Season 1 Episode 5

Soul Train

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2012 on NBC

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  • More like 'Shoot me in the head and end the misery' train

    Alright, couple things.

    1. As soon as the introduced Neville having a son, he was obviously going to be Nate. I like the fact that Revolution, has not used obvious information reveals (Elizabeth Mitchell's Alive!) as act breaks or cliffhangers. So that's a positive.

    2. Show us what's going on in other parts of the country! I would love to see what live is like in the plains or Cali, or Texas. Here's hoping the travels to find the remaining amulets takes them far afield. Also, as a Canadian, SUCK IT USA! Based on the map you haven't managed to conquer a square foot of Canada! I bet our government is intact and you can still get Tim Hortons coffee 15 minutes fresh.

    3. Kill Charlie or Danny or both or stop making them useless. I enjoy the fact that being raised by Tim Guinee has left them with a respect for life that is unique in this postapocalyptic landscape, but I don't need two people making the same point. Let Danny keep his humanity, but make Charlie bad-ass. Or kill her in one on the thousand stupid positions she puts herself in.

    4. Give Monroe a cape.

    5. If you're going to use Lost Alums, who are going to be the best characters on the show, keep them around for more than one episode. (Hutch wasn't a great character, but Pellegrino was amazing).

    6. JOE BIDEN is the code? Shouldn't the code be something that you could ask without obviously appearing to be a rebel. He's the vice president right now, and I bet that if someone went into a bookstore and asked for his biography TODAY, they'd be put on a terror watch list.

    7. Um, the log looked very fake. I would think that any log loader that took any pride in his job would have noticed.

    8. Danny, I know you're captured and bummed about it, but you're on a moving vehicle for the first time in your life!!! It's a COOL TRAIN! I would expect at least a little excitement.

    9. Miles, you're badass. Keep it up, send Charlie home. How about decoupling the train instead or reaching into a roaring fire with an oven mitt (fun fact, steam engine's are often less than 500 degrees or a conventional house oven).