Season 1 Episode 6

Sex and Drugs

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2012 on NBC

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  • .........Sigh

    Why does the limo stop in 5 feet, but the transport doesn't? You can't edit those shots back to back and not have it look ridiculous.

    Aaron's the worst person to be with during an apocalypse. I assumed his wife left him for the blond, but then it turns out he left her! And now we have flashbacks from points of view of characters who are no longer even in the series! I'll suspend disbelief on the flask shot because it made him look at least moderately bad-ass, but c'mon heroin guy, a guy committing suicide shoots himself in the head, not the chest! Rookie move.

    Side boob!

    More side boob! Like FCC getting a call side boob! Is this girl even 18?

    After weeks of posturing on the moralistic high ground you suddenly decide to just throw it all away for the greater good? Thanks for undoing the basest tenet of her personality and the one thing that actually differentiated her from every other person. She was always willing to sacrifice herself, but not the innocent. All that just goes out the window?! So you have a hard time making the decision but ultimately you have to be stopped by Miles!

    What was the point of this episode?!? You destroyed Charlie's morality without it serving any relevant purpose? She now has to deal with the fact that she's willing to kill innocents to further her own interest's but doesn't actually get to see any tangible results of her choice? She just gets the guilt. And Miles just strolls into this fortress?!? When it's very specifically stated that he can't possibly get in. You need to do better Revolution! ARGH!!! I am upset.