Season 1 Episode 20

The Dark Tower

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 03, 2013 on NBC

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  • Let's Wipe Out Philly, Don't Forget Atlanta...

    I think if you made it this far there wasn't much which could surprise you. Just keeping track of the back-stabbing signaled the show could get crazier, more "iffy" at any given moment. Taken as a whole things did keep moving toward a kernel of something grittier if, largely, unbelievable and often times wholly ridiculous. So, is it any surprise The Tower was a blood bath of incompatible outcomes played out by the different factions? If Tom's almost casual turning of Monroe's forces wasn't hard enough to swallow surely his C-4 demolition of a impregnable door of The United States doomsday control center was. Plus all it did was allow Randal to blow up Philadelphia and Atlanta in a nuclear holocaust, or did it? We're led to believe so, but we must wait and see to be sure. I guess this qualifies as Revolution's "who shot JR" cliffhanger? Unlike that most excellent ending to an excellent season of world-class back-stabbing this ending just leaves one empty - as in did I waste almost 20 hours this year I could have spent painting my house (and watching it dry does leave some satisfaction afterwards)?
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