Season 1 Episode 7

The Children's Crusade

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2012 on NBC

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  • Good episode

    This was another solid episode of revolution that developed the storyline while also giving us a action packed sidequest, I enjoyed Rachel's storyline and how the show took big steps in season long mystery arc, but for me the side quest was more interesting I like how this show is improving the character of Charlie every week and this week she was great and easy to root for, I also liked aaron standing up to miles and not giving him the pendant. Looking forward to next week!!
  • Wow! Great!

    This was an amzing episode, with some terrific developments, particularly with the lighthouse turning on. Today, we saw what had happened to a random group of orphaned children after the balckout. The story was nice, although admittedly it did not develop much for the main cast, as it was focussed on freeing a guest character.

    The lighthouse turning on was just stunning and I think it will have some huge ramifications as the series plays out!

    Interesting developments back in Philadelphia as well. Definitely very interesting!

    Couldn't be going any better! Can't wait to see more!
  • What the h3ll was this

    This show is going downhill.The episode just sucked big donkey balls...
  • Lost syndrome

    The main problem with this show is that they think Lost was a successful show. Mimicking the flashback/flashforward structure of Lost was interesting until they backed themselves into this extremely sticky situation and had to reveal that the complex mythology was all a crock in its final episode and all the characters were in some kind of purgatory. Revolution is suffering from the same problem. Plot holes are papered over. The show is crawling along waiting for the point to kick in. So far the most interesting character has been killed off. Maggies flashback was so interesting it could have been an entire episode. I think hanging the show on a quest to find a character is really intensely stupid - primarily because at some point they will find him and then what? With this sort of useless story they keep having to have these stupid side-quests (this ep being a prime example). I think there were many more interesting stories to be told here. Unfortunately it will be cancelled before they can offer a plausible point for the show. Showrunners either make the last few eps count or kill this show off. Please.
  • Still not impressed..

    Well, I will say that this episode was a significant improvement from the last, but it still has too many holes for me to actually believe any of this being possible. I am really having a hard time connecting to any of the characters. I can't honestly say that I 'like' any of them. I think what bothers me most about the show, other than a lot of bad writing and acting, is that the plot development is 'extremely' slow. Yes, we got a little more information about the pendants and the power, but I emphasize little, and we are on what, episode 7 already? Not to mention every episode takes our adventurers away from the reason they left home in the first place. Someone please go get Robert Kirkman or Brian K Vaughan to replace some of these writers and make it a real post-apocalyptic series.
  • The Children's Crusade

    The Children's Crusade was a superb and very entertaining episode of Revolution and I really enjoyed watching. There was a lot of character and plot development and the story lines were well written to give outstanding results. It was interesting to see a colony of young kids without parents who were lost in the days of the rule of Miles Matheson. It was funny how the oldest boy was named peter alluding to Peter Pan. It was cool to see a Monroe Militia Factory inserting kids and outputting soldiers. I liked the drama and suspense along with the action and intrigue. It was awesome of Miles to say yes to saving the kids as Charlie wanted too but the others were reluctant. I liked the character conflicts and how the various story lines played out. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • this show has something against fat people.

    aaron = a coward, who had it all and lost it/walked out on it. has the power (litteraly) to get them all killed or worse. or in this case save em all.

    random fat kid = decides to show up last out of all the kids on guard with a stupid 'i pee'd my self face' who then decides to steal aarons stuff aka the pendant of power..

    and then we see one of the 'potential soldiers of the monroe army getting a face punch by a girl.

    on the episode syet more signs of miles being bad but still no sign of WHY HE LEFT...but we do get a sign that he had no clue about the pendants.. finally..
  • Move on

    Ok, i've had enough of the same thing every episode. On the way to save your brother (how long is going to take you to get there?) you stop and solve a little mission. Enough with the side-missions. You've built up the characters, now get on with the plot...
  • Plot development! And Charlie's still the worst

    Alright the only reason this episode gets a 5 is because something, not much, but something happened.

    Charlie, getting punched unconscious in the face should not be your go to move. That shit will catch up to you eventually. And Miles, stop letting Charlie plan anything. She's honestly the worst. Lets forget for a minute that you were the top general of a militia that conquered a quarter of the United States in 15 years with no power, and that no one other than you should be making any decisions for this group. All of Charlie's plans so far involve her getting punched in the face and taken prisoner. If she wasn't brain damaged in the first place she sure is now. Here's a rundown of Charlie's plans.

    1. You can't go Miles it's too dangerous and I can get in much easier

    2. Get punched in the face

    2a. If necessary, get punched in the face again.

    3. Fail.

    4. Wait for Miles to easily get inside the impregnable fortress and kill everyone. Sometimes with the help of a twelve year old illiterate.

    Okay. Now the good part! The cause of the blackout! Kind of. It's something at least. And Randall! So the DOD intentionally tanked the whole country? I'm actually interested in what the story will be. Miles knows about the pendant and reacts in a way that isn't ***ed. Again, why are other people allowed to make decisions. And that is all the good that happened.

    One other thing. Revolution your ruining perfectly good actors. Giancarlo just doesn't have enough to do. But Elizabeth Mitchell!?! Seriously?! Where's the women I cried for at the bottom of a collapsed magnet well in Lost? You just made her look like a tool when she was crying about buddies kid. V didn't even manage to make her look that bad. V, Revolution, V. Based on my opinion of her and my opinion of this show, I can only concluded (perhaps biasedly) that its the shows fault.

    Here's hoping someone's been paying attention and the back nine brings it home in the spring. I'm pretty sure the first half of the season isn't getting any better.