Season 1 Episode 6

Sex and Drugs

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2012 on NBC

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  • DEveloping incredibly well!

    Admittedly, this episode was definitely not as good as the previous one, but still exceptionally entertaining, with some major developments right at the end. Aaron's backstory was interesting - I wonder if his wife is still alive? I kept thinking she was going to die at some point.

    Some great secnes towards the end with the shooting, and I can't believe the ending! I wonder how that will play out!

    I am really looking forward to the episode next week! :)
  • Sex and Drugs

    Sex and Drugs was a superb episode of Revolution and though not the best so far it definitely had lots of significant character and plot development. The story was intriguing and engaging, full of action, drama and many surprises. It was interesting to meet Drexel and Bill O'Halloran. Charlie was forced into a situation while Aaron and Nora were as well. Aaron really came through and it was great to see more of his back story. Captain Neville delivers Danny to Monroe and excises his authority over his son. It was great to see Danny meet his mother again. Charlie had to make some tough choices and she really shined as did Aaron. I liked how every thing played out and certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Sex and Drugs

    In my opinion revolution really dosnt deserve all the hate that its been getting, ok sure this isn't a amazing tv show but it is fun and entertaining. And unlike many other post lost shows like terra nova and flashforward revolution is at least developing these chracters and giving tem interesting back stories. I enjoyed getting to know aaron and his storyline this week and the standoff between him and nora at the end was truly tense
  • A little more effort please

    3...2...1... ---Revolution---

    Is he dead? Is he dead? Ohh, it was a joke! Pfeeew!!

    Serously, writers?

  • .........Sigh

    Why does the limo stop in 5 feet, but the transport doesn't? You can't edit those shots back to back and not have it look ridiculous.

    Aaron's the worst person to be with during an apocalypse. I assumed his wife left him for the blond, but then it turns out he left her! And now we have flashbacks from points of view of characters who are no longer even in the series! I'll suspend disbelief on the flask shot because it made him look at least moderately bad-ass, but c'mon heroin guy, a guy committing suicide shoots himself in the head, not the chest! Rookie move.

    Side boob!

    More side boob! Like FCC getting a call side boob! Is this girl even 18?

    After weeks of posturing on the moralistic high ground you suddenly decide to just throw it all away for the greater good? Thanks for undoing the basest tenet of her personality and the one thing that actually differentiated her from every other person. She was always willing to sacrifice herself, but not the innocent. All that just goes out the window?! So you have a hard time making the decision but ultimately you have to be stopped by Miles!

    What was the point of this episode?!? You destroyed Charlie's morality without it serving any relevant purpose? She now has to deal with the fact that she's willing to kill innocents to further her own interest's but doesn't actually get to see any tangible results of her choice? She just gets the guilt. And Miles just strolls into this fortress?!? When it's very specifically stated that he can't possibly get in. You need to do better Revolution! ARGH!!! I am upset.
  • Done and done

    The only thing semipositive I can say is the cast has my pity. This was predictable and irrational from the get go and the writers were simply putting stuff out their asses. Aaron presented one of the only surprises... not by shooting himself but by the fact that he would be carrying a Steel flask instead of silver or pewter one. And even at that, it wouldn't have stopped that bullet... or would have sent metal shards into his chest.

    I expect writing to pass the five-year test... meaning that anyone over five should find it believable without effort to some reasonable degree.
  • Worst episode yet.. Worst overall writing for a TV series that I can remember.

    This show is just ridiculous. It makes no sense what so ever. The actions and reactions of the characters are so far from believable, watching it just makes me upset I wasted my time with it. I also had high hopes for the show, being a fan of the post-apocalyptic genre and all, but it has been a complete let down episode after episode. The part where Aaron runs away from his wife just to leave her with everything going on was ridiculous. Aaron shooting himself only to imediately get back up and kill Drexel is ridiculous. Drexel's guards just letting them go after Aaron kills him is RIDICULOUS!! C'mon, that's 3 parts I pointed out, with out even thinking, that are filled with utter stupidity! Or why would Miles take Charlie and Aaron with him to that lunatics place to begin with and put them in danger, when he only needs to save Nora. Or why send a stupid blonde girl named Charlie, which you just met, to kill the heroin burning neighbor when you have plenty of other women to try and do the same job. Or even a personal army for that matter. There's just so much about this single episode that really says a lot about the writers. I'd be ashamed to be apart of this show. I was giving it a chance up until this episode, I'm not sure I will watch the next.. we'll see.