8-10 years they somehow have no better weapons than muskets and custom made swords.

    This show fucking sucks. I say they will be lucky to even last a full season.

    What a huge waste of money. Big mistake JJ and Jon.

  • great show

    love this show because you know why the creator of supernatural wrote it how awesome is that
  • Decent action packed show

    F**k the critics.This is an awesome show.i liked it.cant wait for more episodes.
  • A good sci fi show doesn't need to follow physical laws...

    A good sci fi show doesn't need to follow physical laws, chemical laws, biological constraints, etc.. But necessarily have to follow the laws of logic and good writing. Although the starting point for ''Revolution'' is exciting, with great dramatic possibilities, the writers' carelessness with both science and logic, plus bad acting by most of the actors, not to mention the lazy direction, leads to an insignificant result. As I am a big fan of sci fi, I will watch this show, but I am disappointed with the waste of so much production.
  • Not a Fan

    Its hard for me to tell if the show itself is bad or just not my cup of tea. I feel like the show is trying too hard to ride off the success of 'The Hunger Games." Seriously, the main character is carrying a bow and arrows. The main girl is also really annoying. I don't think its the character so much as the actress. She's totally unbelievable and boring. Someone mentioned she was on Being Human and I almost didn't think it was true until I looked it up, her performance was unmemorable. Yet, lets not take all the blame away from the character. I just wish she was a little tougher. I've only watched the first two episodes, but it seems like every time I see her she is being rescued or captured. Plus she trusted a militia boy. He has a scar right on his wrist, wouldn't you check for stuff like that. I get there is suppose to be a romantic interest, but it couldn't have been done a different way? Like she kicks his ass and captures him or she puts up a fight, because she pays attention to stuff like that, and he captures her. Did it have to be she was too stupid to check for a scar on his wrist, even after he saved her life? I like the British girl so much better because at least she is proactive. I love Miles and the plot of the show. If the main girl gets killed off I might give it another shot, but she's terrible and ruins it.
  • Mediocre at best

    I love SciFi, but this is more of a dumped down family version of The Last Mohican. The actors aren't convincing, the dialog is flat and each character is a total cliche took to the extreme.

    Nobody seems to do anything smart in this show. They act more like stupid animals, driven by an unimaginative script. It reminds me a lot to the bad parts of Terra Nova. And they don't even have dinosaurs!

    Seems smart SciFi is dead. Where is a SciFi version of Game of Thrones?

    4/10 only for the interesting idea of the show.
  • Rushed

    I don't get it. There's a bunch of good writers and producers here, but they can't get the story off the ground. Major twists in the story line after just three four episodes? Killing of characters who we just barely know and haven't started to care for? I think they're rushing it way too much which in the end will lead to that they're not renewed for a second season.
  • Think 80s TV show without a talking car

    Four episodes in and they are all a chore to watch. HUGE plot holes, overly simple poorly constructed characters and followed by one ridiculous scenario after another. This show would have done well in the 80s but modern shows have advanced what audiences can and do expect from an hour long show. Ultimately the cheese factor is very high with this show especially against cable series that are very well written and showcase great characters.

    Oh and I get electricity doesn't work (sometimes) but what happened to gun powder since it is easily made and guns should be plentiful? I guess they needed a way to shoehorn swords in which oddly are more difficult to make and were less plentiful when the lights went out.
  • Questions...

    ... are the only thing this series leaves for me...

    But sadly in such a dull way, that I just had to turn it off after the first episodes, telling myself: I am simply not interested enough to keep watching.

    There may be this one big secret about what really happened in the blackout, but it is not enough to qualify this series as "mystery" like Lost. OK, let's take it as Science Fiction then - only problem is: every successful Science Fiction world created yet has at least an element of plausibility to it - this one does not.

    I don't agree with some criticism here, I think on the contrary that 15 years are way too short of a period for such a grave change in the environment. I mean - people look the same as they did before the blackout, but the surroundings?

    I know enough abandoned sites, 15 years is not nearly enough time for nature to transform them in such a grave way. For example, where do all those plants and even forests come from, even in the center of a city where everything was covered in concrete for decades? Everything is neatly decorated with wonderful vines, there really had to be an extensive plantation and fertilization program within those 15 years.

    Which leads me to the next point: where is the population? Obviously weapons of mass destruction would not work, were the hundreds of millions of people ravaged by famine and disease? Luckily it seem some families have been spared so it is no problem to find you uncle within a former metropolis amidst the few survivors.

    Where have all raw materials gone? Humanity has acquired unimaginable piles of raw, fabricated, recycled and waste materials. Why are they not in use? Heaps of stuff should be everywhere, instead it is serene nature. Why are there for example completely intact cars lying around wasted - that would not happen in a world in need of resources. And: wouldn't most cars be parked? The blackout seemed to have happened at night in America, why are there overturned police vehicles on the street, they could not have possibly responded to the blackout chaos.

    What happened to the buildings, infrastructure and other settings? There are many buildings around today which have not been renovated for much longer than 15 years, many are not in bad shape. So where would they disappear to, together with the roads (which definitely would not have vanished into a jungle within such a short time) and other concrete wastelands people created?

    Where are all the scientists, leaders, celebrities, ... ? Where are new inventions? Not just steam is possible, any kind of engine not in need of spark plugs, there are plenty of existing designs.

    Where have all the 100s of millions private arms in America alone gone? Not to mention of military stockpiles,... a few stored crates at the army camp would never cut that...

    Why does the world still work? Electricity is more than just a simple application of energy, conductivity a basic physical property of many molecular structures. Brains, nerves and muscles have been mentioned here, but the consequences would be much more far reaching than this. Electricity does not just enclose one feature, it describes a set of phenomena. From chemical bonding to the magnetic field of the Earth - nothing would work anymore!

    OK, if you still say, the reason why many of these things are not shown is because of the setting of the show - why does it take place in the least interesting corner of the world then? And why would that be around a former city of millions? Also, obviously this is where the blackout has started, so shouldn't it be the most interesting corner with people from all around the world arriving to investigate?

    How great would this show be (assuming adequate writing, of course), if it showed a newly created trade hub, maybe a port city, with people from all around the world displaying their creativity to cope with the new situation. Instead it is hide and seek with swords and muskets in a jungle which should not be there in the first place, just to create a civil war era feel.
  • Best ep so far

    Come on. That was a great ep. I totally bought into the suspense of the arrow booby trap. And So far there've been some really interesting plot twists.
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