Season 1 Episode 5

Soul Train

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2012 on NBC

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  • Good episode

    This was a fun action packed episode, I liked that revolution acknowledged that you can still have steam trains, I enjoyed getting Neville's backstory it may be abit of a lost ripoff but the flashback was affective, I also enjoyed seeing the characters interact with one another abit more, this was a pretty good episode overall
  • Best Episode So Far

    Except according to the "official" review and all the naysayers it wasn't good? That's bizarre. Anyway, this show is very promising and it keeps getting better as this episode is a perfect example of that!

    Ignore the really exaggeratedly low reviews here and especially Tim Surette's reviews!
  • They give you some more info and setup the premise for getting power back

    I liked the show overall. I do have to admit that the inconsistencies do ruin parts of the show for me sometimes but it seems to be moving along now. We know about the pendants and how the US is divided up amongst the militias.. Overall I'll give it an 8 on this episode because: 1) What kind of idiot sticks his hand in a fire pit on a train? 2) I didn't believe the book printer would stab Nora.
  • Phenomenal!

    I absolutely loved this episode! Perhaps it was just a slight bit worse than the last couple, but still definitely great enjough for me to score a 10.

    Some great developments regarding Neville's past, and finally the identity of the mysterious guy is revealed! That was a revelation for sure!

    Nice developments regarding the train! There were some intense moments for sure, and a very interesting plot to blow it up!

    I just LOVED seeing that Hutch guy printing/reading a copy of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, when Nora first went to meet him. That was epic!

    I can't wait to see what is next! Can't believe we have to wait two whole weeks till the next ep! :(
  • "This show sucks cuz blah blah blah" I've seen these same stupid complaints for The Walking Dead

    "This show sucks cuz blah blah blah" How about you watch the show instead of just looking at it with a pen and paper ready to write down every B***h and nitpick.? Plus you all already made these same exact complaints on The Walking DeadI have seen alot of people saying they downright hate this show, but if you really look at these comments you will notice two things. 1. All of the, have at least one or more of these "reasons" why the show is so terrible. and 2. ALL of these b***g and nitpicks you will find on negative reviews of The Walking Dead 1. the power going out doesn't make sense it sucks. 2. They have clean clothes and are clean themselves that doesn't make sucks 3. Charlie is sucks 4. They do stupid things 5.Nothing is happening the show is going nowhere it sucks. Ok first i just want to say how about somebody write a real reason why they think the show is bad instead of nitpicking? Ok for 1, it's Science friggin FICTION! It doesn't have to make sense it's a show it's FICTION and the way tv shows work is eventually you find out how and why it happened. 2. OK so in 15 years you really don't think human beings could figure out how clean themselves on a planet that the majority is water? Or learn to sew? Clothes can be kept a long time and they didn't just disappear so why do you think we'd end up in loin clothes again? 3. Whether you think it's the actress, who is young and like many actors need several episodes befoe they become comfortable with their roles. Or the character try living in a closed off area of the world most of your life, thinking your mother is dead most of your, see your father die, have your brother kidnapped, have to ask for help from an uncle who is a stranger and doesn't give a S*** about anything, and have your stepmother also die in front of you. Have all of that happen to you and than tell me that you would be cool, you wouldn' make any mistakes or be naieve, And if you say you could be that your full of it. which leads into 4. Guess what? people are and can be stupid, make bad judgements, be niaeve, and not always do the best and right thing by making these things called mistakes. But if you think that in a post apocalyptic world you would also do everything right, you and the people your with would always get along, never have arguments over anything or F***s up well than you can keep on living in that dreamworld. And last 5. It's been FIVE episodes!, tell me what show, especially serialized ones give answers or reveal huge secrets or have huge story arcs begin and finish? NONE actually for a show serialized in the way this show is they have told us quite alot but FIVE episodes the story arcs that have started have done just that, STARTED! OK i'm gonna say it, if you don't like the show, which is perfectly fine everyone has a right to an opinion, but why are you watching? If you don't like the show and want to express that by writing a comment about it that's fine but writing the same negative comments using different words? And if you don't like it again fine, but going online and insulting those that do like it? Do you have nothing better to do than to watch a show for the sake of insulting it, the fans, and to bring down the ratings? So yeah now i'm saying that no matter what different words you use or how you insult someone makes you a HATER
  • What a disappointment.

    I really like the series earlier on but the stupidity of this episode makes it a disappointing one. I don't see why they wouldn't blow the train & why did Danny have to attack the captain when he knows how severely outmatched he is. Seriously hope the next episode will be better but if it were me, I'll have the directions similar to the walking dead series. Don't get me wrong cos I know as series goes there will be flaws & coincidences but when I watched this episode, it just hit the limit as stupidity goes. Plus I know Charlie is incompetent which is acceptable but Miles go chasing after a bomb? is there a timer on the bomb? Please save us from another stupid episode by re-reading the storyline twice.
  • More like 'Shoot me in the head and end the misery' train

    Alright, couple things.

    1. As soon as the introduced Neville having a son, he was obviously going to be Nate. I like the fact that Revolution, has not used obvious information reveals (Elizabeth Mitchell's Alive!) as act breaks or cliffhangers. So that's a positive.

    2. Show us what's going on in other parts of the country! I would love to see what live is like in the plains or Cali, or Texas. Here's hoping the travels to find the remaining amulets takes them far afield. Also, as a Canadian, SUCK IT USA! Based on the map you haven't managed to conquer a square foot of Canada! I bet our government is intact and you can still get Tim Hortons coffee 15 minutes fresh.

    3. Kill Charlie or Danny or both or stop making them useless. I enjoy the fact that being raised by Tim Guinee has left them with a respect for life that is unique in this postapocalyptic landscape, but I don't need two people making the same point. Let Danny keep his humanity, but make Charlie bad-ass. Or kill her in one on the thousand stupid positions she puts herself in.

    4. Give Monroe a cape.

    5. If you're going to use Lost Alums, who are going to be the best characters on the show, keep them around for more than one episode. (Hutch wasn't a great character, but Pellegrino was amazing).

    6. JOE BIDEN is the code? Shouldn't the code be something that you could ask without obviously appearing to be a rebel. He's the vice president right now, and I bet that if someone went into a bookstore and asked for his biography TODAY, they'd be put on a terror watch list.

    7. Um, the log looked very fake. I would think that any log loader that took any pride in his job would have noticed.

    8. Danny, I know you're captured and bummed about it, but you're on a moving vehicle for the first time in your life!!! It's a COOL TRAIN! I would expect at least a little excitement.

    9. Miles, you're badass. Keep it up, send Charlie home. How about decoupling the train instead or reaching into a roaring fire with an oven mitt (fun fact, steam engine's are often less than 500 degrees or a conventional house oven).

  • Soul Train

    Soul Train was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Revolution. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama, intrigue along with character and plot development. It was great to see more back story on Neville and to learn who his son is. The scene where Neville fights Danny was very awesome in terms of GiancarloEsposito's acting ability range. I liked the flash backs for Neville and I can relate to the neighbor who plays loud music late at night all the time and how crazy it can drive you. There were a lot of details revealed, more questions raised and over all I was satisfied. I couldn't believe Charlie and Danny's mother revealed information to Monroe. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Can it get worse? I'm sure it can

    So Neville beats the crap out of Danny and he doesn't even have a tiny scratch the next day?

    We also learned that there are 12 rings - I mean amulets. I still wait for the one amulet to rule them all. I'm sure they must take them to a secret army facility deep in the underground, to recover the energy.

    But the biggest mystery of the show is not the lack of energy, it is the lack of any intelligence. All characters continue to show us that everyone is stupid in this world and just acts like an animal because everyone is angry at somebody else and can't act smart anymore because of this. Maybe some chemicals in the water? They should solve this issue first, the energy is easy then.

    Most importantly: PLEASE, someone kill Charlie!
  • Why not blow up the train!?

    Why wouldn't they allow to blow up the locomotive? It's not like they put in an A-bomb!? It's not like the whole composition would blow up! The furnace is not pressurised and with old school gunpowder it would only make a fracture in it, so in effect it would only disable the locomotive, highly doubtful it would derail such a heavy train.