Season 1 Episode 14

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2013 on NBC

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  • The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

    The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia was simply an astounding episode of Revolution. It was interesting to see flash backs of Miles and his former protege paralleling the present situation. Rachel's old colleague was a fiesty woman with a ray gun from the future, haha. There were some revealing scenes withthese two. Miles gets an offer from The President of Georgia who makes it clear how bad a2$ she can be. I look forward to seeing what happens next as Monroe's paranoia grows!!!!!!!!!

  • Spectacular!

    This was a very interesting episode that finally took us beyond the borders of the Monroe Republic. That was nice to see, because the first 13 episodes have given very minimal thought to anything outside of that part of the world.

    The Georgian Republic is clearly a very different place. And the dynamics of the two republics going at it should be really interesting!

    There are also other republics as well, and I assume they will join the party at some point, especially with Rachel and Aaron journeying to Colorado.

    This episode had some really interesting developments and I can't wait to see what happens next, as Georgia and the rebels align!
  • Awsome episode

    Miles tries to stop a nuclear bomb. Rachel meets up with a crazy old friend, with magic weapon. Lots of action in this episode. Glad this show is likely to be renewed.
  • Revolution is getting more interesting by the min!

    The show last night was very good and we got to see another side of Miles, while we know he did bad things in the past before he "reformed" himself, we got to see it for the first thing ( or almost) how he treated Alec in the flash back sending him to TX where he could possibly be killed. I am interested to know how the storyline will develop.
  • the lights are starting to shine a bit

    I liked the Miles story line. he wasn't simply playing babysitter to Charlie. And his comment that he promised her mother to keep her safe so now he was going to put her in front of an active nuclear weapon was terrific.

    There was little on the Nora front, but I am hoping that changes next week.

    Charlie had a nice coouple of moments. One was when she was knocking on the door of the outpost, ready to slit the throat of the soldier who answered the door. And not just because she unbuttoned a button of her henly. But because she didn't even seem to hesitate to do it.

    Another moment, and one that may conteract thae previous one, is his confrontation with Alec. He straight up called her the new "me" And then clearly laid down how she felt about miles' methods. She admired him (like Alec did) She wanted to learn from him (like Alec) and she felt special becaue he was teaching her personally (like Alec) So maybe that lays out some personal drama between Charlie and Miles next week or tow. And if it does, that is a good thing. I thought it was well written.

    I am really happy the Danny story is over.

    I want to see more Nora,

    And I liked that we are seeing the Monroe counterpoint to the story now. Especially because he really seems to be coming unhinged. If Tom Neville and his wife don't end up fighting for Miles and the rebels they are morons.

    I know Aaron is the person that everyone explains thing to on the technology front, and that keeps the story flowing a bit faster that it would if they had to spoon feed it to us like we were 6 year olds. But I know that one of the software geniuses for Google will eventually be the person Rachel and everyone else relies on for help and information. So I look forward to that getting a bit more play.

    And again, now that the Danny rescue thing is over this show is really starting to become enjoyable on alot of storylines.
  • thought i was the only one

    thought i was going crazy looking for this show, no torrents nada.. haha.
  • What is the matter with people today??? CAN WE PUT THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE??

    First things first.

    I am a disabled 60 yr old New Orleans native. I had a long career in healthcare and am retired from the after 22 years. And yes, a Hurricane Katrina survivor.

    I turned on my DVR for this timeslot fully expecting and hoping for a news special from NBC. I am watching the special as I type. I then went to to see what news they had as to the rescheduling of the episode.

    I am very much a fan of the television show REVOLUTION. It is well written, well produced with an excellent cast. Billy Burke (last seen as Brenda Lee Johnson's final foe on The Closer) and Elizabeth Mitchell (who can never match her performance in LOST). I hope against hope that the show is renewed for a Season Two. I

    Now a dose of reality

    We should sometimes look in the mirror when we have attitudes like the statements I am reading here. What happened yesterday at that finish line was simply put a TERRORIST ATTACK.

    Did anyone actually turn on their television before 10:00pm Eastern??

    Was everyone sleeping all day??

    Do we at all remember September 11, 2011??

    This country of which we are very fortunate to live is not a popular place worldwide. I can vividly remember (on a 2 week deployment) being in the outskirts of London taking a cab into the city for some sightseeing. This was the early 80's and we had a mix of ages in the car(2 about 30-reservists and 2 -20 active duty) These two continued to bitch moan and groan about anything and everything about the trip. After listening to this crap for about 15 minutes the driver pulled over and very politely said to these two that this is exactly what is wrong with the USA. He said "You have no idea how good you have it. You can come and go as you please. You can vote. You can get as much education as you can One of them gave a sarcastic laugh and he then asked them to get out of his cab. They immediately apologized and we did for them as well. Our cab ride went to completion. He also asked them if anyone had given them the first piece of advise given to any American traveling abroad. Do not dress American. - as in t-shirts and caps. The cab driver made one final statement before we turned it to small talk. He said: People in America need to realize how fortunate they are. He said that : "American's have a privilege. The problem is too many think it is a right"

    "'I have never forgotten that cab ride - although over thirty years ago.

    Reading some of these comments on this page remind all to well that we still need to think about it.
  • Delayed

    Taken from the Revolution Facebook page:

    "The Revolution episode previously scheduled for last night will air next Monday, April 22 at 10/9c.

    We continue to send our thoughts and support to the city of
  • pre-empted?

    Wasn't this show pre empted for news of the Boston Marathon bombs? When will it be shown?
  • Damnnnnnnn

    I thought my DVR was tripping i love this show man guess i'll wait till next week.

    Also fox should've kept Alcatraz that shit was good too.
  • The when and where

    I just went over to NBC's website and they are going to air the episode that should have aired last night next Monday. I can't believe that we all have to wait another week!
  • re-airing?

    We had special report on Boston bombing replace this episode. Will it reair anytime? I'd watch it online but I can't since I'm hearing impaired and use TV closed captioning.

  • amazing

    I am so hooked on this show its unreal, billy burke is an amzing character and the rest are, they are all perfect for the roles they play, i am 15 and am HOOKED offically! such a brilliant show,