Season 2 Episode 7

The Patriot Act

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2013 on NBC

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  • The Post-9/11 Amerikanischen Polizeistaat

    I'm going to assume that the creators of Revolution aren't planning to pull the rug out from under viewers by reversing themselves a second time, and making the USG the good guys.

    If my assumption is correct, then Revolution is shaping up to be a crackerjack political allegory of the post-9/11 national security state, complete with Reichstag Fire false flag attacks, staged by who else but the Illuminati?

    Who are the so-called Patriots, but the Abteilung von Heimat Sicherheit? What is the town of Willoughby, but a microcosm of the Amerikanischen Polizeistaat?
  • Monroe lives

    I'm so happy that everyone found out the truth about Rachel's traitor father, I hope he gets his comeuppance soon, is there anyone this guy won't sell out? I'm also glad Monroe was undeadified, evil as he is, I like him.
  • Who needs enemy when you have Patriots...

    I will keep watching, but this episode was seriously annoying! We get it the Patriots are the big bad and is stocked with rats like Horn and Doctor Porter. Who would believe I now find Bass and Neville remotely palatable. If Horn knew about Rachel, Aaron, etal why didn't they simply lock them up immediately. Then Aaron could have done his "Raging Bugs" thing and toasted all the Patriots in Willerby in one go and really give the Patriots something think about! All too slow and too much hand wringing! Oh! And can Secretary Justine Allenford and Neville please get a room and clear the air!
  • The Patriot Act.

    This was a really intriuging episode of Revolution as the Patriots finally reveal their hand and search for answers to the nanotechnology.

    I didn't really like that new guy who's come in and supposedly worked with Rachel. The fact that Rachel didn't even know who he was shows how pointless he is. I think the show could've continued on quite fine with that Truman guy spearheading the Patriots in Texas.

    However, everything else about the episode was flawless! Our heroes have a plan to get Aaron to safety, while they have to deal with a mole in their midst - the poor Rachel - she's not gonna be on great terms with both her fauther and her daughter after this.

    Meanwhile Aaron's 'superpowers' make another appearance.

    I really love how Monroe has gone full circle - from being the despisable and detestable enemy in Season 1 to being invaluable to the good guys in Season 2. I love the transformation!

    Cannot wait for next week!