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  • JJ Abrams Must Be On Drugs and Booz.

    It was a piece of chit. HORRIBLE acting, HORRIBLE Script, HORRIBLE plot, and as far as Physics goes (I taught Astro Physics) IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! REALLY, .... Bows and Arrows, Pirate Swords and 16th Century Muskets just cause the technology of electricity is supposedly "turned off"?? B S. They Stole the look and crappy premises of LOST, Riverworld, Jericho, Falling Skies, The X-Files, The Walking Dead, Millennium, the Hooey mystic crap and frankly lousy actors from just about every other show on TV of the same type. Who the h3ll wrote this crap?? In the TV Trash Can by Week 4! I would give a ZERO rating if it were possible.
  • Wish it was more than it is

    Well, here comes another show that has an enticing trailer, apocolyptic concept, and yet is doomed to one season. There are so many good books out there that deal with this genre in an interesting, realistic way, good books that portray the possibility of something like this happening in a way that doesn't seem so out there, and I don't know that these guys read many of them. I can't deal with the "beautiful" people, perfectly healthy and with no signs of malnutrition, in perfectly washed, brand new clothing when they're all dwelling in what looks like a feudal, agricultural society. I can't understand why, only after 15 years, the opening theme song shows a completely overgrown city. Nor can I even imagine that an airport field wouldn't have already been scavenged within fifteen years of such a tragic (emp?) attack for food and supplies. And I would love it if the "rich" guy could wear the necklace on his person rather than keep it in a sack that can easily be stolen. And let's not even go the acting...oh my god...I was so excited for this excited...but it's just fallen flat. Jericho was better and even that show was plagued with poor acting and dialogue writing.

    Either way, I don't know if it's worth getting invested when it's obvious this show won't go past a season. We lost Jericho and Flash Forward and we'll lose this one too. But I may keep watching, hoping for the best, and enjoying the novelty.
  • good concept, terrible execution

    The first five minutes of the pilot were interesting, but from there, it kind of went downhill. The characters were one-dimensional stereotypes-bad even for a pilot. Everyone's hair and clothes looked perfect. I guess that the wardrobe people thought "Oh, if we just make sure that nearly everyone's clothes are in neutral colors and their hair is 'tousled' the audience will believe that this actually takes place in a post-apocalyptic future and not present-day LA. The weeds around the stadium were way too overgrown after only fifteen years, and the level of decay that the world shows seems more fitting for after 100 years without electricity, not just fifteen. I might watch an episode or two more. but despite the high premiere ratings, I don't have high hopes for this show.
  • interesting concept...terrible delivery

    even tho the whole power turning off down to batteries not even working is absolutely was still kinda cool and interesting

    but dear god....the acting is atrocious other than Giancarlo Esposito...everyone is just comically bad...

    and the plot delivery is just terrible..

    If there is any hope...its that the director of the pilot was drunk or had no idea what he was doing (or both) and the following episodes will at least be tolerable due to a different director...but this show is on a very very short leash for me I'd be surprised if I watched past episode 2
  • Weird

    15 years after power went off they still wear designer clothes? sure people can stitch and do it manually but the outfits don't look it. They just stumble into Chicago and run into the brother? It sounded interesting but now not so sure...
  • Good start!

    I think it was a better start than lost which i could not get on with at all, i hope it goes somewhere and not get lost half way though the season i am looking forward to the next episode and to see where this go's.
  • Another "Lost" wannabe series...

    I still don't understand why movies/TV executives still show blackouts in sequences... On the World or Country map I could understand; but those cars on the highway were like a joke with their lights going out one-by-one. And the houses too. I've been in a few blackouts and the whole block or sector goes out at once.

    It is never a very good sign when 2 of the best actors' characters die on the first episode. This show will definitely rely on a lot of flashbacks a la "Lost". And that maybe the main problem with this series, as with "Flash Forward", "The Event" and a few of the new series of the recent years: they all try to be "the new Lost" and they flop, because something like "Lost" can happen only once in a few decades or so. Even "Fringe" tried to go that way and the audience dropped sensibly in the last years. (They elegantly dropped the format at the end of last season.)

    Also, beginning a new series with lots of very unrealistic situations is not a very good sign either. The most obscene being probably: no more government, no more army, no more police force. What else here? No more gas? No more oil? What happened to the big gas operated generators that hospitals and governments have? What happened to "John Deer"? Pratt and Witney"? "Black and Decker"? All inventors engineers and entrepreneurs were killed with the governmental infrastructure I guess.

    Clean and designer clothes, we can understand: there's water and people might still have their 15yo clothes but, the medieval thing: what the hell is that? And the militia suits: how did they make that? Sewed by hand? Oh yeah, and those so convenient coincidences. That's not a sign of a show that has a good story ahead. By the way, I still can't figure out how come the dude who tied Danny to the pipe didn't notice that it was loose.

    It all looked to me like the "J.J. Abrams (and many TV executives) motto": viewers are stupid, they'll watch anything. Well, at least it was nice to see Giancarlo again in a villain role. Billy Burke was fun as a kinda superhero... Tracy Spiridakos? Good looking but not that good of an actress.

    But I have hope in Eric Kripke so I'll give the series a good chance but my hopes are much lower now. I think we'll get some answers, but there'll be more questions, and so on, and so on, until the show gets canceled and we are left flat... again. Oh, and a lot of flashbacks.
  • Nice start.....

    Glad to see something fresh and exciting coming out of the gates. Don't see any real reason to try and compare this with the premier of lost. This is a different story\plot and one which will hopefully not go to deep in to the fantasy pool.
  • Simple, but this what make a good serie!

    Good show, simple but this what make a good serie. But suffers from a lot of negative criticism and many commentators in vain wave without giving a chance to the show.

    But in time they will see the light :P

  • Interesting start..

    I did like the first episode overall, but i am getting tired of the overly emotional response of characters in apocaliptic tv shows in general. It seems as if even though these people have been living in this post apocalyptic world for 15 years, with fachist militias and all this other treats, they still have the emotional sensitivities of well adjust modern city dwellers. people who live in terrible worlds, emotionally adjust to their realities, The same way i may cry if someone punches me in the face but a pro boxer would just laugh it off, So would you expect people who live in a certain universe to behave accordingly to their surroundings.. in our reality, when someone dies at 40 is a tragedy, but if they die at 84 its just life... 300 years ago, no one would have considered a 40 year old death a tragedy, Our emotions are not independent of our experience.. they are a result of said experience.

    ----SPOILER ALERT-----

    in this show in particular, first, the militia comes, and "dad" gives his fancy chip to google boy, And google boy (even touth he seems to know how bad this militia men are) goes in a "nothngs gonna happen" rant, refusing to take the chip thingy, Then same thing with dads girlfriend, there are 40 militia men, armed, right there in front of them, and she says "NO, you cant go you wont come back!!", WELL what did she tougth he could do about it?.. why characters in these survival situations never seem to become more emotionaly prepared for this terrible things .. i dont understand..


    If you lived in a sombie infected world and had lost everyone you knew plus a few travel companions (T W D), or your world had been invaded by evil aliens who kill everyone (Falling Skies), or any other situation like that, you would eventually stop crying like a little child every time something bad happens , your mind would adapt, and if it didnt, you wouldnt survive long enough to star a tv show.. you would either run off screaming crazy things and get killed by the enemy, or you would become an annoyance to your group and they would fkng shoot you themselves.
  • not original concept

    I was hoping this series was based on the Novels of "The Change" by SM Stirling - this series begins the same way -1998 and loss of all technology - even fire won't cause explosions - Back to the Bronze age- Even Gunpowder wont work and the next 7 novel take you through 20 years of reinventing society - I am sure this story line will be different and I am lookign forward to seeing it.
  • Not a bad start at all...

    Glad to see something fresh and exciting coming out of the gates. Don't see any real reason to try and compare this with the premier of lost. This is a different story\plot and one which will hopefully not go to deep in to the fantasy pool.

    The pilot is great. It doesn't try to blow you away with to many questions right away. Yes, why there is no electricity, who are these people who somehow, with the use of a small metallic device, still have access to electricity and why are large questions in their own right, just not questions that have to be answered with a mystical background.

    All we can do is wait and see how this story progresses... all in all, this really looks promising.
  • Y2K Reloaded

    Not a bad start to this series. Its cool how they used the old Y2K threat and I'm realy looking foward to seeing on how they show all the different ways some people survived all those years. I like the way they just throw you into the thick of it. The first 5 min was only about the blackout then boom 15 years later this is how it is. I liked that! Got some good mysteries and story arcs happening already and I can't wait to see more!

    Also I thought it was really cool how they made the pilot episode a free download on the xbox and ps3 a day befor the actual premier!
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