Season 1 Episode 7

The Children's Crusade

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2012 on NBC

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  • Plot development! And Charlie's still the worst

    Alright the only reason this episode gets a 5 is because something, not much, but something happened.

    Charlie, getting punched unconscious in the face should not be your go to move. That shit will catch up to you eventually. And Miles, stop letting Charlie plan anything. She's honestly the worst. Lets forget for a minute that you were the top general of a militia that conquered a quarter of the United States in 15 years with no power, and that no one other than you should be making any decisions for this group. All of Charlie's plans so far involve her getting punched in the face and taken prisoner. If she wasn't brain damaged in the first place she sure is now. Here's a rundown of Charlie's plans.

    1. You can't go Miles it's too dangerous and I can get in much easier

    2. Get punched in the face

    2a. If necessary, get punched in the face again.

    3. Fail.

    4. Wait for Miles to easily get inside the impregnable fortress and kill everyone. Sometimes with the help of a twelve year old illiterate.

    Okay. Now the good part! The cause of the blackout! Kind of. It's something at least. And Randall! So the DOD intentionally tanked the whole country? I'm actually interested in what the story will be. Miles knows about the pendant and reacts in a way that isn't ***ed. Again, why are other people allowed to make decisions. And that is all the good that happened.

    One other thing. Revolution your ruining perfectly good actors. Giancarlo just doesn't have enough to do. But Elizabeth Mitchell!?! Seriously?! Where's the women I cried for at the bottom of a collapsed magnet well in Lost? You just made her look like a tool when she was crying about buddies kid. V didn't even manage to make her look that bad. V, Revolution, V. Based on my opinion of her and my opinion of this show, I can only concluded (perhaps biasedly) that its the shows fault.

    Here's hoping someone's been paying attention and the back nine brings it home in the spring. I'm pretty sure the first half of the season isn't getting any better.