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  • Awesome show

    Loved it, but i am so pissed the show had to be cancelled. Whyyy!!! please bring it back. you all did a wonderful job. i am just mad that u all ended it that way. I wanted to know if you all did something to stop the nano. Monroe, charlie, miles and the whole team love how you guys still made a way to stick together. Great show!!!
  • Revolution

    I had to joint in order to comment.

    I saw both seasons. I am very disappointed it was not continued. Big mistake.
  • Cancellation was predictable...

    I loved this show as it was different, but knew that it would be cancelled as it had implicated that the Illuminati was evil... so there you go... CANCELLED :(
  • Give us an ending

    I am infuriated, watched 2 seasons on Netflix and left without an end.
  • BRING IT BACK!!! Now

    "Revaluation" yes it had its ups and downs but i cant get into very many other shows and plus everyone remembers "im batman" right? Well it had funny moments too! All my favorite things in shows blood gore comity and sifi and it had it ALL if you dont bring back revalution i will never watch another tv seiries again.
  • Glad it ended where it did

    I'm glad it ended where it did. It was a great end, best ever. The whole thing about the nanos was taking it to another matrix look alike. Been there done, that. So hackneyed.
  • Why cancel the good shows

    Why do the good shows get cancelled?

    Surely they can be finished with a sense of closure rather?
  • please BRING IT BACK!! :(

    the best TV show ever... miss the show... hope it continues :(
  • great!

    LOVE IT! Hope it stays on.
  • Bahhhh...

    It may be safe to say that never in the history of Sci-fi has a show creaked so alarmingly under the weight of such a ponderous concept.
  • Great Show/ Unfortunate Network

    This is a really great "what if" show. I really loved it. Unfortunately, the politics within the show's narrative did not align with that of it's broadcasting network's, and so it was canceled. I would really like to see a continuation of the show, perhaps on another network, or a movie to resolve the overall story.

    It was a really great show, that was really just starting to develop it's characters. I hope we get a conclusion some how in the future. I'd love to know what happens to our characters and the "hate to love him" anti-hero Monroe.
  • stupid

    why stop somthing just make 1 season with a final.

    from the netherlands

    why would you cancel ?? this is best show ive watched in a long time
  • Bring it back, please

    I can't believe you cancel the best show since I don't know when I am really sick, revolution needs to return!!!! I haven't liked or got into anything in long time and you go and cancel it, so sad now what, more boring crap, this was entertaining and I could hardly wait each week, come on bring it back it does have a fan base it does
  • Not so bad and quite entertaining

    Not so bad and quite entertaining show. Sad it was canceled. Many other shows deserve it more than "Revolution". Show has had a potential, maybe should have been converted to a little bit shorter season but no matter what I will miss it.
  • So predictable

    Same old same old . Here we have a great theme and this is what they make of it ! Are there no generators. How on earth do these people have teeth wither than white after 15 years living in the "stone age" ? And look at the beautiful shiny curly long hair of the women ? This is so unreal to me When a time like this should come people would not care for such things They would be *surviving* And again this bad guy good guy scenario . Heroin is legal but nobody lights a cigarette ? Get a grip ! I bet that after 6 seasons it turns out everyone was dead .......
  • So very upset

    Im so pissed off. Another great show cancelled. with NO REAL ending its like they dont give a shit after its cancelled its like " well its cancelled so lets drop it because the end doesnt matter stupid stupid
  • Something back to the fans

    Like so many other great shows this one ended before its time. All the countless hours people spend on watching these shows.. Don't you guys think it would be proper decency of the networks that when they end a show, they at least would release the rest of the script. That way fans could at least read how it ends. Just my five cents but I really hope someone would create a petition for this. Not just for this show but for all future shows that networks pull the plug on.
  • Could have been so much more...

    Revolution... You know, for the two seasons the show went on I've been trying to explain to myself what's the point of the title. Why Revolution? Why not Powerless or The Blackout or The Poweroff or something like that? I'm not gonna comment the acting, the effects or the purpose of the show in connection to our reality. In my opinion what the show did wrong in the firstplace, what it could have done way better, was the timeline. The main course began 15 years after the main event, the blackout, which I think was a mistake. Something like that can't criple the entire whole human race down to scraps just like that. We survived for centuries, even millenia without electricity and technology, even if such a thing happens, we should be prepared to survive and continue our lives under some new, even if modified old, form of civilisation and existance. If the show had worked on this as it's storyline and developed it in the first few months, even couple of years in the aftermath of the blackout, as humanity transforms itself back to an electricless, yet more civilised form of life, then yes, I would have completely accepted the show and agreed with it's title - Revolution. Instead, we got the personal issues of a group of survivors, the main combat/war/conquering stories being confined to a single continent, and an entire sci-fi element with the nano-machines that initially caused the blackout.

    In the end, we couldn't figure out which was the main course of action and why, and that is what initially crippled the show in my opinion.

    I expected more from the story, and I'm everything but surprised that the show was cancelled, but in a freaky way, I enjoyed it. The mystery, what is and what isn't, the action, I found them satisfying and entertaining, which is why I can't give this show anything else but a green rating. Unfortunately, the lowest green - 7 - is my grade for this show. RIP, Revolution.
  • Totally Unexpected Turnaround and then back to ugh.

    I watch Sci-Fi shows so I watched Revolution, even though the first half of the season was weak, to be kind. I Let the episodes pile up on the DVR after awhile. Finally got around to watching.

    Wow. Revolution has actually kept getting better as the season progressed.

    Second season disappointed. Aside from the Nano storyline the show regressed once again.

    Don't understand with all the big name talent involved with this show that it is so "average". The casting has been mediocre at times and character development was a mess. Don't know who was really in charge of this show but they made a number of poor choices and ultimately a show that could have stayed around is being cancelled.
  • Why?????

    Never fails get into a series just for it to end abruptly.... Why??????
  • Great series!

    Nice adventure, great actors! Terrific job with the prison camps and little details that came out of the UN collaboration. Jason, hot guy! Miles & Monroe, what a pair! Tom Neville +++ Everybody, even the big nerdy guy was great, thanks folks. Maybe it was good that the series finished though, I wasn't so excited about the nanite stuff that was suggested topic for the next season.
  • Great show, too bad it is finished!

    One must wonder why would they cancel such a great show....

    Too much of the anti-propaganda for the US government?
  • Stop the madness

    Ok, so maybe they shot this last episode without knowing that they were cancelled... So lets have a movie to finish the show!

    Another one of their shows cancelled now. The third to be pulled-off in the space of just a few months due to news spreading that the network's programming is in shambles compared to other TV networks both in the USA and Overseas who have been enjoying successful high ratings with their big-name shows. Programs like "Arrow", "Revenge", "Once Upon A Time", "The Voice" and "Game Of Thrown's" have been more dominating on international stations world wide.

    It's not a good year for "NBC" so far as first they axed "Believe", then "Resurrection" some weeks ago and now "Revolution".

  • Anonymous : " The Revolution Will Not Be Cancelled "

    see on you tube
  • Complain about ratings after two long breaks in just one season???

    Revolution is a great show! I love it! There were two long breaks during season 2. So, how can NBC complain about ratings and cancel the show???

    I think it was a big mistake. Revolution deserved another season. There is still a lot to develop and a lot of things to be explained.
  • I don't believe the series that have been renewed. And not Revolution? Really?

    Revolution is a great show which keeps us coming back week after week. We need show about a virgin? The stations want mindless drones that have no need to think about what they are watching. Happens all the time. Get into a series and the networks replace it with fluff.
  • love it

    love this show, great chemistry between the different characters. It shouldn't be cancelled, some tv shows are crap but are still there. Maybe television wasn't ready for a show like this. Hard times for sci fi nowadays
  • What's the deal with speed limit signs

    What's up with the crazy speed limit signs in the background on the show, one was 17 mph and recently there was an 85 mph on what looked like a small country road, weird. Will miss the show, sorry to hear it was canceled